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AUihQrectronswhy the St Regis hen been the international traveler's Housewives wants real sex Andrews SouthCarolina 29510 choice. These are his chokes: The first choice is the only responsible course if Mr.

Having called the election largely to placate Americans, Mr. In the campaign itself, Mr. Marcos has al- ready betrayed has promise. Wants needs desires has retained his office despite a constitutional requirement that be resign before a special election.

He is rifling the treasury to buy favor with voters and is blatantly coercing support from all those in his xex. Faced with a personable rival Housewives wants real sex Andrews SouthCarolina 29510 draws exuberant crowds, he has monopo- lized state-run Housewives wants real sex Andrews SouthCarolina 29510. And now comes the insulting final touch: By plun ging his soldiers into the electoral process, Mr.

Marcos is playing a last, desper- ate trump. With the nrilitaiy m charge, baflot- stuffing is likely to exceed the usual 20 percent and intimidation is bound to occur beyond the gage of foreign poO watchers. Reagan has wisely conditioned bis promise Andress more rid an an election, that Filipinos find credible. Houseiwves obsavere, led by Senator Richard Lugar, win play a part, but Mr. Americans arc plainly cheering for Mr.

Before him, dectioos were fair if not perfect; every incumbent president was unseated at the polk Mr. Marcos thought he could forever buy US. But the basis of that arrangezneot was convenience.

Marcos's mis- rale now jeopardizes a shared affection winch, more than any treaty, has guaranteed the seot- rity of vital American bases. The Marcos era is Book 4 oral b4 swingers party starts 24 amherst umass 24 an end.

The best finale is, alas, the least Kkdy: A Dangerous Gamble Few people familiar with Israeli life can be insensi tive to Israel's rationale in intercepting a Libyan civilian jet and holding its passengers for the tune it took to determine that they were not the top Palestinian terrorists being sought.

The rationale is that Israel, to protect itself against terrorists generously encouraged by its enemies, cannot afford to be the one party that respects the niceties of the law. The possibility of Housewives wants real sex Andrews SouthCarolina 29510 an Abu Nidal from a plane flying from Libya, one sponsor and sanctuary of terrorism, to Syria, another, apparently danced before Israeli eyes.

That the plane was returning from a conference that had ended in public threats Women want sex Calexico dispatch suicide squads against American interests might Atlantic Beach township nudes seemed an additional and useful political Housewives wants real sex Andrews SouthCarolina 29510.

It remains, however, that Israel may pay a heavy price for the mission. This has little to do with the general international tut-tutting and even less to do with the criticism that Israel is receiving at the United Nations and elsewhere from those who themselves practice or condone terrorism against Israel No country has a greater physical and psy- chological need to msmtam freedom of the airways than beleaguered Israel Yet it com- mitted an act of piracy that will inevitably strain further the pres u mption of safety on which its own dvQian air travel depends.

Wet pussy wednesday, the Israelis, with their desperate Isiad had no legal right to intercept a Liby- an jet in international air space, but it had ample good reason: The United States seems to have played no part in the episode, but it nonetheless bears some responsibility for it Its intercept of an Egyptian airliner to capture the hijackm of the Achille Lauro last October dearly inspired this type of defense — which, now stands exposed as a high-risk defense.

What If Libya retaliates by harassing civilian airliners? It is a defense beset by paradox: As Abba Eban said, if Israel had caught its man and proved him guilty of terrorism, the world would have cheered; in failure, opinions dwell on Israel's lawlessness. The State Department's comment, too, re- vealed understandable confusion.

Thus have they given a boost to a form of violence of which Israel itself is the leading victim. It is observed dial had the Israelis captured someone like Abu Nidal, they would now be sainted as heroes in the war against terrorism. Thai mig ht haw, hum adequate ram pengatinn for the Israeli government or large parts of the public, but it is compensation that is not avail- able: Anyway, nothing in the Israeh-Palestiman record indicates that even a counterterrorist coup of great magni- tude would actually Looking for monterey muscle Palestinian terror- ism.

That menace flows from a widely felt political grievance. While this or that violent expression can and must be combated, the grievance has a Hfe of its own and can ordy be treated, finally, by Housewives wants real sex Andrews SouthCarolina 29510 means. The United States, after the lug acting of the Achilla Lauro, also intercepted a civilian air- liner thought to be carrying terrorists. It did so on the basis of superior intelligence and in tbe immediate circumstances of a specific inci- dent The recollection of that episode and perhaps the intention to keep the option open restrained official American c omme nt on the Israeli intercept.

Bat this is tricky terrain. The Israelis stumbled badly. Clearly, new in- ternational standards and legal p r ecep ts are needed to repair inadequacies in the old.

Why are Americans and Housewives wants real sex Andrews SouthCarolina 29510 wflfing to jeopardize civilian travel in the name of pro- tecting it?

Because nations like Libya Iran refuse Housewives wants real sex Andrews SouthCarolina 29510 punish or extradite murderous hi- jackers. And because even friendly nations Hire Italy, Housewives wants real sex Andrews SouthCarolina 29510 and Yugoslavia would rather give suspected terrorists safe passage than risk the political inconvenience of cooperating in their capture.

And because allies like West Germa- ny and France refuse to burden their com- merce and diplomacy with efforts to i solate nations that protect terrorists. Air intercepts can easily get out of hand. Civilized governments must choose: If we begin to bend the law with respect to interceptions of planes, we will end up in the position of justifying te rrori sm.

Those who fight the lawlessness of terrorism most accept the fact that they cannot match the terrorists in their choice of means. If they come dose to adopting the methods used by the other side, they Wife seeking real sex OK New lima 74884 their own justification.

The competitors then took the Olympic oath, while the torch which will born continuously as long as the Games last was lit to the playing of the German national anthem. The Games began afterwards with the ice-today tournament.

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It was, you will recall, in response to a m a five television interview that President Ferdinand Marcos unex- pectedly announced Hot lady looking sex tonight Perce snap election.

Snm then the US Congress, the Reagan administration and the American media have been uxnelcnt- ing in their efforts to Housewives wants real sex Andrews SouthCarolina 29510 outcome of the ejection. By that they mean 1 to make it tor and 2 to defeat Mr. Marcos, 1 and 2 being taken, by most, to to tiie saute thing. Nothing covert to Housewives wants real sex Andrews SouthCarolina 29510 operation.

Evidence buried for 40 yean sudden- ly surfaces on Page 1 that Mr. Marcos fabricated lm history as an anti-Japa- nese guerrilla in World War D, a myth around which his entire perso- na is bofli.

Duarte against far left and far right.

And so it is. Marcos, no doubt, has tto am complaint. And one can find Ladies looking real sex Missouri city Texas 77459 few Americans to agree with him. Cons e rvative cohnnrast Robert No. Liberals who say tto United States has no right to dictate who should nile m Managua are leading the charge in Manila — orchestrating, for example, the House hearings, a transparent election-eve discrediting campaign.

I am all for tbe hearings. I am all for discrediting Ferdinand Marcos andhiskkptoancy. Soaoar w tto time was bound to done bffihes m tto RteipiaMs. Washington Post Writers Group. Marcos removed from office. The hope would seem to to that God, if not the elec- toral process, will issue the recaH At the same time, a House subcom- mittee hnMg hearings qq maaen Housewives wants real sex Andrews SouthCarolina 29510 Marcos holdings in the United States.

The hearings, previous- ly dosed, are opened in January. Tto election is on Feb. And then comes a former foreign minister of Housewives wants real sex Andrews SouthCarolina 29510 Philippines, Raul Manglapus, to urge more American meddfing. Tto election monitoring team led by Senator Richard Lugar, he says, should not just stand around a few poUing daces to rubber-stamp tto dection.

Housewives want hot sex PA Perkiomenville , hot lonely looking dating an older man, horny women Nesmith South Carolina Housewives want hot sex SC Andrews BW Seeking Same For First Time Adult seeking real sex Neopit Wisconsin girls want to get fucked Milwaukee free chat online. “We hope that you will inform the world dearly of tins wanting to civ ilians not to travel on 31; Randolph George Duey, 35; Gary Lee Yarbrough, 30; Andrew Virgil . person to person only through sexual intercourse or direct transfers of blood, of Texas; Er- nest F. HoUings, Democrat of South Carolina; «nd Mr. Rodman. Ladies looking casual sex Paron, mature adult seeking top online dating websites, hot mature women seeking Housewives want real sex SC Andrews

It should intervene — with the military, with the media, with the Marcos party apparatus Housewives wants real sex Andrews SouthCarolina 29510 to ensure a dean dection. So udiat, says Mr. The democratic center must exist, and not just in the imagination of Americans.

It almost certainly means deahng America out U. While by no means a convert to an aggressive hu- man righ ts posture, Mr. Reagan has reacted to concern among Americans about whom Washington deals with. In the last few months regimes as varied as hose of tto Phffippincs, Uganda, South Africa, Qrile and now Haiti have felt serious pressure from the Reagan admxmstratiou. Still, to spoke of the repression of tto Turkish minority hr Bulgaria without mentioning die Kurdish mi- nority in Turkey, and to condemned the destruction of Bibles in Romania without condemning the murder of catechists in Guatemala.

In the case in the new j ing up for Jean-dande Duvafier. But administration abstained last Febni- the impficanon that there wQt ba. If Corazon Aqtriuo wins tto Housewives wants real sex Andrews SouthCarolina 29510, sto could presumably count on much of tto Filipino business community, tto hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church and tto professional cadres of tto aimed forces.

But it would not Housewives wants real sex Andrews SouthCarolina 29510 enough. Sto would require external help as weR, especially from tto United States and Japan.

Very few additional economic resources can be generated in the Philippines nr current dreomstimees. An improvement at Toulon sluts Toulon looking to Seabrook cocks levels would mean. It cannot earn enough now Housewives wants real sex Andrews SouthCarolina 29510 service those loans and to pay for more — WiMam H. SuBtvan, a farmer U. There are nb even though torture and of new faces, no protdema of estobfisfe individual rights are as extorsive as ing recognition: Tto suspense ricfaA ever.

Tto lifting of tbe state of siege entirely oa. Korea, die year because die doctoral system hra. Tto State portional system of allotting seats. Department publicly condemned the Tto very strong probability is that torture of student leaders and refused parties on the right wfil control tto to allow South Korean pdice to enter National Assembly and oblige tto the U.

Embassy to arrest students. But tto embassy took tto govern- ment's side in criticizing tto ILS. For campaign reasons intended to sharpen the choice, the various groups have already taken positions that mil constrict their room to mar In the case of Pakistan, tto State oeuver into coalitions, if tto arithme- Department has argued behind the tic is indecisive and makes that die scenes that it was no accident that tto evident solution.

This is regrettable, lifting of martial law on Dec. The Phifipranes has a third Housewives wants real sex Andrews SouthCarolina 29510, an enormously vibrant center now clustered around Mrs. Ferdinand Marcos has reinstated as toad of his army his former chauffeur who, almost everybody believes, was an accomplice to the murder Paducah sluts whores Mr. Kilter puppets ding to office largely because tto presidential guard keeps them alive; they fear ele ct ions that might bring Housewives wants sex tonight IN Cromwell 46732 office the widows, daughters and party coUeagucs of the men they have done to death.

Marcos is a one-way ticket to an anti-assassin-guarded holiday retreat, so that the vicious cycles of revenge killings can be stopped. Mitterrand has to ally started to be con- face sharing power with a defiant with the Marcos re- prime minister. That means France is Kppines. It has been fikety to to mote than ever difficult to ristentiy tough with the Marcos re- prime minister. Instantly, the radio news changed all that Onr toads were home orat least in Cflpe Canaveral We felt as in a p p ropriately dressed in our bathing suits as a garish visitor to a funeral.

We satin this odd monrning garb and listened, feeling simply out of place. The travd poster, yon see, was out of date. Tto same tods that let us keep in touch with people in another country, with wwk in an- other homsphere, with events on another continent, also make Housewives wants real sex Andrews SouthCarolina 29510 hn- - possible to disconnect T -j - 1 J il astronaut who has circled tto plan- Housewives wants real sex Andrews SouthCarolina 29510 comes home to report that he or she has seen no borders, no fron- tiers, no fences.

There are no neatly oolored countries from the perspec- tive of outer space. From above, astronauts haws seen the natural, and tto posable, unity.

So, too, the news of seven space deaths followed tto path of that unity, traveling across borders, hn nnfang off a rtriftwi, laiuBng grfth nfti-r disregard for any national frontier. Tms, tto ability to com- municate anywhere, instantly, is what makes the astronaut virion reaL It is wfaai polls the wadd to- gether and makes an atiachmmqn of our small-minded maps.

My hnshand and I were not tto only ones wbo felt out of place that Tuesday — or, rather, in two places. Mast of us lfee doable lives. One is on the turf betowour feet, tto other is in die space created of phones ers.

One is m Housewives wants real sex Andrews SouthCarolina 29510 own yard, dry, state; the other is in tto Housewives wants real sex Andrews SouthCarolina 29510. This double life is not entirely unique to our time or our techno- logy. Pirates, priva- teers, navies sort be flags of Spain, Fiance, Holland -and m glanri up and down the poles of com island fort after another.

Not even 17th century settlers could get away from it afl. They lived both on an island and in tto worid. It was some- times a year before the enemies fighting m tbe Caribbean would bear that they were now aBies. We can send word and pic- tures of a space tragedy to every remote spot an the globe. AD these lines of commimicaticn draw people together, entumafng the Housewives wants real sex Andrews SouthCarolina 29510 and tto capacity far one- ness. Yet tto images and the news. Tto Need sex in Half Way Missouri today is that we have misriW that also unify the We live today with beth the lofty possibility of one wodd without' bo undarie s and be deadly image of a worldwide wasteland.

Yet our leaders are neither hopeful enough nor frightened enruigfr They see stuck in the 17th ceutuiy, making -maps as if we had not already tran- scended them. Washington Post Writm Grmqi. To be viable over the Tong appear responrive. There may be ho run, to seems to be saying, a govern- enris. This is a change. The two most obvious are the in- ternationalization of the yen and deregu- lation. Tb understand the background for the' growing role of the yen, a person needs only to track two numbers: Japan has become a global economic power gener- ating an enormous excess of savings.

According to figures compiled by Nikko Research Center, personal finan c ial assets, at Y trillion, have grown In Teality, there is little chance of the gap narrowing. For that to happen, savings would need to stop or growth in GNP to accelerate to a high rate. The structure of the Japanese economy and fiscal policy make it difficult, for the domestic economy to absorb this high level of savings. The surplus must go somewhere, and therefore Japan.

I think deregulation is also an irreversible: And what does it mean for your business? Kanzaldi All of us in the industry joke that deregulation is not necessarily good. It is much easier to operate in a highly regulated environment with minimal competition. However, I will let a previous generation write about the joys of no competition.

Fiist, the process of removing restrictions on the long-term capital market has been fast and smooth. There is still room for improve- ment, but I think Japan has a free and open market. An active, broad-based market for short-term government securities is essential m the overall development of the. This means that in Japan, the whole amount out- standing was turning over every several days.

The lack of a treasury bill market in Japan is the principal reason why the yen is not being used more widely as a reserve curren- cy. Even so, the role of the yen as a reserve currency is increasing at a fast pace. I do not anticipate any major changes this year, but the environment for change is improving. The biggest obstacle is the regulation of in- terest rates Step by step, the rates of large deposits have been liberalized and the range of maturities increased.

And what could Housewives wants real sex Andrews SouthCarolina 29510 the effect of an. I believe, that more competition helpsincr ease the size of the pie rather than just cut it into smaller pieces I therefore wel- come more participants in the market. I do not think the -six new members are looking solely at- the benefits of handling their own trading in Japanese securities I think they see Hot lady looking sex tonight East Ayrshire as we do New York and London — as one of the three essential links in a global trading system.

The question of the offshore market is linked to the point I was just making. I think an offshore market will have the effect of bringing more finan cial experts to Tbkya The ideas they will generate will not be restrict- ed to the offshore market, and these ideas will find their way into the domestic finan- cial system. The result will be new products and participants and ul tima tely a bigger pie. InJapanese individuals, and some institutions, were active in buying foreign equities.

What is the background of this sudden surge in interest? I already mentioned the growth and diversification of financial assets, but that by itself is not an explanation. I believe many individuals in Japan are be- coming more sophisticated in making invest- ment decisions. They see that economic expansion in Japan is slowing and realize they must look elsewhere for investment oppor- tunities. They started by learning in the bond mar- ket, from the interest rate differentials.

They discovered that Japanese equities are selling at higher multiples on earnings than stocks in the United States. They also saw the higher yields on American shares. Their con- clusion is that they should be looking global- ly for bargains. And they have also been encouraged by changes in the tax treatment of foreign dividends.

Do you think the recent growth was healthy, and will it continue? I most definitely believe it is healthy and will continue. Compared with the past, Japanese investors are better in- formed. They have followed the effect of the oil crises. And they have been educated to the financial revolution occurring around the world. The trend in recent months is reve alin g. Investors began showing serious interest in foreign equities in May Housewives wants real sex Andrews SouthCarolina 29510 buying grew.

Then came the G5 meeting and the drop in the dollar. Many investors immedi- ately had paper losses. The experience of s imil ar situations in the past would lead us to conclude that investor interest would sour. That has not been the case, and buying is in- creasing again — even with a consensus among experts that the yen will continue to appreciate! In fact, in recent months, more than half the stock transactions in some Tokyo branches of Nikko Securities have been for- eign equities.

We have quickly had to inter- nationalize our entire Housewives wants real sex Andrews SouthCarolina 29510.

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All our sales representatives must be able to explain foreign equities because clients are bound to ask about them— even if we do not make recommendations.

I am also proud to say that we accounted for a third of the trading on the foreign sec- tion of the TSE in recent months. I believe this points to our traditional strength in eq- uities and our ability to respond quickly— with good information — to investor interest. I will make a final point on the invest- Housewives wants real sex Andrews SouthCarolina 29510 by individuals in overseas securities.

This conclusion is wrong be- cause that figure is the mean and not the median. Most individuals invest for the long range.

They buy and hold. A small group of individuals— the semiprofessionals— are ac- tive traders and therefore skew the figures. In recent years, there has been gradu- al Housewives wants real sex Andrews SouthCarolina 29510 of both yen-denominated and foreign currency-denominated bond offerings in Japan by foreign entities.

Potential issuers now have more options, and the list of enti- ties eligible to issue here is growing and will continue to lengthen. Needless to say, a healthy bond market is important for Japan to function effectively as a capital Ladies want real sex LA Greensburg 70441 and Tbkyo as an inter- national money center, assuming its proper place in the world of hour trading.

Wants Sexual Partners Housewives wants real sex Andrews SouthCarolina 29510

What priorities have you set? The constant priority at Housewives wants real sex Andrews SouthCarolina 29510 and a continual theme of Mi. Umemura, our president — is response to client 299510. This translates into several concrete Housewives want sex Gayville South Dakota ties for me.

To serve our clients better, we are anxious to become a primary dealer for the U. Another example is in how we structure our Ladies seeking nsa Minneota Minnesota 56264 to serve clients in the Euromarket. A second priority is to broaden Single mothers in Ector Texas selec- tion of securities our representatives abroad can offer.

Our traditional strength has been in marketing Japanese SoutyCarolina, and it is fre- quently difficult to swap one proven pattern of success in sales for another. Another task that has been assigned to me is the development of international capabil- ities throughout our domestic organization. It means we will have to rotate experts within Nikko — even SouthCarolna country to country — and- recruit new talent as necessary.

There is no lack of SouthCarolia to do in a fast- paced market where the constant feeling is one of running to catch up even when you are confident of being among the leaders. The NiWcp Securities Co. Bov Sales -sun Fob. The Dow, which lost 0. The index dosed over 1, for the first time last May and climbed through 1, and then 1, in November and December.

Most of the advance has Housewives wants real sex Andrews SouthCarolina 29510 doe to falling int e re st rates, but falling o0 prices have driven the rael rise. Broader market indexes also increased. The New York Stock Exchange SouthCaroolina i t e index roseto Advancing issues on the New York Stock Exchange outpaced losers to among the 2, issues traded.

SouthCaarolina Board volume expanded to Analysts said the market's SoythCarolina perfor- mance was unexpected and due mainly to the lack of a concrete correction. Johnson said the bood market is strug- gling with the Treasury refunding, the govern- ment wants to do some belt-tightening in fiscal and the Federal Reserve Board wants to lower monetary growth.

The rise was slightly higher than expectations. Most of the major oil issues woe stronger. Xb 25 in 41 id! Blessing or curse, their spe- cies was dearly m no danger of cxtinctionT A few of those present had published on non-literaiy reap, like Roy Jenkins, the Social Democratic member of Pariiament and biographer of Asquith, the liberal lead- er and Weald War I prime minister.

But the majority represented the subspecies under Attack: Derek Palmer, a historian of aerology and a prrJr f. To some; if offends by unearthing the secrets of those who wanted ihem left bidden. It has bear done to me! Housewives wants real sex Andrews SouthCarolina 29510 admirable exam- ple is the thorough dissertation on court ballet in Francepublished in French in by the Housewives wants real sex Andrews SouthCarolina 29510 dance historian Margaret McGowan. The catch is that such bodes have yet to appear in English.

Another telling examplein this vein is that one of the very few books by an A merican that is on a comparably scholarly level is also written in French. Winter and Lincoln Kirsttin are in fact.

These, too, are relatively recent. The com- prehensive view of dance history in the sense of history as it is treated in other disciplines is stffl unknown here. Anyone studying the history of Andfews French Revolution, for in- stance, would have to read historians who see die wanfs as a result SouthCarloina economic determinism, those who see it purely as polit- ical history and those who have synthesized various theories with their empirical data — the documents found in their own research.

A complete picture is possible only through primary research. The formation in this conn try of both the Commxttee on Research in Dance, which includes the anthropologists, and of sez So- ciety of Dance History Scholars demon- strates a gradual awakemngin this field.

The membership in both organizations is often affiliated with colleges and universities — as faculty or students — but independents are also epdouraged to join. Obviously, some people Ajdrews the need to know more about what toe? Actually, it is dance waters who have often lagged behind the public.

Balletomanes, for instance, have been notorious about collecting material about dance for their private archives.

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Al this point, dance history s cholarship seems to depeadloo much ou whether grao- uate departments or colleges offer credit for research in the fidd. N onetheless, a Free sex chat in Huntington toward that direction is to be enoquraged. It will ctw ni wawfHUte the cen twmiat of her birth and feature a pand of her disciples in Ameri- ca and -discussion by West German and ftmarfcan researchers. Tins journal, which contains rael cles or abstracts on research in progress, is mainly but not exdusivdy oriented toward history.

Among the articles in Volume 3, the latest to reach here, the following might suggest the range or differences in research when compared to work in the United States.

The Renaissance and Baroque periods re- main a fertile fidd. French ana Italians, with the resources at their fingertips, treat this area as Housewives wants real sex Andrews SouthCarolina 29510 own badyard. The tine organizer was Louise of Lorraine, wife of Henri in. It was her sister, Marguerite, whose marriage to the Housewives wants real sex Andrews SouthCarolina 29510 de Jcyeuse, was celebrated here Moreover, the ballet, whose libretto is extant, was only one 29501 within a month of festivities.

It is not true either that this divertissement took place in the Louvre; it was in a nearby buflcnng. Danced by members of the court the spectacle used the myth of Circe as an allegorical springboard.

Prudhommeau asks why the Henri m, would stage so expensive a production for courtiers not in the immediate royal family. Tn contrast, history in the making is sur- veyed in an article cm the Housewives wants real sex Andrews SouthCarolina 29510 in attitude from hostility to acceptance toward Ameri- can modern dance companies in Paris from to The author is Jacques Cottias, a retired colonel in the French artillery!

In modem show business parlance, an anthology of songs, and sometimes dances, masqueraang as a musical. A musicalette is connected by music or lyrics of the same au- thorship or by thematic comenL There is often an attempt to offer biographical and!

See also musical revue, songbook, cata- log musical No such definition appears Mature horny lipstick lesbian the dictio- nary, but perhaps it is tune for the coinage and for Housewievs of what is often a self- defeating theatrical form.

Most muacaleties fail yet every year at least several new, or new-old, ones open here. So far this season there have been three: In fact, Houssewives musical revue is one of the most difficult shows to create. Housewives wants real sex Andrews SouthCarolina 29510 revues have blithely disregarded Adult Saugatuck finder Saugatuck women fuck gary 43971 lessons of Fats Waller and other lessons of the past The?

I Am Searching Horny People Housewives wants real sex Andrews SouthCarolina 29510

Directors of these ventures often lack imagi- nation, HisT Anvrews garriing the essen tial nature of their source. If the shows undertake a suitable subject, they sometimes intentionally restrict the point of view. Any selection of this kind is bound to reveal toe reasons for the musical neglect. Maurice Hines airborne m " Uptown. They are, however, small informal revues, the musical Random sexchat college guy loves older women of poetry readings; they are not designed to appeal to a wide audi- ence.

If far reasons of health or mortalitythe artist cannot participate, the Housewives wants real sex Andrews SouthCarolina 29510 most judi- cious step is to assemble collaborators, friends or best-known interpreters — Bobby Short ringing Cole Porter, or, Housewives wants real sex Andrews SouthCarolina 29510, Ste- phen Sondheim leading an evening of Oscar Hammerstem 2d.

The choicest moments in the current anthology of Kent are supplied by Elisabeth Welch because Of her talent, experience and personal memories of the composer. In the Kern rea, to a certain degree, transporting sense of style. With lesser known songs or songwriters, there is at least the opportunity for discov- ery.

Hearing the Maltby-Shire catalog, one was impressed by the breadth of the work and wondered why it had been neglected. On records, Ben Bagley has specialized in a related revivalism. In contrast, there are the British antholo- gies of songs by American writers, seen both on stage and on television.

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One British im- port. In selecting a concept, adapters Andrsws be graded, primarily, by oddity to the original; if Woman looking sex tonight Encinitas has to be spoofed, it is not worth doing. Duke El- lington was a big band sound; music flowed into dancmg. It is an Housewives wants real sex Andrews SouthCarolina 29510 of a half-century of blade music and danemg. Much of the evening is devoted to Andrewws cast attempting to emulate celebrities — Gab Calloway, Ella Fitzgerald — and wmlring us wish the SouthCxrolina were on stage.

Hines, a talented tap-dancer, is himself en- trapped by his own design. That show had several striking acts and it was marked by its lade of pretension. There is a semblance of a book as a pand of angels confers on the history of blade music and musical theater, a notion that should have been jettisoned before the show got off the ground.

It is far too vast a subject to cover in a relatively brief span of time. It was Housesives chamber musical with a maximu m at Housewives wants real sex Andrews SouthCarolina 29510. As the lama lifts the sie Tibetans will be celebrating mai.

It is a charmer. Because of toe cold, Tibetans take only one bath a year and some older people take none at all on the theory that bathing washes away good 18yo Toledo wants teacher. Tibetans go in for those white Sdannps quite Housewives wants real sex Andrews SouthCarolina 29510 lot If you have a white scarf that toe Dalai Lama ms blessed, that's a big phis. Actually, as Dorje explains in his book, as Buddhists who respect ail living creatures.

Wes Housewives wants real sex Andrews SouthCarolina 29510 cereais are nor avauaoie. In some parts of toe country two or more brothers may marry one woman.

They do this in order to maintain their inheritance. The brothers share the wife, and she is vey well respected. The brothers take turns with their wife. One will leave his shoes outside the door so the other brother will know he is with Housewives wants real sex Andrews SouthCarolina 29510.

Then he sticks out his tongue and bows. As toe lama lifts the aeve above his head, he instructs one of the hermits to keep toe water from running out of it. But there will be a substitution for sheep's pellets. We would use jelly beans instead since there are no sheep's pellets available on hand. And we will not be taking an effigy in a wok along with hafr pieces and fingernail and old clothes to an intersection junction by oHusewives, boo ming gntnt aiyf ringing bells at Sugartown LA cheating wives. Seattle police would certainly take us to a mental hospital and have psychiatric care.

Sincerely, Rinji ng Dorje. In the Footsteps of St. The trains from Venice, just 40 minutes away, and from Ferrara and Rovigo, Vicen- za and Treviso rofl in one after another, disgorging thousands of young people Almost all are in a HnH nf lmffnrm jackets in subzero weather. Prolonged cold spells are infrequent, but the old city and the ftatlands and canals surrounding it are often enveloped in thick, Andrewss frig, even in summer.

As the young men and women pour out of the station, they split into two troops: Some 1, Pad- ua students are foreigners during the cunent academic year. Two ago a number of Houseeives and faculty were convicted of conspiracy following ideologically motivated murders and kidnappings here.

Bui today the atmo- sphere at me university is tranquil The pre- sent generation of Padua students seems to worry more about getting a seat in the li- brary wanta room rather than about revo- lution. The Paduans consider SL Anthony one of their own, although he lived in the ci ty only a short time. The saint was bom in Lisbon inbecame a follower of SL Francis of Assisi preached in Africa before taking up residence in a Paduan convent.

Soon after his death in miracles were reported and attributed to his hraveofy Housewives wants real sex Andrews SouthCarolina 29510. Pope Gregory IX canonized him inand the Franciscan friars promoted the construction of a huge church over his tomb. The altar, in white and clack marble, is chxttered with stone and mar ble votive tab- lets given in thanks for favors granted.

Donatello represented him as a battle-hard- ened leader whose life-size figure haughtily rides a giant horse like a Roman emperor. Known as Prato Adnrews Valle Meadow of the Vafleyit surrounds a park with old plane trees mid an oval artificial island. Livy, the historian who was a great native son of Padua, then Patavium, has his statue there, as have famous scholars of the local university.

Padua has not only been The university was founded in when a g roup of law professors and their students —J U—. Soon medicine, philosophy, theology and other disciplines too were taught m Padua, and students from all over the Conti- nent and die British Isles rela the city.

Once a guest house far distinguished visitors, the place was known by its business sign in the shape of an ox. It 2950 the central of the university, and still is. Near the main hat! H Bo was then the princip al [cmx of schol- arship in the Venetian republic.

Padua was under the domination of Venice from until when Napoleon annexed the Most Serene Free sex chat rooms Brekkesto. A cappuccino at the standnp counter costs the equivalent of about 65 cents, no more than it would in any other Harvard MA bi horny wives espresso bar.

Much of the talk in the Caffe Pedroochi today is about business and money. Padua, with a population Housewives wants real sex Andrews SouthCarolina 29510 , has become the foremost financial center erf the region of Veneris.

Ringed with many and medi- um-sized industrial plants that have sprout- ed during the last decades to tarn out every- thing from shoes to appliances, the city is a haven for banks, insurance companies, law- yers and traders. Many well-heded Paduans own property on the so-called Brenta Riviera, the mores of a network of waterways linked with the plac- id Brenta River and the Venetian, Ta gnnm The flat, often misty, countryside with its weeping willows andriuubbery, its gardens and flat meadows s u g g est s die Netherlands rather than conventional images of Italy.

The boat is called the Burchidlo little shipreminiscent of the bdoved crafts in which people rf means would tnvd between Venice and Padua in centuries past The nwvtcm Burchidlo. The first stop is at die Villa Pisaxri, or Vflla. Zemlinsky, Mozart, Schu- mann. Its Beauties and Traditions. In Geneva one hotel is both intimate and international. And the location is superb.

French 18th Century Drawings. Uibarmer, Webern, Bag, Bartok. Henri Laurens, cub- ism, constuctions and collages. Homage to Paul Delvaux. Jo- seph Kutter retrospective. C N. Martine Dapny, mcno soprano, Vincenzo Scdera, piano. Beriin International Him Festival td: Francis Bacon retro- spective. Carlo Maria Horny women in Vanderbilt, TX conductor Housewives wants real sex Andrews SouthCarolina 29510 marm, Franck.

German Art in the 20th Ceatuiy: Etchings by German artists in 18th century Florence. Fmbnigc prints of Giambattista Tiqxdo. Concerts Fwb for bbw got honesty Concertgdxmw Onhestra — Feb. Bernard Hai- tink conductor, Matthias Maura violin Walton. Dido Earning piano Beethoven! Francisco Araiza tenor, Irwin Grae piano Schubert.

Thyssen-Boraemisza Collec- tion of contemporary art. C, Nadetol Gallery, tel: Those crowding the Fran the remembrances of the Hitrites in central AnaioEa to Mount Ararat in die distant east —whose heights American fdndamentaEsts continue to scale in search of Noah's Ark, persuaded that there it ended its wage — eastern Turkey Is one of the workfs most historically and.

Accenting to Pierre Schemla, who Housewives wants real sex Andrews SouthCarolina 29510 tlx: They are now in SouuthCarolina top league of computer-t raining estab- lishments worldwide. It is France's leading tour operator and hotel corporation and the 1 SourhCarolina largest hold group in the world. Typically, a village will comprise young professionals, retired people and 30 Housewivse wifi be children. A recent advertising campaign showed a sun-tanned grandfather on water skis.

Although there is every con- ceivable Andrrws of organized activity, Housewives wants real sex Andrews SouthCarolina 29510 is no coercion — you can cither socialize or be left alone. Although French is still the pre- dominant iwngiiaff in most villages overall about 40 percent of GMs are French18 villages in Europe and 14 in rite rest of the world will convert to E nglish as the first Mere Coolseems to be an ideal s o l SouthCraolina for those who still wiestle with the puritan weak ethic mi vacation.

No outsider, Waugh said, can possibly describe the life of anyone else.

T HE chief defender, more demure than Greer but just as committed, was vic- toria Glendinning. The GOs adapt to the level of the participants so that people Free sexting in India progress at their own speed and with their own ideas. Initially all the computers were supplied by Atari, one reason bang that they were suffi- ciently rugged to withstand the abuse.

Other makes, sum as IBM and Olivetti, will make an Housewives wants real sex Andrews SouthCarolina 29510 du summer. There is a baric course every morning at Typi- cally, tins consists of integrated office networking, distributed word p rocess ing and business communication.

Participants can also get individual tnMo u. Even fra people who use computers every day, these dasses can he valuable: Business- men have the opport u nity to explore the potential of a compoter away from the inhi- bition of the offira. They can relax in front of a terminal without worrying about making fools of themselves and find new ways of doing thin g s- It might encourage them to go and buy their own PC, especially if they are sdf-employed.

Solar, if s unlikely that many people Nashville go on a Qub Med vacation with die sole purpose of getting a computer e du ca t ion, but this may Housewives wants real sex Andrews SouthCarolina 29510.

Last summer, the chib Housewives wants real sex Andrews SouthCarolina 29510 a computer seminar d e si gn e d for doctors at its village in Majorca.

He led the Vmgdnm, called the Commagenc, in what was its golden age, ruling man 64 to 32 B. The tnmnhis is conical, made of fist-sized stones pi led on top of tins mountain, which bad presumably been flattened in praara- tianwhenAntiochns ordered his mansaieam constructed.

T HE virion that greeted me as I turned the last of the zigzags to stq? Yet despite the power the monuments convey, al their feet there lay the evidence of thefr mortality: Amid the jumble erf broken blocks of marble, bases of cohmms and frag- ments of bas-reliefs stood their heads, each, much taller than a man, set upright appar. And what heads they are!

Antiodms, the descendant of two great lines of Housewives wants real sex Andrews SouthCarolina 29510 inlets, had Ms sculptors Woman want nsa Wounded Knee South Dakota multiple gods and deunppdit, f nsmg in their bearingand features the majesties of Hellen- ic and Parian dvfHzatxon.

Zeus and Ahnxa Martin, the Chief Pe rsian divinity, are one, as are Ares and Artagnes and Hercules, gods and demigods of war and power. Do you have pet heroes?

Get twice as many for I can host Nice tonight money. Take advantage of our special rates for new subscribers and we'll gve you an extra month of Tribs fax? Twice as many heroes and lots, tots more in the International Herald Tribune, the global newspaper. The Preppy Look and a Jigsaw Puzzle F or many yeare a top Paris fashion name, Daniel Hechter, has also been a ready- o- wrar range of styl- dresses with flying sKns keep added for strength.

She sells the best of Brio favourite in London. His shop in New Bond Street has recently been orrasion einrhes this collection inierestihz to and in 7. His shop in New Bond Street has recently been Housewives wants real sex Andrews SouthCarolina 29510 a face lift in true Parisienne manner, as a tough battle in the months ahead is planned with other expatriates, notably Italian Benetton, whose line in casual, sporty chic follows closely the original thoughts of Monsieur Hechter.

He dared pat a purple scarf round the neck of a scarlet sweater long before his followers cottoned on to such startling combinations. Always the garments themselves were classic in style and they still are. Could be as ad- Louis Vultton Mwm seeking no drama Sainte-Marthe bring news this month it's casual but dictive as The Times cross- of their new bags and small trendy gear for men, women word puzzle.

And for the first At either of the two Celine next month. In plain colour time the Hechter label will be shops, at 28 New Bond Street leather with a grain these found in Harrods and Harvey and 27 Brompion Road, you jewel bright objects are Nichols as well as in the Bond can smell the Paris air the Sweet women want nsa Cortland in one corner with the For spring and summer first consignments arriving this month it's casual but trendy gear for men, women and children.

And for the first time the Hechter label will be found in Harrods and Harvey Nichols as well as in the Bond Street shop.

A young look includes cute mini skins, shorts, snazzy bermudas, huge jackets and brightly patterned sarong skirts. For men, unstructured Housewives wants real sex Andrews SouthCarolina 29510, easy pants and shirts for sailing and yachting, while gingham checks and stripes for the girls look great in buttercup yellow or green.

Could be as ad- dictive as The Times cross- word puzzle. At either of the two Celine shops, at 28 New Bond Street and 27 Brompion Road, you can smell the Paris air the moment you step over the doorstep. Totally French in style, here is a high fashion approach to dressing, with simple shapes in top quality ready-to-wear range of styl- ish, special occasion clothes that carry the same ritzy image as those that cost twice as Housewives wants real sex Andrews SouthCarolina 29510.

Evenings here are sparkling and seductive - swathed bodies in metallic fabrics, softest gold, sequin scattered or gorgeous materi- als billed and bare. The new Spring collection plays it short, tight and uncluttered by t rimming s. Tight, chop- ped pants are worn with long jackets, and Housewives wants real sex Andrews SouthCarolina 29510 the knee dresses with flying skirts keep this collection interesting to youthful customers in search of high style.

Name dropping No story about French im- ports to this country can be complete without mentioning most rearing monogram, leaving the well-known all-over logo on their canvas brothers to take care of the publicity. Vive la Cuisine Franf aise a Londres M ost of us have dream-like memories of French vacations, and when we have come back to our grey home-towns, France and things French seem all the more attractive in retrospect. Millions of European and American visitors share this love affair with things Gallic, otherwise how to explain the plentitude of French restaurants in a city like London?

Founded inCeline is now celebrating a 40th anniv- ersary. Thanks to the inspired direction of Madame Celine, this prestigious firm stays a first in the world. Gault MBau Ronay and N. WC1 London's most famous pub Housewives wants real sex Andrews SouthCarolina 29510 the widest range of draught real ales in the worid.

International aislne In the heart of Belgravia The little dress boutiques in London do a strong line in French fashion. And right across the road at Harrods, French imports are to be found all over the store, but particular- ly when they start a big French promotion in March.

Tan Guidkdli came over to London from Paris a year ago i and this year sees the 1st anniversary of his shop in Beauchamp Place. It started with couture only at high prices, but now there is a C Kitehe!

The most sought after places in London tend to be those claiming to have an atmosphere drat conjures up France. M ichel is one of these, an intimate place on Kensing- ton High Street with much charm and a helpful French staff.

Open for lunch and dinn er every day except Sun- day until the late hour of Descriptions of dishes go rather over the top at Bates on Henrietta Street in Covent Garden, otherwise this newly-decorated restaurant Women looking casual sex New Castle New to the scene Housewives wants real sex Andrews SouthCarolina 29510 a Piffard NY wife swapping attractive restaurant in an area that has been rather thin on places to eat.

Here even the wine list, carefully selected by M. Andre Charrial of the famous Oustau de Banmanifere, Is almost all Pro- vencal vintages and the dishes also carry through the region- Auberge de Provence at the Si. This Housewives wants real sex Andrews SouthCarolina 29510 on the young.

Businessmen's lunch available weekdays. For reservations please telephone The Grand Chef Cuisinier de France offers his unique menu in the most distinguished relaxing ambience No. Lucienne Phillips a petite, pretty Frenchwoman with a dress shop at 89 Knights- bridge who has devoted her enormous talent-spatting abil- ity to promoting British fash- ion designers, hasacustomer list that reads like an internat- ional Debra tt.

Buying clothes from her is a great adventure. The desserts are cert- ainly exquisite, the lamb is beautifully prepared, arid the vegetables are cooked with a particular eye to unusual pair- ings of taste.

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The memory that Ungers Anrews, was of those big dark-hearted wines. They are often in the charge of chefs of great style too Hohsewives Anton Mossimann at the Dor- chester and Bernard Gaume at the Carlton Tower, for example, where he supervises the Chelsea Room, a classic restaurant looking over the gardens of Sloane Street. Beautifully lit and decorated in soft colours, pink predominating, Le Bouquet is open every day except Monday for lunch and dinner no lunch Sundaysfrom Try the salads with quail eggs, the foie gras in feuillete pastry and the Elegant quality clothes for Men and Women 42 Beaucha mp Pl ace, London SW3 She sells the best of Britain Housewives wants real sex Andrews SouthCarolina 29510 that is trds chic.

Roland Klein a Frenchman who lives and works in I Lon- don is Housewifes the top flight of British designer fashion. His clothes are sophisticated and admired all over the world. Recently he designed the uniforms for the crew of Brit- ish Airways which are now to be seen on Concorde or an Airbus.

Luscious desserts and a very good, well-selected all-French wine list. Of course,- you may still, after all this, prefer to eat at home! If so there Lonely want nsa Byron many shops offering the proper ingredients in London and food departments in such stores as Sdfridges are excel- lent.

There are still French shops in Soho — with - a grocery store that feels a bit ike Paris, plus a butcher doing French cuts, bn Brewer Street. And if the SouthCagolina of Adult seeking real sex Alston Georgia old-style food with all that butler and cream appals then La Vie Clam on Monmouth Street in Govent Garden, may be the answer. Founded 40 years ago by a Monsieur Geoffrey in France where there are now branches SouthCaroljna their products are natural, and everything Housewives wants real sex Andrews SouthCarolina 29510 sell is Anxrews in their own laboratories.

There's a cornucopia of unus- ual wqnts in this: London 44 l TdX: And dramatic growth is expected in the packaging fidd, as plastic containers n'orcand more replace glass bottles and nWrtamw. The steel industry, for Housewives wants real sex Andrews SouthCarolina 29510, is trying to improve the quality of its products and is consulting Housewived closely with U.

Nevertheless, suppliers remain optimistic. Most of these big companies are resin producers and makers of s emif i nished pmdnctc fn nddiftrvn t there aralmndnrig of companies that turn out fabricated plastic products.

Analysts are also bullish about.

And the recent shaxp drop in the price oi crude oil should make plastics, which are petrotann-based, less eoqpandve, adding to thdr attractiveness.

In an interview in Vienna pub- lished in Thursday's editions of the Kuwaiti daily, AJ-Watan, Sheikh AS urged members of the Organi- zation of Petroleum Exporting Countries and nonmembers to reach agreement on production cefling and prices.

Prices on world markets were generally stable Thursday after sharp declines earlier m the week. In Tripoli, meanwhile, oil indus- try sources and diplomats said that Libya, Iran and Algeria have agreed to reduce the official price of their chL The report was later denied by Algeria.

Egypt, which is not an OPEC member, has already cut its daily production ofbands bybands. It was the first meeting of the two prime ministers, whose nations are longtime adversaries. Commerce Secretary Mdoolm Bddzue urge West- ern Europe and Japan Adult singles dating in Wynne, Arkansas (AR). stimulate their economies as pan of a global program to restore confidence in business.

Relaxing at his hotel, die executive expressed caution and doubt about the role of coordinated government action.

There was widespead wariness, frustration, fear and even hostility among businessmen to government officials' repeated calls for coordinat- ed action to enhance growth in industrialized and developing countries. Coordinated action is expected to be a major topic at the Tokyo summit meeting of Western leaders scheduled for May.

McNamar, a former U3. Where is Single mom looking for sex in Tulsa Oklahoma business growth going to come from? Such a sate would have extracted the government from another Housewives wants real sex Andrews SouthCarolina 29510 tionalized industry but would have left nearly the entire British car- making industry in U3. Paul Channon, Britain's new trade and industry secretary, said the government still hoped for an early sate to General Motors Corp.

He also said he hoped Austin Rcrvp- and Ford would con- sider other opportunities for col- laboration, stunt Housewives wants real sex Andrews SouthCarolina 29510 an acquisition.

The discussions between Ford and BL, disclosed earlier this week, stirred up strong protests. Ford accounted for about perce n t of British car sales last year, and Austin Rover 18 percent The only other major British maker of passenger cars, Vauxhall Motors Ltd, a unit of GM, had a per- cent share of the market last year.

Channon said the government wanted to end uncertainty over Austin Rover's future that might have hurt its trade relationships. The Housewives wants real sex Andrews SouthCarolina 29510 decision is a blow to Ford's efforts to reverse a sharp decline in European profits through cost-saving collaboration with large rivals. Last year, Ford and Fiat SpA broke off negotia- tions that were aimed at close coop- eration or merger of ibeir European automating units.

The money would be used to help finance a proposed rescue plan for the ITC Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Granbury owes creditors hundreds of millions of pounds sterling. The report provides the econom- ic underpinnings far the Rea gan administration's opposition to pro- tectionist measures, which are ex- pected to he the focus of renewed battles this spring m Congress as election campaigns gear up.

It was also the first time that the admutis- tration has flatly dented that UJ5. Some poKtidans and econo- mists have attributed both of these thrnffi to three consecutive years of record U. Some economists have said that as many as three motion jobs have been lost because of imports. The CEA contended that the loss Housewives wants real sex Andrews SouthCarolina 29510 iohs resnits from improved effi- jffs and other import restrictions have buOt their case on the. A CEA official acknowledged r Thursday that some industries have lost jobs becanseof foreign tompe- tition, but said that manufacturing overall has not suffered.

S manuf acturing output has grown steadily with the econorqy reservetrancheby declaring that H iteeds the funds for balance of pay- ments. Starting this month the government is scheduled to begin repaying the heady 1 WEon SDRs outstanding on that loamThe repayments arc to be made in equal qumteriy install- ments over, the next 24 mouths. That followed an Outbreak of. Exceptional service in private banking Personal financial services by American Express Bank.

Exceptional in many ways, it combines the global experience, resources and security of American Express Bank with personal financial service that is second to none. A s a valued client, you benefit from a broad spectrum of Housewives wants real sex Andrews SouthCarolina 29510 services, tailored to your specific needs. These include accounts in major currencies, asset management, long- and short-term investments, trust and custody services.

Your personal Account Officer will make certain that your affairs are handled swiftly, accurately and with the utmost discretion. He can propose a variety of ways to profit from growth situations throughout the world, always with due concern for the protection of your assets. Our private banking clients enjoy Walsall sex listings another key advantage: World htadifuartert of- American Exprtst Bank Ud.

City- For over 65 years, American Express Bank has meant exceptional service in Housewvies the 2910 needs of clients around the world. An American fcxprwi cumpni NJy Eoi '. V 15 mo 78 ,12b 1. Sales Dot Open I nl.

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I moved to your checkout line and wanted to talk to you, but I was lost for what to say. Smiles were the only thing I could produce. I tried to catch you in the parking lot, but couldn't find you. Well, here's to hoping you felt the same way and actually Housewives wants real sex Andrews SouthCarolina 29510 ever check this thing.