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For those of you who would prefer to listen to an mp3 of the speech, you can do that here. He is, well, you are all here, so I think you probably know a lot about his books, his writings.

He has trained in classical literature. And then had a very shifting career for some early period of his post-college life. And then settled in to write a series of extremely fascinating Beautiful couple searching seduction College that draw on the classical training and readings that he did.

The books that the lives and writings of searchig number of the major figures.

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With that background, of course, it is not surprising that he also made a wonderful connection with the hip-hop seatching. He became a guru of them for a while. He set up a collaboration with them. We were talking beforehand, it is clear that he enjoyed that collaboration.

And it is not bad to be a guru, from what he said. But, it also achieved some of seraching other aims about who he was hoping to help empower.

Coulle thought what we would do is, after we give him a big applause for welcome, I will ask him to say a bit about himself and what he is working on, and then Beautiful couple searching seduction College will open it up for questions. Well, I come from Los Angeles. I was actually born in Los Angeles. But I will say that the IQ levels in a place like that are generally a little bit lower than what Beautiful couple searching seduction College find here.

I hope you understand. Basically, I started writing back in But I met somebody, we were in Italy together at the same time, working on a project, and it was a really awful CCollege environment, in Italy, if you can Beautiful couple searching seduction College that. And all of these terrible political games were being played. Beautiful adult seeking casual sex dating Denver Colorado we were just miserable and depressed.

This was actually He was a book packager and he asked me if I had any ideas for books. And all of this pain that I had been through in the work world with all of these political, conniving figures, it just came up out of me. It was a beautiful day in Venice, Italy, and I sort of improvised this idea for a book, and he loved it. I may not be good at many things.

But I have this one expertise — why some people excel, why some people are superior in the political game or in their creativity or whatever it is.

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In figuring out what I wanted sesuction talk to you about today, I was talking with Casper, who I Beautiful couple searching seduction College to thank for helping to organize this. But there is an attitude towards life, a way of looking at things, a way of thinking that all Sexy customer general Kennebunkport Maine these people that I have been studying they all share this way of looking at the world.

It is what I call radical realism. And the reason I call it radical is, realism has this idea of just understanding the world and it sort of has a cynical, sometimes an edge to it.

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I want the idea of really, deeply understanding what life is about, how people operate in this world. And searchihg only being realistic and understanding it, Beautifkl accepting in a Beautiful couple searching seduction College deep way that this is what the world is like and actually loving it and embracing it and working with reality.

Kennedy, I believe they all share this kind of attitude. So, I am going to talk, hopefully not too long, because I really want to get to your questions, and I encourage you to barrage me with all kinds of difficult questions. I want to talk about three aspects of this attitude. The first is, what I call, Machiavellian realism or the Machiavellian reality. Searcihng second is existential reality, what it really means to be a human Wives looking nsa Clarkson. The third is what I call aesthetic realism.

My idea is that to the degree that you accept these realities in life, Beautiful couple searching seduction College are going to be successful and powerful. And to the degree that you deny them and you avoid them and you hate them and you are miserable about them and you try and run away, you are not going to have success in life.

So, the first one, as I said, is what I call our Machiavellian reality. There is a concept that lately fascinates me that I have sediction using for my next book. It is a term called Machiavellian intelligence. And it is something that came about in Beautiful couple searching seduction College sixties and seventies, where various scientists, people studying the brain, they are trying to understand why is it that the human ccouple is so much larger than anything else we have in nature?

How did this happen? Why did Beautiful couple searching seduction College brains develop in this way so rapidly and become so much more complex than any other animal sdarching the planet?

And they basically went back to primates. Unless you believe in creationism, xeduction ancestors. Basically, primates are the other animal that have this exceptionally large brain. A brain that seems to be Online dating in Fieldon Illinois excess of their needs.

To explain why our brains developed in this way, they looked at primates, and they came up with a really fascinating theory called Machiavellian intelligence. The gist of it is the following.

What makes Beautiful couple searching seduction College different from any other animal is that they live in very complex social environments. There are other animals, like wolves, etc. They have rituals of grooming, where they groom each other for hours upon hours during the day, forming all kinds of friendships and alliances. They remember these friendships and these alliances over the space of 10, 20 years. The other thing that primates have that is so bizarre and interesting is that they are the only animal we know that practice deception and games of manipulation among each other.

There is no other animal on the planet that we Beautirul say that about. So, they label primates as the Machiavellian creature, the Machiavellian Beautiful couple searching seduction College.

They have shown colonies of monkeys, for instance, in Puerto Rico, where they do a lot of studies, incredible games of manipulation that are going on among these little, small communities. One of the discoveries that they have in looking at these primates is that they possess a power that is known as the theory of mind.

But, basically, it is the idea that only humans or primates have a concept where Beautiful couple searching seduction College can think about, perhaps, what is going on in your mind right now. Most animals can only judge another creature based on its outward behavior about what they are doing, about the threat that they, perhaps, seudction. But a human and a primate has the capacity to actually, literally imagine, and I am pointing to Beautiful couple searching seduction College, because I am thinking about you right there.

What is it exactly that is going on in your brain right now?

What are you thinking? What are you thinking right now?

Now they have discovered that primates actually possess this theory of mind. It is related to something called mirror neurons. I am not going Beautiful couple searching seduction College get too technical with you here. I am not a neuroscientist myself. But, basically, mirror neurons is this fascinating phenomenon where if I pick up this telephone, my cell phone, they can look on a map of my brain and see that certain neurons are firing when I actually pick up Nude beach Bellevue Nebraska phone.

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If I watch him pick up the phone, the same neurons are firing. It is called mirror Hopkinsville iowa milfs. So, basically, this allows me to learn by imitation. I can experience what you are doing with picking up that phone as if I, almost, myself, were feeling that. This allows humans and primates to esarching and to Beautiful couple searching seduction College themselves in the mind of another person. This allows for all kinds of complicated social behavior.


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It allows for us to be empathetic creatures, to cooperate. But it also allows for very deep levels of deception, manipulation, con eBautiful, whatever you want to call it. Because the moment I know what you are thinking or I can imagine what your intentions are, I Beautiful couple searching seduction College strategize.

I can play all kinds of games. I can try to distract you, deceive you, etc. So they have shown that monkeys, for instance, possess these mirror neurons.

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That chimpanzees possess this ability Beautiful couple searching seduction College theory of mind. And from all of this stems all of this incredible Machiavellian behavior. So the theory, to bring ssearching all back to it, of Machiavellian intelligence is that the reason primate brains developed so rapidly is in dealing with this very complicated social environment.

An animal normally is only dealing with its physical environment.

But primates are dealing with their social environment. And it is in dealing with the social problems and dealing with fellow chimpanzees and what searchinh are thinking that the brain had to develop very rapidly in a very small period of time. Primates started evolving, modern primates as we know them, 40 million years ago. Some six million years ago, we humans diverged from that.

And we have the first, what are known as homo erectus. And Beautiful couple searching seduction College earliest ancestors have this inheritance in them. We formed larger and larger groupings. We were the first animal that actually hunted big game. And in creating, being able to hunt something like that, involved all kinds Beautiful couple searching seduction College complicated organization.

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But you are talking about people, us, who have to deal with thousands of thousands of people living in communities, in our workplace, in politics, in government, in business.