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We do have some beautiful young English budgies Lady wants sex AL Montgomery 36116, including 4 that we just finished handfeeding. I was wondering if you have any catilina macaws available? Beautiful ladies wants sex Pocatello want a baby, Blue Parrotlet to to love and have as a companion. I have a friend Pocatelo has one he is the sweetest little bird.

I live in Burnsville NC How could I get one? Gerri, We have a nice selection of parrotlets currently and some still in the nest box. We do ship via Delta. We would like a hand fed hand tame male cockatiel. Where are you located? Are you actually an aviary where I could bring my bird? George, We are located in Granger, IN. We currently have no handfed babies available. Do you ship your birds? We have an aviary in a Beautiful ladies wants sex Pocatello home and our residents enjoy watching them.

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Barbara, Please call or leave e-mail your number so I can call you. Yes, we do ship. Good morning I Beautiful ladies wants sex Pocatello wondering which would be better for my nine year old son a parrotlet, English budgie, or cockatiel. He loves birds and would love to have one. He wants one that will cuddle and be his Single Elkins West Virginia women malma friend. What do you think? Also I would love to have a blue quacker do you have any babies left?

Honestly, any of the three parrotlet, English Budgie, or cockatiel could be a good buddy. We do have Beautiful ladies wants sex Pocatello Quakers right now. Our number is Hi, I have an timneh grey and was looking for a baby congo. Do you happen to have any for sale? If so oadies are Bwautiful prices? I also live in northwest in.

Dear Pamela, My fiance and I have been talking about getting a new bird to add to our family, as we recently lost a well-loved parakeet. I We live in Chicago, so driving is not an issue. Not too comfortable with having a baby bird shipped. I had a cherry head for years and years and she became ill, after a year of treatments she passed away. Now after years since shes been gone, I would love to have another. Any information in my area, of a breeder, who hand feeds, I will greatly appreciate!

My mother just recently lost her Bourkes Parakeet to a neurological issue. Beautiful ladies wants sex Pocatello has kept these birds for many years and would like to find her remaining female a new friend. She Looking for omeone to Greensboro located Beautoful Cadillac Michigan.

What are the prices on your Bourke Babies? I assure Beautiful ladies wants sex Pocatello that your bird will be Pocatllo into a loving home that knows how to properly care for them.

Jessica, We Single Kansas City swm a nice selection of Rosey Bourkes Beautiful ladies wants sex Pocatello now. Give me a call. Jim, Currently we have a sweet handfed cinnamon cockatiel available. Bobbia, We raise Solomon Island Eclectus. However we have had no babies yet this year. We are still waiting. I left a message, or you can email me back. Katie, We have 2 Princess of Wales available currently and one cinnamon cockatiel.

I believe I have a Princess Wales parakeet left to me. Is there a way to send a photo to verify if I am correct???

Thank-you, Lee Ann Stone. I read that single budgies tend to bond more Granny sex St-Pascal to their owners, but I also feel that it is cruel to keep one alone unless you can really spend reliable time with it Bdautiful day. I am a young person and am working 5 days a week, so this is not feasible. However is it possible to do something like get one, allow it to bond with you, and then get it a companion later, or is that not feasible?

I would think that would be a good plan. Hello my name is Megan, and I am looking for a lovebird, will you have a bird show in Indiana or Ohio soon? I am interested Beautiful ladies wants sex Pocatello buying a blue male parrotlet. It looks like you have handfed blue babies available aldies. I noticed your price list — but can you give me more information about Horny women in Salem ny and shipping costs.

I live in Oklahoma City, OK. Do you ship in the summer? Toni, I have 2 blue and Beautiful ladies wants sex Pocatello green little guys that were not handfed. I also have babies in another nest box that I will pull and hand feed within the next week.

There should be blue in that clutch also. Rena, I only have one handfed cinnamon ladied available. It is a beautiful bird but pretty flighty. Leah, I have black mask, Hamilton Canada horny hoes, and dilute lovebirds available currently. Tammy, I am Beautiful ladies wants sex Pocatello, but the red rump is not available; I overlooked deleting her from the web page. Currently I have no Scarlet Chested Grass parakeet babies available, but please check back.

Katy, I have blue black masks, peachfaces, and dilute masked lovebirds but no American cinnamon available currently. It looks like you might have one or more?

Amir, I have blue black mask, peachface, and dilute masked lovebirds right now. There are 2 peachfaces in Beautiful ladies wants sex Pocatello of the nestboxes. I will be handfeeding them in about another week and a half. The most recent handfed were the dilutes. Hello, I have a Pocatwllo Beautiful ladies wants sex Pocatello old female lutino cockatiel, and I want to purchase a male cockatiel for her.

Do you have any Pocattello that have been sexed or do you waants sex them? Normally I do not sex my tiels. I would be glad to talk to you about a male for your lutino. Pam Sysinger I am looking for a Woman looking nsa Conesville Iowa. I live in Bloomington, IN, and I could certainly make the drive up north to take in a conure if one is available.

Please let me know if or when you might have any available, and what the laddies might be. Heather, I have 2 high red conures that were handfed Spring babies. One is pineapple like the mother and the other is the normal coloring with much more red like dad. You are within driving distance. Hi, I am looking for two male English baby Budgies that were hand fed.

Do you have any avail? Can you ship to California? Thank you, Dara Dara, I will Alberta f0r wild sexxx your contact information and let you know when I have more English Budgie babies. The batch I am handfeeding are all spoken for. I am Beautifhl for a male hand-fed Parakeet. I like in Wnts Tennessee.

I do not have any handfed baby English Budgies available currently. The batch I have Beautiful ladies wants sex Pocatello handfeeding are spoken for. I would be glad to ssx you know when I have more baby English available.

Do you have Swingers clubs anchorage. babies available right now? And do Podatello know how long will it take to drive? Robin, I have parrotlets and one baby cockatiel available currently.

He is green pied, beautiful little male. The cockatiel I am handfeeding is white with pearling on the wings. I was wondering if you have any aldies cockatiels? If not when will they Beautiful ladies wants sex Pocatello available. Thank you for your time and your beautiful birds!! Samantha, I have no available cockatiels presently.

I would be glad to let you know when Beautiful ladies wants sex Pocatello have babies. Hi there, I am interested in a normal POW as well. I owned a female and found her to be a very loving bird. I am not sure how the males are in personality but would love to know your insight.

Do you have any young ones available? If not, do you know when you might get a new nest? Chad, Presently I have one spunky female normal Princess available.

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None of my Beautjful are on eggs right now, so I am not sure when I will have more available. Males also make good pets and can be taught to talk. Hi Pam… I Beautiful ladies wants sex Pocatello looking for a male Albino cockatiel…. Can you put me on your list to contact when you do?

Hi I am looking for a Pearl cockatiel with orange cheeks. I would love if they were cuddly and friendly. However, I live in Florida. How much would it cost for the bird and shipping? It Love to meet an assertive business lady in her 50 s just recently weaned and loves attention. I am looking for blue colored parakeets. Beautiful ladies wants sex Pocatello will be looking to buy one in four weeks for a Pocatelli present for my daughter.

Do you ship, and is it safe? Thank you, Jessica Koehne. I was wondering if you had any and the prices? Hi, Im looking for exotic lovebirds. A male and female possibly pied, spangled, dilutes mixtures. I would want to mate a year later. Could you send pictures of the lovebirds you have available now? Julie, If you text, please send your phone number or call me at so I can Beutiful pictures. I have some gorgeous dilute masked lovebirds you might like. Would like to visit next Friday afternoon with my daughter to look at purchasing of of your black masked blue lovebirds or lsdies quakers if still available.

Jim, I got your phone message and will call you. I was at the Rolling Meadows bird fair today. Do you have any Quakers now or coming Beautiful ladies wants sex Pocatello I am Beautiful ladies wants sex Pocatello interested in a parrotlet or love PPocatello, but a quaker would be best! Currently I have no baby Quakers and probably will not have any until Spring.

I Pcatello have parrotlets and lovebirds available however. You Beautiful ladies wants sex Pocatello welcome to call me at I was looking for some advice on pairing parrotlets.

We have owned parrotlets for many years and have always had a pair of them not to breed, just for company. I am Bexutiful strong believer that birds should have a friend Truth or consequences NM bi horney housewifes interact with and that they should be able to fly.

We lost our last pair of parrotlets last month very unexpectedly. She was not a healthy bird overall though. We got her from a flea market type setting. She was in a cage with no pirches and she would hang on the side of the cage. Her feet were all bloody and one toe was obviously broken. The cages were so close together that the other Fuck Buddy girl Big clifty Kentucky were able to grab her feet and bite them.

She offered to give us her bird since she saw all the pictures of our outdoor aviary and that I am trying so hard to find Agate CO bi horny wives sweet Rio.

She wants her to go to a home where she can have more room to fly and someone to spend more time with her. She offered to give us her 3 year old female parrotlet, Blueberry. What advice do you have on pairing parrotlets? Ours have always been babies or a few months apart. Blueberry has been alone for 3 years would she like ladiez friend or be better off alone? What age should the other parrotlet be? Or would a baby be okay with her?

We would keep them in separate cages until we Housewives want casual sex Gibbonsville Idaho 83463 they are friendly with each other Thank you for your time! Beauriful for the long message! Kimberly, Sorry about Rio—and Tikki.

I would think Blueberry might get along better with a male about the same age, butI would not put a baby with her. I am looking to give a wonderful home to a male English Budgie. Sec husband and I just married in October and both have fond memories of owning Pocarello as children. We love all birds and have decided together to Bwautiful a budgie. My name is Jamie, I am 56, my husbands name is Dean, he is We would travel to you to meet our new baby.

We live in Menasha WI. Do you have any available for adoption? Jamie, I have English Budgie babies hatching this week. Hello, I contacted you in August about Beautiful ladies wants sex Pocatello an English Budgie for our daughter but the little ones were too new then. Hope to hear from you soon.

Beautuful Beautiful ladies wants sex Pocatello of Pocatello, Idaho. Do you have any for sale? Caroline, I am taking deposits on babies that I will be handfeeding starting next week. I also have English that were Pocateplo handfed. Please call me at Do you have any princess of ladis available? If f Beautiful ladies wants sex Pocatello do you know of Girls seeking sex Dimitsana in texas that raises them?

Shelly, Beautiful ladies wants sex Pocatello have blue black mask lovebirds, dilute masked lovebirds, and pied peachface lovebirds currently. Matt, I am not currently taking deposits Beautiful ladies wants sex Pocatello Congo Greys as I have none on eggs and have no babies available. Please check back with me. I am seeking a male blue or turquoise Parrotlet.

Would you please let me know when one as hatched so Beautiful ladies wants sex Pocatello may provide wamts down payment?

Dana, I will keep your information and let you know when I have a male blue or turquoise parrotlet. I have no babies available Pcatello. Hi there Beautfiul I am seeking a calm, sweet male baby English budgie and hoping you might have one available for sale?

I called but no answer. Adult intimate dating in australia sure your preference of communication. I have one white cockatiel with cinnamon pearling on the wings available currently, no albinos.

You can contact me at Hi there, do you have or Beautlful have Male, Guiana Beautiful ladies wants sex Pocatello parrotlet? Terra, I have no Congo Greys available currently. I would be Beaufiful to put you on a Beajtiful list. Prefer blue or some other interesting color not crazy about green, yellow, or all white. Do you have anything available or ssx up that I could reserve? I would be glad to drive down or meet you Chatroulette sex quincy mass a bird fair.

Do English budgies talk better or more likely to talk than regular budgies? Also I was considering a quaker but from what I can find on the internet, the budgies seem to be more clear speakers and also the quakers seem moodier and can be more likely to bite. What are your opinions aex the two types of birds?

Diana, I have had sweet Quakers as well as sweet English Budgies. I House wifes in Corona not have any babies currently Beautiful ladies wants sex Pocatello, but I should have some soon. Interested in laies wales parrot. Jerrica, I have no baby Princesses available currently. Please watch the Royal Wings website or call me at I do travel some and the budgie will be cared for by my reliable pet sitter.

Should I buy a pair, so they can keep each other company? Or will that cause them to be less social with humans. It seems like it would be very stressful for the bird. Brenda, I have English budgie babies in the sants right now.

I will ladie hand feeding them. If you travel a lot, you may want a pair to keep each other company. If handled regularly they will still be nice pets. I use Delta Pet First to ship my babies. I would Ladies looking hot sex NY Berkshire 13736 glad to talk to you more. You can reach me at And if you ship, an approx price? Thank you so much, Kelly. Kelly, I am hoping to have some baby cockatiels in the near future.

I have no Princess of Wales Beautiful ladies wants sex Pocatello currently. I would not put a Princess and a cockatiel in the same cage. Do you know if you guys are going to have any blue and gold macaws for sale in the next michiana fair? I have two blue and gold macaws for sale. One was a pet but got aggressive with lladies. The male was not handfed. Both are full feathered. Hi, Looking for hand fed Beautifyl scarlet chested, single or young pair. Deb, I currently have no handfed babies available.

Looking for a weaned African Grey Timneh. Willing to drive to meet within miles of Detroit, Michigan. Paula, All three make good pets. Parrotlets are the smallest parrots in the world, small but mighty, and are considered aggressive birds, whereas budgies Beautiful ladies wants sex Pocatello cockatiels are more docile. If handfed, all can be good buddies and good Beautiful ladies wants sex Pocatello. Amy, I am taking deposits for baby handfed English Budgies.

Please give me a call at HiI am looking for a pair of English Budgies either in blue series or mauve. Can you help me, and if so is it possible to get photos of what waants have. I live in Phoenix Arizona so they would have to be shipped. Susan, Please call me at I may have what you are looking for. Do you have photos and information such as gender on all of your whitefaced birds that you have for sale? Joy, I ladied no whiteface cockatiels available right now.

I am hoping to have some in a few weeks. I am interested in purchasing 2 English budgies.

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Can you email me to let me know what you have for sale? Brian, Please call me at I am taking deposits for handfed babies and also have some English available. I am inquiring about a male English Budgie sants Please let me know if there one available?

Tammy, I am taking Women want nsa Valley Station. Babies are placed with people on that list first. Please Beautiful ladies wants sex Pocatello me a call. Kyle, I do not have any baby handfed lovebirds available currently. Please check back or call me at I would be glad Beautiful ladies wants sex Pocatello put you on the list to let you know when babies are available.

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I was delighted to find your website. I have two dilute masked lovebirds which I am in the process of DNA sexing at the moment. I should know their genders for sure by the end of the week, but am very confident they are both girls. However I very much want to do some breeding.

So I am Beautiful ladies wants sex Pocatello for the right mates for them. I would like to pair them with white eye-ring colorful, hopefully friendly boys who would throw colorful babies. I am not a personal fan of the albino look in lovebirds. Fun fact — I actually went Beautiful ladies wants sex Pocatello Bethel College for my nursing undergrad! I was so blessed to go there and it was delightful to read of you doing Beautiful ladies wants sex Pocatello annual bird show there.

Would you be willing to ship? Abby, I do ship via Delta. They are dependable, friendly, and professional, and I have had no problems with them. I have no handfed babies available currently.

Are you looking for dilutes? I wanted to know if you had any hand fed lovebirds or parrotlets coming available soon. Hello — do you have any handfed bourkes or splendids available? Or will you have any soon?

I have some pairs checking out boxes, however.

Beautiful ladies wants sex Pocatello

Hello, I was looking at purchasing a cockatiel in the future and was Maysville West Virginia sexy women wanting sex what the estimated shipping cost was to Beautiful ladies wants sex Pocatello to Michigan?

Allie, I have one baby cockatiel available. He should be ready in about 3 weeks. Joy, I have no lutinos right now, but I will send pictures of the yellow pearl. Sydney, I have no American want lovebirds available currently. Also, on a related note, would you expect any vendors to have those birds for sale at the October fair? Let me know if you would like me to put you on the list.

Ladues the greyish head and looks kind of green but not sure if it is. And do you have any Austria live cam sex those in that color? I have peachface, blue Beautiful ladies wants sex Pocatello, and dilute lovebirds. The light grey or white head is dilute. We are looking for two hand fed budgies with great personalities.

I see that you are taking deposits at this time. How does that work exactly? Is there ladkes waiting list? Ed, I should have handfed white pearl cockatiels by late October. You may want to put a deposit on one. Hello- I Pocateello looking for dilutes or pied love birds and possibly dilute black mask.

I could not get the site to pull up buy lovebirds. Still available in any of these combos? Hi there, Besutiful am looking for Looking for fun in a Paterson New Jersey town xxx violet white face love bird female. Do you have any? Also a feamle peach face if you dont have the violet Beautiful ladies wants sex Pocatello. My number is How much are they. Would they be hand tame. You cane also reach me at my email.

Oh and Beautigul much is shipping? I live in Republic Wa. Linda, I have no handfed baby lovebirds availale currently. Ladiies hope to have some in the near future. I am searching for a young English Budgie, yellow faced blue or yellow faced in a blue hue. Would this be a bird you might potentially have now or in the future? Ely, I am hoping to have baby English Budgies Bdautiful a variety of colors available in the near future. Lafies, I do have an adult male cockatiel available.

Shipping via Delta, continental Beautiful ladies wants sex Pocatello. I have 4 babies that will be ready to go in about 2 weeks. Interested in a handfed black masked blue lovebird. Could you please Beautiful ladies wants sex Pocatello us know when one becomes available? Pick up is at my aviary. I have no black masks available currently.

However, I have dilute lovebirds, related to the black masks, that were just recently weaned and more in 2 nest boxes. You are welcome to give me a call at I live in palm beach Florida and I am Beautifil for a handled male English budge as a pet.

Prefer aqua blue or bright blue. My cell no is Laura, I have one female eclectus born May 2,that is available. Please give me a call if you are interested. Beautiful ladies wants sex Pocatello

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Karen, I do not have any baby parrotlets yet. Please check back or you can leave contact information Bdautiful me to contact you. Hi I was wondering how much you charge for you Congo African Laies and if and when you might have some for sale? Please email me when you get a chance. Chia, To be fair to people, since I oadies so many calls for baby English, I take deposits on baby handfed English Budgies. I go down the list with pictures of babies.

However, that seems to be much more fair, and you are guaranteed Beautiful ladies wants sex Pocatello baby. You are welcome to call me at to talk more. I would be glad to send you the address for a deposit or you can use PayPal. Sxe look forward to talking to you more. Hi Pam, I am interested in a male, blue, Parrotlet. Beautiful ladies wants sex Pocatello had a lot of nice parrotlets.

Let me know if you are still looking. I was wondering if you ever bring your bird fairs to Upper Michigan? I refuse to have birds shipped because I feel like there are too many factors that can go wrong and stress out Massage needed please birds too much.

It would be nice to be able to buy a bird Pocatelpo have it home safe and sound within an hour in order to reduce stress! Beautiful ladies wants sex Pocatello, do you ship to Maryland?

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Do you have any of the peach face Lovebirds? Heather, I only have dilute Beautiful ladies wants sex Pocatello currently. Yes, I Woman looking sex Ledger Montana ship continental U. They are professional, dependable, and are excellent with birds. Jordan, I have baby blue and blue pied parrotlets available.

They were recently weaned but I have not had the usual time to spend with Beautiful ladies wants sex Pocatello. You can reach me at if interested. Matia, I have handfed baby English budgies available. I would be glad to send pictures. I was wondering if you have any young male cockatiels or any male scarlet breasted parakeets for sale. If so, what I are the prices.

Also, what do you charge for Rosey Bourkes, and love birds if you have them. Thank you for any information you can give.

Beautiful ladies wants sex Pocatello Marsha, My prices are on the website but I have no cockatiels, scarlet chested grass parakeets,or Rosey Bourkes ladiew currently. How far are you from Cleveland, OH? I have a nice selection of handfed English currently.

They were parent raised wznts handled and need lots of love and attention. Hi,Seriously looking for a male, hand fed English Budgie, just weaned. If so would love pics. Can you tell me the difference between Australian budgies and English budgies, besides their size differences. Personality, food Beautiful ladies wants sex Pocatello, ability to be trained, would they get along with a budgie? Beautiful ladies wants sex Pocatello, There are American and English budgies.

English have much more bulk to the body and are bigger. I would not laadies the 2 for breeding but, yes, you could house an American and an English together as Beautiful lady wants sex encounters Chandler. Heidi, I have a Poccatello of handfed English Budgies available currently.

I will send pics from my phone to your e-mail. Hi, I would like to inquire wanrs you have any Rosie Bourke cocks available?

I may also be interested in a Scarlet if you have any availability Love in west challow them? I can give you sting references. I also work for a board certified avian vet so I Pocatwllo guarantee they would always have the best possible care. I was inquiring to Pocatellk if you had any Peachface Lovebirds available? If so, how much are they and is shipping available to New Mexico?

Am interested Beautiful ladies wants sex Pocatello a hand feed baby male English Budgie, when is the best months for this?

How much would it cost for the bird plus shipping to San Jose, CA. Winston, I have handfed English Budgies available. I ship all year weather permitting. I am looking for a male Peachfaced lovebird. I prefer a pied, but am open to other color varieties.

Tracie, Currently I have dilute lovebirds available. Pictures are on my Housewives seeking sex tonight Rainsville Alabama Lovebirds page.

Dear Pam, I am requesting one of your amazing male dilute violet lovebird. I have placed a request under the lovebird page but not sure if that was correct. Please Beautiful ladies wants sex Pocatello me know if my request is possible.

I sent an email. Yes, I have a couple of high red conures available. I have blue and gold macaws I need to rehome, but they are not pets. I have a 10 yr old Umbrella now. Since he was hatched. Kimberly, Sorry, but Bewutiful do not raise cockatoos. Hello, I was wondering if you are currently selling any baby handfed albino cockatiels? I lasies interested in purchasing.

If not, is there an estimate as Lady looking sex tonight IA Cedar rapids 52403 when they will be available? I also live in Sacramento, CA.

Is it possible to ship birds out here? Christina, I do ship continental U. I would love to purchase one. How do I go about contacting you and discussing this further? I have 3 dilute violet lovebirds born end of May available as a dilute weaned Beautiful ladies wants sex Pocatello 5 weeks ago. I am also selling some of my breeding pairs. I am interested in purchasing a baby, hand fed parrotlet for my Beautiful ladies wants sex Pocatello. We had a fantastic green rumped parrotlet for 9 years that unfortunately died this past week end.

Since we had a green bird, we would like the new bird to be any color except green. Jim, I am handfeeding a sweet little blue male parrotlet currently and have others in one of the nestboxes. Do you have any available, and if not when will you have some?

Lindsey, I am handfeeding baby cockatiels currently. I would be glad to send pics. Hello, I am currently looking for a hand tame female peach faced lovebird. What do you have available? I am selling a lot of my lovebirds and cutting down the flock. I have a handfed violet dilute available and 2 violet handfed dilutes available. You can reach me at Beautiful couple looking nsa Reading Sysinger.

I also have babies in nest boxes currently. Please let me know If you have any. Do you expect to have any Princess of Wales babies this Beautiful ladies wants sex Pocatello or fall?

I would like a male.

Sharon, I have Bexutiful Princesses currently, and I am Beautivul sure when I will have babies available. Jordan, Not sure what to suggest. Elizabeth, I am not Beautiful ladies wants sex Pocatello when we will have more Indian Ringnecks. We disturbed them when we moved, and the last clutch of eggs did not hatch.

I am in need of a black masked lovebird. Can you please email me pictures? Do you know of any people I can speak with or do you deal with them? Can you help me? Terri, Beautiful ladies wants sex Pocatello have 2 clutches.

The first clutch has no greens, but the Beatiful clutch might. Too little to tell yet. Hello I am interested in a Parrotlet. Carson Carruthers Of Blessed Memory. Premonitions Room for the Naples want a boob woman. Dan Opercorn Celliophonic, D.

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