What is ADUNA?

Aduna is a UK-based company that was founded by Andrew Hunt (Managing Director) and NickSalter (NPD Director).  Both co-founders had traveled Africa extensively, and saw the potential health benefits of some of the ingredients, so they came up with the idea of introducing these ingredients as a superfoods like to the global market. This is not like Test boosters.

Through their research, Andrew and Nick Salter found out that more than 25% of the world botanical species are originated from Africa, yet less than 1% are found in health and beauty products sold worldwide.

So, both co-founder decide to spend more time in some part of Africa. Andrew decided to volunteer in Gambia, where he worked with a small-scale fruit and vegetable growers for nearly 4 years.

While Nick Salter on the other hand, became fascinated with Africa culture after tasting a drink made from the baobab fruit while on a business trip to Senegal.

Both co-founder Andrew and Nick Salter saw the potential in small-scale African growers, so they decided to take that potential to the next level by starting Aduna.

So far,Aduna has create three superfoods using Africa ingredients in particular, including


*Moringa, and


Today, they claim their products are sold in 2,000 stores in 18 countries worldwide.

ADUNA Mission

Aduna is an Africa-inspired health food brand and social business with a mission to introduce the natural vitality of Africa’s ancient ingredients to the whole world, while creating sustainable livelihoods for small-scale producers and farmers in Africa continent.

Products Formulation?

Aduna describes its products as an award-winning range of superfood powders and energy bars. They claimed that Moringa and Baobab powders are organic, raw, paleo, gluten free, dairy free, wheat free, refined sugar free and vegan. Where to buy testogen on the market if you dont like Aduna.

Since most ingredients imported from Africa to develop countries are sometimes ban, Aduna have all the necessary certifications and nutritional analysis to support all claims and are fully compliant with EU regulations.

Every single ingredients had been certified by the UK’s leading organic certification body and the Soil Association. It has also undergoes rigorous microbial analysis for its purity and quality.

To make their baobab supplements, Aduna harvests and sieves the fruit to create a 100% natural and organic powder that is nutrient-rich and supports a wide range of health benefits.

The baobab powder is also almost 50% fiber (half soluble and half insoluble) and contains more antioxidants than any other whole fruit.

While the baobab energy bar is a raw energy bar made from cold-pressed fruits and nuts. It’s free from refined sugar and additives.

The Moringa is a rich source of plant-based protein. It also consists of 30% fiber content and contains 6 essential vitamins and minerals.

Aduna claims that its moringa is similar to green superfood powders in terms of benefits, and it tastes pretty good, and sweet compared to the plant itself.

The Cacao has many health benefits. Aduna claims that their blend contains 8x the flavanols of regular cacao. Flavanols help support cardiovascular health, artery elasticity, and healthy blood circulation.The cacao is also a great source of protein and fiber.

Current Employees/Working Conditions?

Aduna has really provided jobs opportunity to people outside the United kingdom. Since most of their ingredients comes directly from the Africa continent, the company work together with small-scale producers and farmers in Africa and support them by creating sustainable jobs and income.

The Moringa trees are drought-resistant and provided a year-round source of income for the communities Aduna works with.

More than 70% of Africa population live in rural areas. From this huge number, 90% depend on small or micro-scale farming as their primary source of livelihood. It would be fair to say that agriculture is the life blood of Africa.

Aduna mission is to create more jobs and great income for small-scale producers by demanding for the natural ingredients cultivated by these small farmers, who are generally surviving on less than $1 a day.

Unlike other companies who operate at arms-length from producers, Aduna is run by people who enjoy and have in-depth experience of working directly with communities. This enables them to ensure quality standards and ensure that producers are paid a fair price.

Customers Satisfaction and Complaints?

Aduna uses only 100% natural ingredients, that are very effective and easy to consume any day and time.

The baobab powder provides many benefits such as energy release and immune function. Some users had also testified of using some of product for other purposes such as for face masks, on the body for healthier skin and for savoury dishes in terms of flavor.

The Moringa bar is the most popular and best seller of them all. Its provides many health benefits to the body.

Here is one user review online:

“I Love your Moringa powder. I take it everyday and it gives me a burst of energy and feel good senses that I usually don’t have before I take it”

Aduna’s super-cacao to also great, it taste extra rich and chocolatey. It also helps with blood circulation.

Products Range?

Aduna offers many popular products on their office website, which include products made from Baobab, Moringa, or Super-cacao.

* The Baobab is a unique type of African fruit linked to various health benefits. Aduna advertises it as a “pregnancy superfood” and claims that it’s the only fruit in the world that dries on the branch.

The baobab products comes in power form, as well as energy bar.

*Like the baobab supplement, the Moringa is also available in the form of a powder or energy bar. Moringa is slightly better-known than baobab, mostly because it is commonly found in numerous supplements.

Aduna moringa is 100% organic, whole food made from naturally dried leaf of the moringa tree. It is rich in protein, iron, vitamin A, vitamin K, vitamin E, calcium and magnesium.

*Super Cacao is the third and final African superfood sold by Aduna. The company super-cacao comes directly from Ghana, where it’s made from specially-selected, high-flavanol cacao beans.

Reputation and Awards? 

Aduna have being going great as an organization, helping people all over the continent. The company is undergoing a crowdfunding campaign on Seedrs.com. Aduna is seeking £325,000 in funding to help people in under-developed countries.

Also in 2016, Aduna appeared at all 750 Holland and Barrett stores across the UK. They also secured their first grocery listing with Ocado and entered five new international markets.

Aduna Baobab is the only baobab powder to have been awarded a Great Taste Award in 2015. Aduna works directly with small-scale farmers in Upper East Ghana to source their baobab. Aduna supply chain has received a number of awards for its social impact:

*Aduna was shortlisted for two Guardian Sustainable Business Awards and longlisted for one – The company had also being feature in 3 guardian articles for their great contribution on the Africa continent.

*Winner of the UK Business Angels Association (UKBAA) Social Impact Investment of the Year Award 2015

*Winner of the United Nations’ Global Sourcing Council’s Innovative Sourcing Award 2015

*Winner SE100 NatWest Storyteller Award 2015

Almost 1,000 women baobab producers are now benefiting from Aduna sustainable income flow.

At scale, National Geographic estimates a global trade in baobab could be worth a billion dollars to rural Africa, sustaining 10 million rural households.

Discount and Price?

Aduna products are very affordable, the company also offer discounts and coupon codes to customers. The discounts codes are non-transferrable and cannot be exchanged for cash. These codes can be terminated anytime without notice.

The Energy Bar is priced at £1.89 GBP for a single bar or £24.99 GBP for a box of 16 bars.

The 100% natural fruit powder that only contains pure baobab fruit is priced at £7.99 GBP for 100g.

Customers can also buy the Aduna Moringa products and Super-cacao as an energy bar in part of a variety pack with other Aduna products, or as part of a gift box.

Shipping and Order

Aduna products are easy to order online, the personal service are great, each order comes faster with a hand written thank you note on them.

Customers personal data are safe and secure. Aduna take reasonable technical and management precautions to prevent the loss, misuse or alteration of customers personal information.

All electronic transactions are protected from hackers and encrypted using SSL technology. Aduna cares about customers personal information, so they do not share any of their information to any third parties for the purpose of directing marketing.

Aduna delivery system is very fast and reliable.They offer discounts and free shipping to eligible customers. Orders below £20 to UK destinations comes with a delivery fee of £2.50 (Standard Delivery). All orders above £20 are shipped free of charge. Parcels are normally delivered 3-5 working days after ordering and are dispatched using Royal Mail.

However, Aduna won’t be responsible for customers incorrect address errors. The company will not refund any orders that are delivered to the incorrect address given.

Package Delivery

Aduna a well-known for their fast delivery system. The despatch team will ship customers products as soon as it becomes available, but usually by the next business day after placing the order or the next business day following a Saturday, Sunday or major holidays.

However, in a case where the products ordered are out-of-stock, the order will be delayed, and Aduna will notify the customer has soon as the product ordered are available.

Aduna also offer a Next Day Delivery to customers at an additional charge, and a First Class Delivery service at the cost of £3.50.

For these bonuses call Aduna sale department on 020 7100 4329 to arrange.

Aduna also offer customers the opportunity to  cancel their order at any time prior to shipping.

For food brands, manufacturers, chef or wholesale distributors, Aduna can supply them with the world best quality baobab powder. From just 10 kilograms to multi-tonne quantities.

For bulk enquiries. Please e-mail: sales@aduna.comand. They will get back as soon as possible.

Customers Service

Aduna sells its products at 2000 stores in 18 countries worldwide. The company is based at the following address:

**Canterbury Court

3.24 Kennington Business Park

1-3 Brixton Road

London SW9 6DE


For any questions or inquires please Call +44 20 7100 4329, or contact the company by email at info@aduna.com.

Customers in the United kingdom can look for Aduna products at Holland & Barrett stores near them. All Aduna products are also available to order online through the official Aduna.com website.


Aduna really stand out from all other competitors. They uses only natural ingredients that comes with many health benefits.

The Baobab and Moringa can help save the health of the entire planet. Aduna products are highly recommended and socially conscious company that help support low income farmers in Africa and other part of the world. Really, Thumbs up to ADUNA!!!!!.