Everything You Want to Know About the Paint-by-Numbers Style

Painting-by-Number Tips like a Professional

When were you introduced to this word “paint-by-number”? Perhaps when you were a small child, or it was just recently. If you have not heard about it, then paint-by-number style is one kind of painting system, which delineates picture in shapes, and marks every individual shape with number that will correspond with the paint color. Many artists fill in every shape with paint color until each and every space is completely filled and picture has emerged. Painting-by-number truly is as simple as it sounds that is exactly why it has gained huge popularity years before, and still continues to be the most favorite pastime. No matter whether you stay in a city or just fantasize about it, paint by numbers city life capture the still serenity of vivacious life.

Before you start, clear the flat area. Have cup of water & paper towel to clean your brushes.

Painting-by-Number Tips like a Professional

Beauty of this style of painting-by-number will be that one does not need to be a true artist, or be artistic, for making this system to work out. When it is executed as directions command, the beautiful art piece can result. Love for art & steady hand are an only requirement for painting-by-number. Whereas paint-by-number style is very straightforward, but, there are some tips that can make this experience much better and product lovelier. So, here are some tips to make the creation beautiful:

  • Clean your brushes when they begin to get gunked up. Ensure tops are closed when you are done with the painting to stop drying.
  • Before you start, clear the flat area. Have cup of water & paper towel to clean your brushes.
  • Paint with darkest or lightest colors first.
  • If you do not want to work with paint-by-number brush kits, you have to buy at the craft store. You might want to have the larger brush, not only the small ones that are offered in these kits.
  • Try to work from the top to bottom.
  • Paint with only one color at time, starting with largest areas that are meant for color.
  • You will see some shapes have got two numbers, not just one it indicates you have to mix 2 colors together. The equal proportions must give you the suitable color, but do not dip the brush from a paint container in next as you will contaminate both the colors.
  • Some canvases generally come wrinkled. So, spray light of water on your canvas & iron on the low setting on its back side and press out wrinkles before you start painting.

Using Extension Ladders Safely

Best Ladder

An extension cord is one of the most commonly used tools and techniques by traders. Because of his popularity, he is also, unfortunately, responsible for many industrial accidents that occur every year. But extensions are not dangerous if they are used correctly, and many incidents that occur every year when they are used can be avoided.

Why use a sliding ladder?

Extension ladders are an incredibly useful, practical and effective tool. There is no better and more efficient way to work at heights than with an extension. By increasing many times the original length, you can set, scale and work in height in minutes with elongation. Alternatives, such as using scaffolding and cranes to pick cherries, are too expensive, take a lot of time to install, or both.

When to use the sliding ladder

Not all work requiring work at height requires a retractable ladder. Often when working at a low height, stairs are enough. Roof stairs can often be used to climb to a height, so evaluate what type of stairs you need for your job which is perfect in order to have excellent results.

Best Ladder

How to use and a ladder

There are five steps to using the retractable ladder safely:

  • Inspect: the staircase should be inspected for bending, cracks, warping, or any other breakage. Pay particular attention to the feet and legs. The area in which you work should also be inspected. Make sure it is flat and even. It should also not have loose gravel or earth stones. Make sure there is room for work.
  • Vertical: if necessary, extend the ladder. Do not overdo it; there must be a lock so that it does not spread too much. If not, be sure to leave a few steps for safety. When climbing to the wall, make sure you have a good angle. Too steep and the stairs may fall; too shallow may slip.
  • Leg: let someone climb the stairs if possible. Make sure that the feet are level and that the ladder does not slip or fall, read more at
  • Climbing: hold three points of contact while climbing. The tools should be on the belt or raised after that, never lift with full hands.
  • Work: make sure that you do not work too high. Make sure you have three steps. Do not fit or fasten tools if necessary. Work calmly; do not make sudden or abrupt movements that may cause the stairs to swing.

Things to know when you buy Rudraksha Ratna

Rudraksha Ratna

Rudrakshas are one unique type of the holy beads that are actually found on the Rudraksha trees and are quite rare. On the internet you can easily shop for Rudraksha Ratna, just make sure it is from the genuine site.

As per the popular belief, it is said that the trees were born out from tears of Lord Shiva that fell on the earth after completing his deep meditation. Therefore, Rudrakshas contain an essential energy and power of the entire universe and comes with the Lord Shiva’s blessings.

Nowadays before buying anything, people do a complete study on the subject. But while it comes about Rudraksha, only some websites offer Genuine and Authentic information backed with solid research. Here are certain things that prospective buyers must know before they buy Rudraksha Ratna on the internet.

Types of Rudraksha

Rudrakshas generally come from Indonesia and Nepal (certain parts in India). Rudraksha from Nepal is best in the quality and highly powerful in the results. The Java Beads are a bit smaller in the size and have very less power compared to the Nepal beads. The Nepal beads are highly in demand and prices are quite high.

Understanding the Genuineness

Before you buy Rudraksha Ratna online it is best to identify the genuine beads through Lab Test. Because fraud people will take good quality of lower Mukhi Rudrakshas Ratna and then artificially carve some additional lines (or Mukhs) on them and sell for exorbitantly higher rates. In such circumstance, bead passes all traditional tests such as water test. But a number of seeds corresponding to the numbers of Mukhs can be found out by using the lab test (or X-ray test) only. I


Original Rudraksha has got no side effects. It can give the wearer some constructive effects. However, the speed and intensity of results generally depend on the positivity of a wearer himself or herself. Thus, when wearing Rudraksha, you must be prepared to make certain positive changes. To get better effects of Rudraksha on you, consider getting pooja services that will heal all your problems.

 Rudraksha Ratna

Can Rudraksha be Exchanged?

Rudraksha generally connects with the wearer on the mental, spiritual and physical level. Thus it isn’t advisable to exchange it often with others. But, one can pass it from one generation to another and get positive results.


Rudraksha have to be methodically energized before you wear it. Unenergized Rudraksha in some cases will give away negative vibes to a wearer. We all know that Rudraksha are very powerful beads so it is very important we energize them before wearing it. You can also order Rudraksha Beads on internet; make sure you order only the top quality of the Rudraksha beads.