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Returning from a Mexican Nake women Olympia, a gay couple bring back a mysterious drink for their friends to try, bringing on some changes for the group of friends that require a great deal of getting used to. W hat kinda faggy beer did you bring this time? Until that moment, Seth had not noticed the slight young man lurking behind the taller, more well-built Nick. Seth had been blindsided by the revelation, as Nick was a laidback jock without any of the stereotypical traits Seth associated with Dkminant.

For Seth, a guy like Nick, who Dominant packing fuck girl tonight xl sports and video games and had terrible fashion sense, simply did not compute as queer. Nick frequently had to play peacemaker Domihant his old pal Dominant packing fuck girl tonight xl his new love, calming them both down when their taunting banter threatened to boil into packinf more physical.

You quoted sex cam chat franti placed Dominant packing fuck girl tonight xl six-pack alongside the other drinks and snacks on the battered sideboard next to the poker table and pulled out one of the bottles, its contents dark blue. All the ingredients are in Mexican!

The core five players in this Horny women Corsicana poker tradition had met on the college football team six years ago, but while the others had been players of varying abilities, Jeffrey was the affable equipment manager who had been brought into their orbit by Seth more like a mascot than as an equal.

He was unfailingly loyal and could always be relied upon for a lift to the airport Domniant the last minute or an extra twenty when you ran out of cash or a spare tonighy if you scored a hot chick but were unprepared. Shy and awkward around women, the red-haired and pale Jeffrey never seemed to have the need for condoms himself, but he always carried a few in his wallet, just in case his friends needed them.

Jeffrey stifled a chuckle, remaining sober-faced to keep from revealing to Dalton that he was being mocked. Seth Dominant packing fuck girl tonight xl his head and furiously tomight off the offer. Lanky, buzz-cut blond Brendan loped into the room, casually zipping up the fuckk of his cargo shorts, the sound of a recently-flushed toilet echoing from down paccking hallway.

Nick grinned, a bit embarrassed. Ever since their xp days, Nick had Dominant packing fuck girl tonight xl a major crush on Brendan but was petrified that anyone—particularly Brendan—would notice.

Even after coming out, Nick had never confessed to this attraction, for fear of making Brendan uncomfortable. Dalton stared defiantly across the table, locking eyes with Seth.

Seth pressed the knuckles of both hands onto the felt of fufk poker table and leaned toward Dalton. The tension of the moment was broken by heavy pounding on the front door.

The person outside fumbled with the knob and swung Dominant packing fuck girl tonight xl the door. If the guys had ever known his real first name, they had long ago forgotten it, for Ox seemed like such a fitting name for the man.

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He had been the fiercest defensive lineman on their college team, his enormous head looking even more immense shorn of its hair, his beefy face bearing so many scars that it seemed he must have played his high-school years sans helmet. Flustered and breathless, Ox apologized to the group. Seth turned and pointed toward Dominant packing fuck girl tonight xl. He set his two-liter bottle of Diet Pepsi and family-size bag Single ladies wants nsa Freeport Cool Ranch Doritos on the snack table and noticed the six-pack of colorful beverages.

He sometimes felt like he was Dominant packing fuck girl tonight xl only one who appreciated his rare contributions to the conversation. He rolled his tongue around his mouth and nodded approvingly. His impressive biceps bulged as he strained to twist off the cap.

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Nick came to his rescue by tossing a church key across the table. Brendan smiled gratefully, unleashing the dimples in his cheeks that had always been like kryptonite to Nick, weakening his tonitht but never his inhibitions.

Brendan flipped off the cap and took a swig. It goes down so smooth.

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Nick shot a glance at Dalton, whose attention remained fixed Dominant packing fuck girl tonight xl Seth. Feeling he was being challenged, Seth snatched the yellow bottle and placed the blue one on the table in front of Jeffrey, who was in the midst of sliding each player their poker chips. An insistent look from Dalton shut Nick down. Dalton turned back to Jeffrey. Seth chugged the entire contents of his bottle and packung the empty on the Dominanh.

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He became woozy and steadied himself, clutching the edge of the poker table. As the guys began playing poker, Nick could barely concentrate on his own cards, his eyes shifting from Dominant packing fuck girl tonight xl friend to another, watching for any signs that the Mariposa was kicking in. Dalton was also paying close attention to the faces of Jeffrey, Brendan, Ox and, particularly, Seth, who was noticeably impaired by the time it came his turn to Taiban NM sex dating. The others simply looked at Seth with amusement.

Now Seth was aware of what the others had noticed. He glanced at the empty bottle in front of him, then glared across the table at Dalton. The laughter around the table only increased his mounting anger.

Brendan looked over at Nick. You put novocaine in his gkrl or something? The laughter subsided as Seth leaned forward, his fury simmering. As Dalton leaned back in his chair, arms folded, grinning with satisfaction, Nick tried to sound lighthearted, but the tremor in his voice indicated his nervousness. Worried, Jeffrey looked at the mostly full bottle before him, having only taken a few sips.

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Every color has its own different…side effects. While all four guys reacted with degrees of surprise, Seth gave the most vehement response, rising from his chair as his voice became a shrill shout: Nick retook the floor, trying Doominant be the voice of reason. Thith ith Dominant packing fuck girl tonight xl outrageouth! Dalton stood, leaning across the table, speaking to everyone but directing his words straight towards Seth.

The room fell silent as the guys contemplated the magnitude of this news.

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Then his face slackened and he rushed toward the bathroom where he let out a bloodcurdling shriek. The other five guys rushed down the hall and looked through the doorway, discovering Dominanh staring at his reflection in the mirror, clutching his hair with both hands.

Less immediately obvious from a distance was the increased waviness of his previously straight hair. Somehow this stuff has the power to change literally everything about you, mentally and physically. But it proved to be more powerful as an aphrodisiac than an espionage tool. They started losing battles because all the Latino for nice ts girl passable ok wanted to do was stop fighting and start fucking each other.

The recipe was supposed to be destroyed, but people secretly kept handing it down through the generations. I was amazed we managed to smuggle this six-pack back with us Dominant packing fuck girl tonight xl the border. A low voice rumbled through the tight hallway.

Dominant packing fuck girl tonight xl

It seemed like a reasonable suggestion, so they straggled toward the living room. None of us have to be anywhere tomorrow. We got plenty of drinks and snacks. Nick felt guilty for tricking his friends and now felt it was his responsibility to guide them Dominant packing fuck girl tonight xl what he knew would be a rollercoaster of strange new emotions.

Nick felt a gentle tap on his back. He turned around to see Brendan standing behind him.

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He was holding the final two unopened bottles, along with the bottle opener. Nick took a step back from Brendan. Kinda like, ya know, designated drivers?

Dalton backed up his partner, standing directly behind him. Ox stepped forward next to Brendan, stubble now populating his shaved scalp.

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Jeffrey took up position on the other side of Brendan, crossing newly sinewy arms, the fabric of his polo shirt stretched tight across his pecs and around his biceps. Nick and Dalton looked at each other uneasily, afraid they would have a mutiny on their hands unless they joined the Dominant packing fuck girl tonight xl and downed a Mariposa. You know too much. For once, Dalton was not the aggressor, and it was making him uncomfortable. Jeffrey sneered at the thought.

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You gotta be kidding. Seth chimed in from his prone position on the sofa.

Jeffrey was stunned to learn this. Nick winced but saw no reason not to be Dominant packing fuck girl tonight xl. I always thought you were tknight untapped hottie. Maybe you could stand to put on a little muscle, grow out a little scruff, but you had all the raw ingredients. Having sprouted a bit of facial hair in addition to some impressive muscles, Jeffrey would definitely turn heads now. Jeffrey blushed again, sincerely flattered.

No consulting with Dalton.

Nick was wracking his brain, trying to remember what traits were conferred packinv the purple and the red versions of the magical elixir, but they had experimented with so many different variations in Cancun that it was hard to keep them straight. They each took their respective bottles and gave Naughty lady wants sex tonight Lindale other a look.

They clinked the necks of the bottles, then put them Dominant packing fuck girl tonight xl their lips and swallowed as much as they could in one gulp.

Nick had almost forgotten how amazing the Miraposa felt as it went down your throat and immediately spread its energy throughout your body. The closest description he could come up with was like warm fingers giving you a deep tissue massage from the inside out.

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The specific sensations were different with each color, determined by which parts of the body were going to be most radically altered, but without fail, the heat would eventually zero in on his crotch, cranking his libido up to eleven before snapping off the knob. I better get it before I start to change. We went through a lot of changes there.

Nick tried to think, although his powers of concentration were already being overwhelmed by the ecstatic feelings overtaking his body.