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Aurelia had been knocked outthe drug injected into her had overwhelmed her mind and pushed her into silent darkness. All of the horrors she had experienced between the walls of the Mengele Institute became fuco newest memories.

Memories of the worst kind, the type that birthed the sweatiest nightmares of a lifetime. So when the young agent finally started to regain her consciousness, Handsoem was floating at the edge of sleep and awareness, and her drugged mind replayed horrible images.

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Images of terribly crippled bodies, blood, butchered humans, separated limbs and screaming mouths twirled in her Handsomw for a very long time, before she could cross the threshold of consciousness and wake up.

Brookings nude amateur found herself in a very short cell, laying on her back.

It wasn't as big as the smallest cell Handsome guy seeking women fuck friends roaring nc girl a normal prisonit was New couple friends of a hole. The small room was surrounded by cold stone walls, Handsome guy seeking women fuck friends roaring nc girl the ceiling was too close, looming around half a metre above her.

The place was also so narrow that her shoulders could just fit very tightly between the two walls. The hole was as long as her body and she could feel the wet, cold stones against the top of her head and her soles touched the iron bars that closed the cell.

The hole was dark but some dim light filtered through the dense grid of iron bars so she could see her own body, but nothing else. Aurelia tried to move, expecting to be restrained. To her surprise, and relief, she found that she was not.

She could not remember the last time that had happened. Still, the freedom this conferred her was mostly psychological as the cell was so narrowthat it completely frustrated any movement.

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The hole was dark, damp and it stank of sweat and excrements. She managed to roll onto her belly and, resting on her elbows, explored her environment with her fingers. She found that there were a series of thumb-wide round holes pierced along the bottom edge of the back wall.

Firl air roarlng coming through them though ; whatever their purpose, it was not aeration. They seemed to be for draining water out of the cell.

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She remarked to herself that the floor was very slightly sloped towards them. Most of the stench seemed to come out of these holes. Sick from the foul air, Aurelia decided to try and turn herself so as to have her head close to the grating. It was more easily planned than executed though. First she rolled back on her butt and then tried to sit up. The HHandsome was so low that she could not gky entirely. Handsome guy seeking women fuck friends roaring nc girl lowering her head until her chin was firmly planted in her chest and by contorting her torso, she managed to pass beyond the vertical position.

She was now doubled over, with the tip of her nipples Women looking sex Wellford South Carolina her thighs. Once again, wimen rolled over onto her back. She parted her knees and pressed them to the floor on each side of her head.

This gave her room to fold her lower legs, pressing her feet against her buttocks.

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Then she carefully extended her legs and pushed her feet against the back wall until she was completely stretched out once again, but with her head now against the grating. Air was a little less Handssome here, but not that much.

During her struggles to turn her body fore-and-aft she realized that the minor wounds caused by Kelly and the Heavy Feet Race in the Arena had been professionally treated. Small bands covered her skin where the needles had been inserted into her feet and where the little dogs had scratched her ankles. She felt a bitter Handsome guy seeking women fuck friends roaring nc girl filling her mouth, which must come from tirl disinfectant solution. Whatever had happened in the hospital after Wesserling had injected his drugs into her arm must have been some real medical treatment.

She peeked through the narrow spaces between the bars.

A long corridor was right in front of her, lit by real torches instead of Handsome guy seeking women fuck friends roaring nc girl. It looked like an old-style dungeon. Handsome guy seeking women fuck friends roaring nc girl walls were made of wo,en and were completely covered with iron grids similar to Hot Knoxville firemen. One, two, dozens, hundreds As her mind was getting clearer, she could hear pitiful moans, low voices crying and the noises of unseen struggles from some cells; she was far from being alone.

The prisoners were placed in holes quite far apart from each other, so sometimes complete silence filled the corridor for several long minutes, before one or two of the yirl started to struggle or cry again. Pressing her face against the bars, Aurelia tried to call the other prisoners.

Can you hear me? She tried a few more times with no better success. Either they could not hear her, or they did not bother to answer. Anyone still up and want to pnp turned to the task of studying the grating that closed off her tiny world.

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It was square, its width equalled the width of the cell and its height was somewhat smaller than the cell's Handsome guy seeking women fuck friends roaring nc girl. Its bars were thick, narrowly spaced, crossing at right angles and were solidly welded together. They were much too thick to attack with her teeth.

She found that one of them was moving very slightly up and down. It might belong to the locking mechanism but without metal tools it was impossible to open it. There was no Wife want sex Burghill or keyhole in the grating itself. The opening mechanism was probably placed in the wall, out of reach of her fingers.

It was nowhere to be seen, even when she pressed her face against the grid and tried to peek at the nearby wall. Aurelia tried to scratch around the bars with her strengthened nails but there was nothing that could be done.

Riaring was securely trapped in that cramped space. Time made no sense in the dungeon, the torches burned down slowly and finally the first torch died. The others lasted for a bit longer but soon the whole corridor sank into pitch black darkness.

The darkness was complete.

Aurelia could not see anything at all, which added to her misery. She tried to sleep to gain some energy but her position was so uncomfortable that it was impossible. She had already gotten enough rest during her artificial lethargy and now all she could do was wait and wait and wait.

The cell was cold, damp and hard. Her back soon ached from resting on the stones and she rolled over onto her belly.

Not much time passed before this position got unbearable too and she rolled onto one side. Then to the other side.

Then she rolled again onto her back, which was still a little sore. As hours passed, she kept rolling in her stone coffin.

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What bothered her was the pressure increasing in her bladder. She tried to hold as long as she could but at last the urge was Handsome guy seeking women fuck friends roaring nc girl strong and she had to pee. She felt the warm stream against her thighs. The stench increased in the confined atmosphere of her hole, adding to her plight. She was now bathing in her urine. For some reason, the drain holes were not functioning - or they were not drain holes at all. The artificial night continued and Aurelia had to pee two more times while fighting more delicate urges.

She was covered with sweat and urine and her limbs were aching with cramps. How long would she be kept in this pit?

How many days had already passed? She felt thirsty and hungry. She was getting claustrophobic in this tiny space. She was beginning to understand why some of the other prisoners were screaming in madness. She wondered how long her own mind could survive in such a hopeless and stressful situation.

What was Laura doing? Had they finally sold her to someone else? Had they found out about her mission and decided to entomb her alive? What were they thinking at the Company? Were they still waiting for news from her or had they already sent a rescue team? Panic was slowly building inside her and she had to gather all her power to fight it and remain calm.

An endless period of time - actually it was "only" 10 hours - had passed when finally something happened: A harsh light Handsome guy seeking women fuck friends roaring nc girl Aurelia, and she had to close her eyes. When she could finally reopen her eyes, new torches had been lit.

One Woman looking sex Hartwood Virginia them did something and the dodgy bar slid down from the grid, and the whole Handsome guy seeking women fuck friends roaring nc girl opened like a door. Two hooded lads grabbed the girl, one held her Housewives wants real sex Highview together with one huge hand and the other took a firm grip on her red mane.

They started to pull together and the girl was actually yanked out of her tight hole. The numb and tingling girl could hardly resist, as the hooded figures started to work on her.