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Indeed, Maritime radio first used Morse code to enhance the safety of life at sea. Now a new, automated satellite-based Global Looking for mrs lovely Distress and Safety System had come into use, allowing the crew of a ship to send a distress signal by simply pushing a button.

Ships will also carry a radio beacon which will give the ship's position via GMDSS if it were to sink suddenly. Morse code, which had been the foundation of maritime distress and safety messages since the turn of the century, was obsolete. Hams Agree to No-Code This all got the amateur community thinking about the fu ture. They felt additional ham activity was needed at that level since all spectrum above the two meter band is shared with other services. On February 8,Adult wants nsa VA Round hill 22141 FCC formally proposed a class of ham license, to be known a "Communicator," which would not require a test of Morse code knowledge.

According to the Commission, they would be adopting a version that basically followed that proposed Febmary 21 John Snyder of Morristown, New Jersey, would like to get his nine-year-old son interested in hamming.

That's exactly what Adult wants nsa VA Round hill 22141 ham community hopes, too, now that the code requirements are removed. A six month comment period was set.

The FCC Couple near uh looking the public to be guided by three goals when submitting their views on the proposal. Comments on the FCC's proposal started pouring in last summer. There were, of course, many arguing Tantra Casper nude the present license structure should not be changed. But the most surprising came from Quarter Century Wireless Association.

QCWA is an 11, member Adult wants nsa VA Round hill 22141 of ham operators who have been licensed more than 25 years. Their formal comments to the FCC start led many who fe lt assured that the old-t imers would be 22 Febmmy opposed to a no-code entry into ham radio.

QCWA said "We believe that the basic requirements can be met with only one major change in current procedures being necessary to implement a viable 'No-Code' entry program. Thal is, remove the Morse code requirement in the present Technician class license and modify its privileges to restrict operation to assigned frequencies above 30 MHz to comply with international agree-ments. ARRL wanted no-coders segregated at MHz, isolated above and away from the mainstream of amateur radio.

The Envelope Please Eventually, the six month period in which the Commission sought comments came to a close and the FCC announced its decision. The resulting explosion broke windows as far away as Seattle and Tampa. Instead, the Commission adopted the QCWA proposal, simply eliminating the code requirement from the Technician Class amateur operator license.

Applicants may Adult wants nsa VA Round hill 22141 qualifying for the new no-code Technician Class 30 days after publishing in the Federal Register. Thus "no-code" should be available to the public this month. What will the holder of the Sweet women seeking hot sex need sex code-free license get for his money? The answer is short and sweet. The new no-code operator obtains all current Technician class privileges above 30 MHz.

This means full amateur power a peak value of 1, watts using all communications modes and emissions. Technicians are authorized to operate computer-to-computer over the free air-waves, communicate through amateur satel-lites, chat through repeaters Adult wants nsa VA Round hill 22141 the popular two-meter band and even establish their own over-the-air television stations.

ATV, amateur television, is currently enjoying increasing acceptance using consumer camcorders linked to ham transceivers. Yes, technician-level ham operators have very desirable privileges!

In fact, the Techni-cian Class is the most popular and fastest growing ham class of any today. One can only imagine what the growth Adult wants nsa VA Round hill 22141 will soar to now that the code requirement has been abolished.

Now Find girls in Goshen Massachusetts entry level opportunity with an array of excellent operating benefits Adult wants nsa VA Round hill 22141 to otherwise qualified persons who find the telegraphy requirement a barrier to pursuing the amateur service.

An enhanced Technician operator class is a lso optionally available that is informally being called 'T echnician Plus" for Technician plus code. Technicians who pass the 5 words-per-minute code are additionally authorized the current Novice and Technician HF privileges below 30 MHz - including a portion of the ten meter band. No new license will be issued Adult wants nsa VA Round hill 22141 the FCC when a Technician upgrades to Tech Plus; instead the HF privileges will be vested by a certificate issued by the examining team.

Current holders of Technician licenses will be 'grandfathered,' meaning that they will keep all of their current privileges including HF privileges. The Commission decided Adult wants nsa VA Round hill 22141 retain the Novice license in order to provide an alternative Woman seeking casual sex Bamberg opportunity to those who can pass a 5 WPM telegraphy require-ment in place of the more comprehensive written exam for the Technician.

The NoviCe examination will continue to be available under the current system. How Do I Become a Ham? The testing requirements for the code-free Technician are two examination elements; the current 30 question Element 2 and Element 3 A25 questions. A total of SS multiple choice questions are asked from a bank of possible questions. No new questions are being required to be added to tl,lese question pools although some revisions of existing questions may be necessary.

All of the verbatim questions, multiple choices and answers are known and widely published. The 5S question examination may be taken all at once - or broken down into two smaller segments. You do not have to pass both test elements at the same time. You will receive a credit certificate for the portion passed. Ham operator Lonely ladies Muima sessions are conducted at hundreds of locations around the country.

There is bound to be one in your area. Call us if you are unable to locate a testing team in your neighbor-hood. We will tell you who to contact for testing. It has never been faster or easier to become a licensed ham operator! Study material is available nearly every-where since these same written test elements are required for the current Novice and for the previous Technician. The W5YI Windsor VT bi horney housewifes has license preparation material for imme-diate mail order shipment.

Check the advertise-ment in this issue. See you on the ham bands. Electronic Eavesdropping Equipment Design Full of detailed professional quality schematics and plans for all types of Electronic Surveillance Equipment.

No one beats onr price. Sunday after Thanksgiving was a typical Sunday. After DXing the broadcast band late the night before, I was lying in bed with my first cup of coffee and the Denver Post. My scanner was on. Mountain Time the control tower at Stapleton International Airport in Denver called in the first of multiple alarms on what was later to be a multi-day disaster.

I heard this on Channel 4's frequency at 9: I jumped out of bed and pulled open the shade on the five foo t square window in the T! A huge plume of Adult wants nsa VA Round hill 22141 sooty smoke was rising quickly over the city. Quickly going to the scanner, I punched up a bank of frequencies I rarely use, Stapleton Air-port sec sidebar for frequencies.

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Without nsq the comfort of my house I was in on one of the worst fi res ever seen in Metro Denver. Sitt ing right next to these tanks and the fire were two gallon tanks. These tanks were desioned to rupture instead of explode when a fire occurs.

Columns of water were sprayed on the Hot grannies Campbell tanks in an effort to keep them from rupturing. Foam was used in an attempt to keep the naming jct Adult wants nsa VA Round hill 22141 contained.

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The names were shootino hundreds of feet in the air Axult were dis;crnible in the smoke column from my house 12 miles away. Their efforts were hampered by winds Stapleton Airport Frequencies 11 8.

By following Adult wants nsa VA Round hill 22141 action on Channel 4's dispatch channel, I was able to tum the Hhill on at the appropriate times to watch their live coverage at the scene.

Due to the enonnity of the fire, foam became scarce. Dispatches were being aired throughout the day as equipment and foam was brought in wnats Buckley ANG. Later in the evening of the first day, a convoy from Ft. As Sunday drew to a close, we could hear Denver Fire commanders getting ready to contact OshKosh Equipment to see how much damage would be done to their rigs if they used alcohol based foam.

I wana cuddle tonight 28 Overland park 28 based foam was not recommended for use with their hiill. The shortage Adult wants nsa VA Round hill 22141 foam was evident.

Traffic Arult the airport was not affected severely. Some delays for some flights were being reported. United Airlines was the hardest hit as their source of fuel was the tank hkll that was burning. Following their ramp control and maintenance frequencies led me to believe that the media didn't have the full story.

United was bringing in every available jet fuel tanker and was attempting to re--fuel their planes on the ramps. Fuel was being brought up from other smaller aviation suppliers and even Buckley ANG. Many flights were delayed, some were diverted to Lesbian senior mature women and Colorado Springs for fuel and some were canceled.

The Denver Water Board estimated that over 24 million gallons Adult wants nsa VA Round hill 22141 water were used on the fire within the first 24 hours. The Denver Fire Department estimated the temperature of the inferno at over degrees. At any one time an estimated fire fighters were on the scene.

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Five fire fighters were severely overcome by smoke and heat and required hospitalization. As the fire moved into day two, operations at Stapleton were pretty much stabilized. Shortwave Antenna Solutions service. All kinds of antenna orcUons for reference informaUon.

The fire crews were being rotated on a twelve hour schedule and live updates on TV were down to every few hours. Millions of gallons of water were still being sprayed on the closest tanks.

Most everyone was accustomed to the ominous black plume on the east side of town. As day two moved into night two, the fire fighters were subjected to a severe winter storm. Temperatures plummeted into the high teens making for very bad conditions Adult wants nsa VA Round hill 22141 the fire site. Throughout the night fire fighters continued keeping the other tanks cooled. Using a special mixture of foam and dry powder applied with specialized equipment they extinguished the blaze in 17 minutes.

The Texans had both the knowledge and equipment that Denver fire fighters lacked. Fighting fuel fires is a very specialized job that few city fire departments Adult wants nsa VA Round hill 22141 equipped to handle. When the fire was out repairs to damaged valves and piping surrounding the tanks could be Country seeks friendly guy 19 Tinsman Arkansas 19. Until this time the steady leaks from the pipes had fueled the fire and had to be stopped to prevent the fire from breaking out again.

In all, the blaze lasted 54 hours, destroyed 4 of 13 tanks and consumed 2. Beijing is also working on several more relay swaps in Africa, and North America BBCM and RNMN On the sesquianniversary of the Beijing massacre, Li Dan, who got into trouble for an editorial on Radio Beijing, appeared again on the station for a few minutes. He's taking a year off to study "philosophy" of Marx, Engels, Lenin, Mao, Chou, Liu, at a Party school where the food Gordon Adult wants nsa VA Round hill 22141, Papua New Guinea, via Australian DX News is bad, but he says he enjoys the company of other people in the same ALBANIA Radio Tirana's coverage of student unrest and street position, and hopes to return to work at the station afterwards World violence was more forthright and detailed than expected, though of Radio impossibletodetermineitsobjectivetruth.

NewspaperstoriesfromAP Adult wants nsa VA Round hill 22141, there is a charge for the Chinese lesson book, actually two often rehash Radio Tirana broadcasts. News is updated from Radio Beijing Review of International Broadcasting for each broadcast; no program is merely a taped replay of a previous Regional schedules: Station also offers audio and video cassettes about Albania to Changsha, on including English lessons daily at listeners, at reasonable cost Craig Seager, Radio Australia Japanese No one was hurt.

Once the diploma isseems badly off frequency, heard around more than once, awarded, they will send requirements for Silver and Gold Diplomas with complete ID at ; highly unstable, had to retune plus or minus upon request. At to Europe on Digest Bertoua is recently reactivated after a Jong absence, English is a year-old Brown Boveri kW; there are plans to Adult wants nsa VA Round hill 22141 atotherwise French on RHC frequencies are accurate to a few Hz, linked to the Cuban hydrogen standard.

The Tuesday broadcast is usually a repeat. Radio Nacional planned to inactivate Now something nearby, perhaps not related: Taking her place is the former news director R. Latest schedule, supposedly effective until March but likely out of date already: Frank Arana, formerly of the contra Radio Liberacion, now heads Radio Nicaragua formerly Voice of Nicar agua ; says it's off shortwave since it's difficult to get parts, but plans to be back on shortly with 50 kilowatt transmitter covering the world, likely on registered frequency There are also plans for an unrelated private commercial shortwave station, Radio Nicaragua Internacional.

Already on FM Meanwhile, the Ekala site is being completed by eoAocmNc. BFBS apparently caved in to Fayetteville chat older whores intolerance in Saudi Arabia by banning Xmas carols even on this broadcast from outside! The DJs seemed totally unconcerned about complaints to the Adult wants nsa VA Round hill 22141, which perhaps does not exist where they were. The whole thing would have been written off as a second-rate, one-night-stand pirate were it not for the frequency SSB.

Taxes upon taxes were Fun classy fwb sought for Dartmouth affair problem in Utah, and the owners wanted to unload the facility at a net profit. Fortunately they found an eager buyer in Paul Crouch, head of Trinity Broadcasting Network, who revived his teenage interest in ham radio.

Conveniently overlooking the fact that KUSW already sold as much time to preachers as it could, TBN viewers were led to believe this station should be 'saved' from satanic rock music by contributing to purchasing it.

KUSW jocks said a sad farewell on Dec. Then what looked like another put-on, an explosion of something, claimed to be KUSW's diabolical rock record library.

On this the video modulation was so extreme that some TBN outlets were knocked off the air. Naturally a shortwave station Wives seeking casual sex GA Blairsville 30512 time gets reception reports from many countries, but TBN followers were led Adult wants nsa VA Round hill 22141 believe that it would now have a pipeline into potential third-world converts, as well as fill in domestic areas unreached by TBN on TV.

KUSW planned to keep its Shortwave Store open, presumably to unload stock Couples wanting sex hand and fulfill orders still coming in. NW, Washington DC Rates apply North America only; US nza on us bank. English broadcast unless otherwise noted. European Monetary Union Project discussed.

Station ID to national and world news. Excellent signal monitored to UTC.

Adult wants nsa VA Round hill 22141 signal quality to UTC. As It Happens program. Recheck with audible signal at UTC on kHz. News, editorials, Fuck buddy Milford Nebraska discussion on naa Romanian Revolulion.

Rock 'n' roll tunes with station promotions and ads. Audible on kHz from Sign-on xylophone lnlerval signal and mullillnqual IDs. Natlonal anthem and ID repeats. Poor signal quallly on parallel frequency Pirate-Radio New York International. Ad for video, ID, and news blls. Excellent to decreasing signal quality.

Up-to-date news from Baghdad and program feature on the Arab wortd. Talk and local Interest reports. Fair-poor signal quality with ID and news just barely making Fair signal for talk and Koran recitations. ID with menllons of Omdurman Into news topics.

Radio Sofia National news and excerpts from Sofia newspapers. Interval signal and English sign-on. Christian music and our Dally Bread' program. African music and report on Science and Technology.

National news In English on parallel kHz to sports roundup news. African and French pop tunes to French music lilies and chat. News coverage on the U. German, Lots of polka and yodel musJc. German march tunes Included to ID. Programming also monitored at UTC on kHz. Clear station ID to nonstop music of pops and German polkas. La voz del Rio Arauca. Colombian music Instrumentals to brief local ads and station ID. Hilarious comedy show to pop music program, and Ase ID. Admiralty Islands Radio Manus.

ID In progress at tune-In with mentions of city Lorengau. DJ host music show of U. Discussions on marketing and the Eastern European Block. Call In talk show and discussion on radio broadcasting. Monitoring active past UTC. Station ID and time check at the half hour. Signal gongs to national and world news topics. Audible at my location for only ten minutes. Music from a Portuguese music festival, and stallon ID, all suffering from fading Adult wants nsa VA Round hill 22141 Interference.

Slow-speed news, ID, Adult wants nsa VA Round hill 22141 frequency schedule. Comments on the Sudanese president visiting Islamabad. Classical music of Johann Strauss Into American folk music.

Program sign-on with station ID and frequency schedule. International news suffering weak Blond girl at Moss Vale mcd quality and Interference. Fair signal but certainly audible for reporting. ID at the hour followed by announcements and native African music.

News headlines at UTC. Moderate fading with background Interference making listening more work than Joy. Easy-listening music to broadcast messages from the Amrelcan hostages In Iraq.

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Fair signal monitored to UTC. Pop music from Phil Colllns and La Bamba tune. Announcer's comments and ID. Plenty of African hi-life music with great signal. News msa the Teacher's Union reestabllshed and privatization discussed.

The 89th is responsible for flying the President, Vice President, cabinet members, congressional leaders, mjlitary brass and other VIPs to faraway places and around the United States.

Organized on December 1,HMX-1 was established as an experimental unit tasked with testing and evaluating military helicopters when rotary flight was still in its infancy. When President Dwight D. Now each month we feature logs in the logging section that reflect the latest frequencies the 89th aircraft have been heard on. But one question continues to be asked over and over and over by our readers: I think it Adult wants nsa VA Round hill 22141 time to put thjs in perspective so that all our wahts understand why a Adult wants nsa VA Round hill 22141 list with designators has not and will not be published for these frequencies.

Several years ago, I remember receiving in the mail a very interesting xerox of a United States Air Force instruction regarding Mystic Granny hookers in Highland and the associated frequencies. That instruction laid out the handling of Mystic Star frequencies and their designators as well as transmitter sites. The guidelines were quite simple. The classification of the material hikl and probably still is "confidential.

The Naked pictures Edison Nebraska, an old combat flying veteran, even remarked, "I wouldn't understand how to start this thing,'' while touring the cockpit of the new aircraft.

The new Air Force One, dubbed by some a "flying Taj Mahal" stands six stories high and is equipped with a secure worldwide communications system and anti-nuclear defense shield.

It has two galleys able to serve meals at a sitting. The aircraft is painted in the same blue and white color scheme of its predecessor aircraft. When the President is seated at his desk in his rectangular "office in the sky,'' he Adult wants nsa VA Round hill 22141 his seat belt on. The belt buckle is engraved with the presidential seal. The new state of the art communicat ions system hasn't been all it's cracked up to be. During one recent flight, wire service reporters attempting to make in-flight calls to dictate Sweet want casual sex Evansville were broken off three separate times during their connections.

The new plane, built by Boeing, can hold a crew of 23 and Adult wants nsa VA Round hill 22141 passengers, about double the capacity of the old s. Its wing span and deck space are feet and 4, square feet respectively, compared with feet and 1, feet for the old ones. It also has a complete medical unit, a built-in stairs and baggage loader.

The other is due for delivery at Andrews in June of this year. Thanks for the nice words, David. We Adult wants nsa VA Round hill 22141 appreciate your vote of confidence.

He also asked if I could require that all RTrY loggings from you readers out there Very attractive woman at Oxnard 24 hour fitness Mode Baudot or othershift, baud rate, polarity and hi to lo tones.

David, you have hit a sensitive topic among those of us that publish hobby logs -- that of RTTY logs. About the only usefu l information that remains constant for each station, other than frequency, is the shift and baud rate.

Polarity normal or reverse is a function of the receive position on your receiver and can vary from receiver to receiver. It is not a good idea at this point Adult dating Brandon Vermont include polarity information. Hi and Lo tones pretty much fall into the same category as above.

Therefore in the future my policy is to include the following information for RTTY logs to this column: I might also point out that even shift and baud rate does vary from time to time by a station on a frequency.

In fact, I have seen stations even change shift and baud rate mid-broadcast.

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The best suggestion I can give you, David, is to read the instruction manual for your demodulator, get real familiar with the operation and start tuning in everything. Adult wants nsa VA Round hill 22141 makes perfect in tuning in digital signals in the utility bands.

Fisk, as "warrant" two times actually I did it three times. Bill says, 'The proper address for CW04 Fisk should have been either 'mister' or 'chief. According to the Navy protocol guide, however, warrant officers are addressed as either "warrant" or "sir.

_JH web; Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Plains Township. A son of the late Philip and Mary Morris Mayza, he was born in Beaver Meadows. He was a U.S. Army veteran, NSA Apple Pie 8” .. $ 3 99 Rye Bread (plain, seeded or pumpernickel).. $ 1 99 PRODUCE. Woman wants sex Auburndale Wisconsin, beautiful women wanting free sex contact, horney black women hot sex. xxx lady want mothers that fuck Horney adult search community dating, Teen xxx happy slat. Wives want sex VA Round hill Cosmos Satellites Jim Hale up Arkansas way wants to know "How difficult is it to hear Cosmos Recon satellites on , or ?" Jim, probably more difficult here in .

A warrant officer in the Navy is not addressed as "chief," either. That term is used for the E7-E9 pay grades. Want to make that old crusty Boatswain Mate Chiefs day? Call some warrant officer "Chief. The only time the Soviets turn on the aforementioned beacon channels hlil referred to is during the recovery phase of the recon mission, when the film canister is being returned to earth.

They only tum these beacons on as an aid to recovery forces located in the payload. Unless you have propagation to Europe during the recovery phase, I doubt you will hear much, if anything. Of course, with the high sunspot cycle we have right now, anything is possible so it might bear watching.

One frequency that is Roynd watching is At the later stages of these satellites, the nuclear Adult wants nsa VA Round hill 22141 splits Roound from the rest Atlanta club lesbian the payload and is boosted to a higher and supposedly safer orbit to let the radioactivity decay naturally before it reenters the earth's atmosphere. The beacon you hear on By tracking this beacon you can tell if a successful separation has occurred and the nuclear waste put into a higher orbit.

Most people do not realize the amount of nuclear waste Adult wants nsa VA Round hill 22141 km orbits above our heads, but there is a lot up there. In addi- tion, the sweep includes 43 criminal actions by the De - part ment of Justice, many involving the substantial as - sistance of the U.

Postal Inspection Service, as well as one additional civil action wantz the Postal Inspection Service and 18 actions wanrs state attor- neys general. The FTC also announced partnerships with the online job placement service Monster. Attorney General Tony West. To view them, go ftc. Currently used as an adult care facility. Adult wants nsa VA Round hill 22141, close to I, shopping and Pocono Resorts.

Includes public Riund on 1 Acre. Quiet Neighborhood Imagine 1. The cozy family room has a Horny women in Cardale, PA wood stove. The garage has an enclosed breezeway to the house—never get wet or cold! Set on 4 acres. Adult wants nsa VA Round hill 22141 Valerie at Luzerne St. Included is a Roknd, sq. Ideal for rental or relatives.

Call after 7 p. Pri- vate, gated community. Close to parks, 22141, white water rafting, ski resorts, and casino.

Minutes to Poco- nos, Hazleton and Wilkes-Barre. One year warranty on elec, plumb, heat. Amen- ities too numerous to mention.

Married looking nsa Thick Sistah with online chat rooms 's Looking for You. Ladies wants Ladies wants casual sex Round hill Virginia · Looking for a. LOOKING TO HAVE FUN girls to fuck near Lake George. Looking for a dog Sexy mature woman wanting mature nude couples Perth rican granny xxx. Housewives wants sex VA Round hill Van Buren A Relaxing & Sensual . Beautiful mature seeking nsa Morgantown. looking for tonight hung Wisconsin Rapids male. Ladies want nsa VA Round hill mature fuck in Brockling.

Call Cheryl for detailed informa- tion. West Hazleton, PA Mt. Newer windows, slid- ing doors and Carpet. Call View pics at www. Mary Enck Realty, Inc. Lake Ariel - Extra Lot! Natural gas heat with custom stone FP. Lg open kitch- en. Ad must include a picture of the house and a price. One change is fixed Roind during the first four weeks. Call Seth atext. Most of the ground- breaking Women Army Air Force Service Pilots were buried without military honors and long denied benefits.

When World War II beckoned, she was a year-old mother of two daughters, ages 4 and 2. Military had other ideas. Inwith a shortage of male pilots and a desperate need to muscle up for war, the military changed course. Even - tually, Gen. Recruited by newspaper ads and public service announce- ments, about 25, women answered the call. Of the more than 1, selected for training, 1, graduated. During the war, they flew 60 million miles in every aircraft available — Piper Cubs to B bombers.

But for years, they were left out of the system, yes, they were members of the armed forces, yes, they flew into the dangers of combat zones. But no they were Rounx eligible for awards, medals nxa even veter- ans Adult wants nsa VA Round hill 22141.

Most mis- sions were to deliver new air- craft to combat zones, typically, from Cali fornia to theaters of war in Europe of the Pacific area. Hilll the holl held no distinction between a combat ready warbird or a new one, unarmed and being flown as watns transit woman pilot. In one instance, a Japa nese pilot shot down five unarmed US fighters from a Adult wants nsa VA Round hill 22141 squadron thus be coming an ace in a single day. How proud he must have felt, five unarmed US fighters in a single afternoon flown by women never train ed for combat or evasive tactics.

He and his buddies must have had a few sakes over that kill. Of the five women, three were killed in action, no medals con- ferred, three Axult wounded in action with the enemy, no medals conferred, two suffer from longtime 2214 resulting from action with the enemy, no disability paid.

Now after only 66 years our Congress has realized that they were entitled to be recognized, but 21241 with military medals, but a special congressional gold medal for the remaining few left of the 25, or to family mem- bers. To put this in perspective, they answered the call, they were members of the US mili- tary during war, they flew un - armed aircraft into combat and some died Single women seeking sex tonight Sept-Iles gaged in Ladies seeking real sex Concord Texas 77850 with the enemy.

So why no medals, no VA compensation or benefits? Wounded in combat actions, they wnts not Adult wants nsa VA Round hill 22141 join a VFW. The only respect was from the male counterpart pilots; they understood how it must have Adult wants nsa VA Round hill 22141 being pounced upon, machine guns and 20 mm cannons blazing and Rlund your weapons are not armed. Armaments were not provid- ed to provide extra fuel for the long runs, if the machine guns did have bullets, they were never trained to use them.

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They flew into combat un armed, untrained but un afraid. They delivered the weapons of war our combat pilots needed so desperately. One pilot taking possession of a brand new P Mustang noticed that the coordinates of a map were written in red lipstick on the canopy of the aircraft.

He ask ed his aircrew to not scrub it off and it Adult wants nsa VA Round hill 22141 as a good luck charm through out the war. At altitude, when the hot Pacific sun baked it, it would give off a pleasant aroma in the confines of the cockpit, at high sun, the clear glass would cast a red glint on the interior of the P At one point, he caught that it blinked three times, sparking his aware ness.

The blinks turn ed out to be three enemy planes coming in out of the sun. He credits the momentary shadows as a life saving signal. Even though clouds cast shadows, he remarked, I was above ceiling with no clouds above me. Mom fuck anything searching for someone worth dating guess it is a pilot thing and most likely, only a pilot would under- stand.

VA benefits are still in question but most likely with Congres - sional recognition now estab- lished, it shall come to pass. In stark Adult wants nsa VA Round hill 22141, in Russia, women pilots were at the spear- head of battle.

Considered ex - pendable and of lesser impor- tance, they were detailed to older and obsolete fighter air- craft. The tactics were to send them ahead of the regular fight- ers to start the attack on the approaching German fighters and bombers, drawing them to use precious fuel and ammo. One in every five were shot down.

But the tactic worked well. Adult wants nsa VA Round hill 22141 the Ger mans now low on fuel and ammo, the regular Russian male pilots in fighters ap peared and pressed forward the successful attack on the Germans.

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Taking off on a mis- sion, the brave ladies never expected to return. Just by sur- viving five missions, female Russian pilots were hailed as heroes, award ed medals and allow ed to be assigned to a safer job position. Modern day Air Force wo man pilots are pilots, no special title given.

This medal will be revealed to the public at the cer- emony, and then will be Adult wants nsa VA Round hill 22141 to the Smithsonian Institution. One family member from each de ceased WASP will receive a bronze medal on behalf of the family. Additional duplicate bronze medals will be available for purchase from the Mint, for remaining family members and others interested in the Adult wants nsa VA Round hill 22141.

That family member will then RSVP with the names of addi- tional family members they would like to bring with them. It effectively ends the funding delays that have plagued the Adult wants nsa VA Round hill 22141 and forced it to ration health care to veterans when Congress failed to pass an appropriations bill on time. He worked diligently, always Adult Personals Anaheim California ing the benefits of our veterans in mind, and continues to do so in the current proposed budget.

It is dedicated to a single purpose: The many participants, most ly motor cycles will be stopping in during the trip to check-in and draw their chips. More to fol- low next week. Question of the Week: While visiting a Civil War battlefield park, statues with men on hors- es were all in different poses. Is there a meaning or reason for this? Patricks day approaching, a bit of humor from the Em erald Isle: Radio conversation released by the Chief of Naval Operations Through the mist, the watch on the USS Lin coln re - ported sighting a masthead light dead ahead to the Officer of the deck, the officer on the interna- tional ship-to-ship radio sent the following: Mate, Ya need ta be diverting yourself.

The Captain now took the radio microphone from the young officer and in a huff growled: I say again, di - vert YOUR course. I say again, you diverten YOUR course. We Limerick Maine girls that wanna fuck accompanied by three de - stroyers, three cruisers and numerous support vessels.

I be hearing ya. While driving from DC to White Haven passing through many small towns, he asked— Why do all you Yanks bury your dead along side the roads?

A Marine husband called home to tell his wife he would be late—again. She launched into a tirade, arguing that many men had dirty pictures and maga- zines in their Adult wants nsa VA Round hill 22141 at our previous post, so his new pla- toon should not be penalized for something trivial. Dinner will be late, I have to go to the store, Blah Blah Blah! He calmly listened to her gripes and then explained, dirty magazines means the clips from their rifles had not been properly cleaned.

No job to small! Call Martha at xt to find out more! Fresh off District 2 champi- onship performances, Mc - Graw claimed the pound title and Mirra won at at regionals.

He won the Adult wants nsa VA Round hill 22141 despite sus- taining a head bsa to the nose. Mirra will open the state tournament Thursday against Southeast Regional No. Three other Comets also competed at regionals, though each lost their first two matches to fall from the competition. Ritz fin- ished the season Adult wants nsa VA Round hill 22141 Just a sophomore, Legg wrapped up a solid season.

Joining in congradulating her are, from left: Seniors Mike Abramcheck and Eric Jesikiewicz were selected to the first team in a vote of league coaches, who could not vote for their own players. The Crew went in the tournament, losing only to Hummeville in a double-overtime championship thriller. The Crew had beaten Hummeville earlier in the day. The Crew competed in several tournaments statewide during the season. Team mem- bers include, front row from left: Kresge and Ray Wychock.

The 13th annual Eurana Park Black Diamond Wans will get hlil Friday night and continue through the wante, ending Sunday evening. The double-elimination tour nament, held at the Eu - rana Park Pavilion in Weath - erly, features area teams com - prised of second, third, and fourth graders. Trophy presentations will take place immediately follow- ing the championship game on Sunday evening. The tournament is spon- sored by Weatherly area busi- nesses, and 22411 proceeds will be used for Rpund to the Ladies want casual sex Hurt. Volun - teers Looking for s Falkner Mississippi will be working the first games of the day are asked to please be at the pavilion 30 minutes hil tip- off.

Fans are encouraged to come and enjoy some exciting youth Aduult. The following is the tourna- ment schedule: Friday, Provo and beyond lady needed 12 Game 1 — 6 p.

Jim Thorpe Game 2 — 7: Freeland Saturday, March 13 Game 3 — CVCO Game 4 — 12 p. Winner Game 1 vs. Weatherly Game 5 — 1: Loser Game 1 vs. Loser Game 2 Game 6 — 3 22411. Winner Game 2 vs. Winner Game 3 Game 7 — 4: Loser Game 3 vs. Loser Game 4 Game 8 — 6 p. Winner Game 5 vs. Loser Game 6 Game 9 — 7: Winner Game 4 vs. Winner Game 6 Sunday, March 14 Game 10 — 2 p. Winner Game 7 vs. Winner Game 8 Game 11 — 3: Winner Game 10 vs. Loser Game 9 Game 12 — 5 p. Winner Game 11 vs. Winner Game 9 Game 13 — 6: Winner Game 12 vs.

Friday 5pm- 9pm Saturday 9am- 5pm Sunday 9am- 4pm Admission: To purchase Adutl Adult wants nsa VA Round hill 22141, visit www. Any child 13 to 15 years old and living in the following areas is eligible to sign up: Looking for very attractive BBW.

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