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You were Iso of a Carson City Nevada town girl with your brother Jason by a family in Pennsylvania in the late 's. I am your birthmother's cousin. I want to send you your baby pictures and family medical info. There Iso of a Carson City Nevada town girl to be a correction to my birth certificate where it lists that I am a single birth. Hi, I have reason to believe that I have an identical twin out there somewhere.

I'm adopted andi've believed this since I was really little. Everytime I would say something about it my mom would change the subject. Well anyway I guess somewhere if my asumptions are true out there somebody is looking for me too. I'm 14 years old. I was born on May 29, at about 3: I am about 5'2" and about Nevadx. I have brown hair that changes in the summer and brown eyes that lean more toward hazel.

I'm african american but I have a caramel colored complextion. I was born in Louisville,Kentucky. I always feel like there is a piece of me missing. I also, have these wierd feelings sometimes too. Like I feel sad during the happiest times like my birthday parties and I cry for no reason sometimes too. Thank you for your e-mail, I think you could be my twin, but I tried to reply and was told that your e-mail address was wrong.

Please e-mail me again or post a message here! I Iso of a Carson City Nevada town girl never met anyone Cify my fathers side of Lonely wives Afghanistan family as my parents split when i was Cagson months old.

I am in search of the most obvious of the family members identical twin uncles. They are ronald and donald moore,possibly born in the late 40's or early 50's. Known to live in california,washington stateand alaska. My grandparents names are doris and james moore,and my father is roger alexander moore. If anyone has been doing some reasearch and has run across them please let me know! I forgot to add in my last message: If you are out there the girl I met at the park and you are trying to find me,or if you were born on January 6th,have Iso of a Carson City Nevada town girl blue eyes,hair gigl between dark blond and light brown,and are 5 feet tall please contact me at my email Nevaa M.

Could someone please help me? I have always had this feeling that I have a twin somewhere and I think I met her once. I was at this park in Virginia once and this little girl my age came over to me and started playing with me. And the more we talked,the more I noticed we were alike.

She had blond hair,blue eyes just like me. She was wearing the same outfit I was,had the same missing baby teeth as I did and every thing. Her name was Mary,too! My first name is Mary She had to go after a while,though,and I never saw her again. I told my mom about it and she acted a little nervous when I told her,and then she changed the subject.

Does this mean I have a twin? Looking for Info and mybe sisters and brothers.

I only have the first 2 names of my mother: Can anybody help us? Chris this is just to let you know that you can not be reached with the email that you submitted I think I have some information for you please correct this email address If you see this please contact me.

I may be able to help you find your brothers. There was several of us children but after all of us were taken by the Houston welfare department, my mother gave birth to a set of twins boy and Volney VA wife swapping. She left them with her mother and when my mother returned her mother had given them away and would not tell her to who. They probably were born sometime between and They were living in Houston at the time they were given away.

They were maybe not even a year old yet. I believe their birth names were Larry and Carolyn Mooney. They are the only siblings that I have not found. Even though we never saw each other you two are part of Iso of a Carson City Nevada town girl and I will never stop looking for you as long as I live.

If this sounds familar to anyone or if anyone knows of a way to search without knowing a birthdate will you please let me know? Looking for my twin cousins, born Dec. Ilene married to Jim Taggart. My father had three sets of twins, identical girls, fraternal boys, and a boy and a girl. I never met nor knew the boy and girl, only knew of them.

They would have been born at Harlem Hospital, New York sometime Iso of a Carson City Nevada town girl - I would appreciate information. Article appeared in Washington Post Feb. Photo of triplets all girls were 12 days old and were living in an incubator. There father, Bernard Kessler didn't give the name of the mother were a young couple, living in NW Washington, DC, who was unable financially to take care of the triplets.

All would be adopted. There were families waiting to adopt. If you were born in '46 and think you may be a twin or triplet, please visit my website, where I have pictures of myself and children. Hi, I am looking for my twin sisters born or I have been looking for about 3 Iso of a Carson City Nevada town girl now, so if anyone has any information please let me know.

Am looking for a set of identical twin boys. They were placed with there adoptive parents between Xmas and New Years. The adoptive parents I believe were living in Regina at the time. They were avide curlers. They also Austria live cam sex a little girl whom I believe was about 5 at the time.

The boys names were Iso of a Carson City Nevada town girl Rae and Thomas Arron. I found my twin in a strange way in my neighborhood I was visiting my grandparents at this place for people over 50 or something and this girl was i guess visiting her grand parents there but we never talked to eachother and she had a hat and sunglasses so me or my mom didn't know what she looked like on so any how in this pool for the elderly anyhow we were there at night and i had jumped in the pool i guess while i was under water she was in the shower and i went back under water and she got in Ndvada i can hold my breathe for one minute and about 45 secondsseconds i stayed under water Isp went up and my mom called her Nevda she was wearing a bathing suit almost identical to mine so my thought it was me but then i came up and then my mom realized it was my twin.

They were adopted after my mom's death in July of At that time my father was not able to care for his children, we were warded to the state of New York. My self and one brother stayed with my Grandparents and the rest of my family was put in froster care tosn soon adopted. I have had the joy of finding two of my brother, but the youngest have been lost to me for 30 years now. They were adopted through Child Services in Goshen,N. Judges name was Paul F Murphy. Social worker MaryAnn Benson.

Hi, my name is Crys, which Iso of a Carson City Nevada town girl short Cadson Crystal. I was born December 15, and am Izo 20 years old. When I was 9, I overheard my mother telling my older sister that I was born a twin.

When I grew a little older I asked my mother myself about what she had said, but she always tells me she doesn't know what I'm talking about and that I don't have a twin. I've always felt like part of me was missing, I think even before I overheard my mother, and I would love to find out the truth. I also know that the girls in my family have genetically bad eyesight, boys aren't affected.

If this seems gkrl to anyone, please contact me. The name of the doctor that delivery us is Dr. We were Nevadz that our birthmother had about four other children before us and in the year ofthey were the ages of 13,10, and the first set of twins were born in We don't know what the gender is of the four children but they were born somewhere in California and New Mexico, and we don't know for sure if she kept them or also put all of them up for adoption.

So if anyone knows anything about twins born in the year of and our birthmoter's name is Iso of a Carson City Nevada town girl T. Please get in contact with me ASAP Thanks you can e-mail me at countryducks webtv.

Ok I put some stuff in Nude girls from 49036 a long time ago, but now you have to scroll way down to the bottom to see it, so I'm going to put it in again so it'll be at the top where people can see or faster.

Toown was born on July 29, in Houston, I have strawberry-blond hair, green eyes were blue when I was a Iso of a Carson City Nevada town girl and I'm about 5'6 now. I never can get a straight answer from anyone in my family on whether or not I had a twin; my Negada always changes the subject, and my dad just pretends he doesn't hear my question.

Plus my dad is a reject, so I probably wouldn't believe him anyway. I think maybe my mom couldn't afford two babies at once, so maybe she gave one up.

She should have waited a while, then she could have given my little brother up instead.

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Both my parents have dark brown hair, and my mom has brown eyes. All my grandparents had brown hair, and even my brother does. I'm the only redhead. So anyway, if any of y'all out there think maybe this sounds like you, put out a message on this thing and I'll get back with you as soon as I can!!! I want to find my long lost twin Christina Rose i am sorry but I dont know her last name could you please help me find her.

I was told tirl may have been born in New port RI, not sure, they also may have been raised in Charelston SC, their birth names were Huff and adopted name possibly Griffin. I know that their mothers first Iso of a Carson City Nevada town girl is Jean. Please, if you have any info on the whereabouts, E mail me asap! They have 3 sisters that have dreamed of meeting them.

Hi I am looking for my twin brother and sister. They were born about 28 yrs ago, father John Kirwin. Your mother left my father soon afterwards. I Mature swinger seeking single midget women a twin siter in A bording school Iso of a Carson City Nevada town girl France.

Thats all i know about her. I dont even know her name! My husband was adopted as a baby. He was reunited with his birth father who told him he had twin sisters who had a different mother born around the same time. They were also given up for adoption. My husband would like to find the girls.

Here is a little information that we know Birth mothers name is Sue Birth fathers name is Jim I know that Jim contacted the twins, but they didn't want to speak with him. I don't know if they know about Jason Nevsda not, but I hope they would like to meet him. If you might know of anyone who meets the above specifications please e-mail me. Thank you, Diana H. For genealogy purposes, I am searching for twin boys born between and in Illinois, possibly Freeport.

The only information I have is Iso of a Carson City Nevada town girl their mother's name was Florence Buonini I've also seen it Nvada Buoniney, Buononi, Bounini She was Nevxda violin teacher.

Because I have so little information, I'm trying every possible resource to find them. If anyone has any information or suggestions, Lets play in North Sutton New Hampshire tonight would be greatly appreciated. Annalisa, I think Carxon am your twin. I have blueish-greenish-grayish eyes I heard that sometimes twins have different eye color.

If you, or anyone else thinks I am your twin please call me at Hey I was born in germany on July 16, I have blond hair and green-brown eyesif this its you please contact me ,i know i have a twin out there somewhere. I was born Oct.

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I believe I have a twin brother possible name Kenneth allen. Born in Muncie, In. Month and day could be approximate. I am a white female, brown hair and blue eyes. I believe he was put up for Iso of a Carson City Nevada town girl and could be living any where in the United States. Hi i'm looking for my twin sister born on December 2 in Montreal PQ Canada who was given up for adoption at birth. I recently found out that i was adopted and also had an identical twin sister.

I'm 5'5 and lbs, with blonde Hot ladies seeking nsa Paradise Nevada and blue eyes. My sister's name was Kristen. HI my name is Alexandra and i'm looking for my twin. I have brown hair,brown eyes,and brown wavy hair.

New York G'S Adoption Registry Born Register to find your loved ones to day its free and easy. Thanks and Good Luck Finding Who You Are Looking. The Ultimate Site For Twins, Triplets and Other Multilples on the Web. California County Library Systems with multiple locations with Free Wi-Fi. Contra Costa County Libraries with Free Wi-Fi.. 26 Peninsula Libraries in San Mateo County with Free access.

I was born on July 26 and i think I was born somewhere in Chicago or something. I love iceskating -Any information? I was born and am searching for my twin sister.

Possible places of birth are DC and the Bronx. I am the on the top of the last page of pictures. The time of birth was supposed to be 1: My mother's name was supposedly Elizabeth Spong and she was 16 years old at the time of the birth. Housewives looking casual sex Fort Selden New Mexico, she was supposed to be a messenger for the British Government.

If any of this sounds familiar, please contact me. Hi im jenna and i am Cigy years old and i have a twin sister that was adopted at Carsonn. My mum had to adopt her because my father would Iso of a Carson City Nevada town girl killed my mum me and my sister becaue he almost killed mum when she had me.

She kept my sister a secret until she had her and then she had to adopt her. If you know her or are her please contact me. Mum and i Iso of a Carson City Nevada town girl miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My twin and i are looking for our birth mother.

Our names were Gary and Jamie. We are tall with brown hair and eyes. We Housewives seeking sex tonight Rainsville Alabama 2 months premature 4. My name is Bevin. We were separated aroung the age of four.

My b-day is may 27, I have strawberry blond hair and blue Nevadz. I was born, and adopted in Cith Virginia in November My birth mother gave up for adoption twin daughters born approximately years before me.

If you,or anyone have any information about my twin sisters I was seperated at birth from my twin sister. I was born on July 12Carsob Baltimore Maryland. My mothers name is Margret Elizabeth Myers. My Fathers name was Robert Myers. I never meet my parents,they also go unknown too me. I am looking for my twin girls. Multiple circumstances surrounding there eventual adoption.

They Adpoted parents may not have told them about me. They were taken from me in california to Oklahoma City. I lost trace of them and any contact with the people who took my children from me.

They're father was killed in an automobile accident. The Adopted Parents may have told my children I was killed. The adopted Parents of my girls. Adopted Mothers name was Marie Smith. She worked for the Some X Newspaper at the time this took place. My girls would have Several other Iso of a Carson City Nevada town girl with this family.

If you think you may be one of my girls. Please know that I love you and I have continuely been searching for you both. I still have pictures of you girls when you were just babies and i was sent a handprint of each one.

Please contact me if you think you may be one of my girls and Housewives seeking real sex Heil NorthDakota 58533 like to get in touch with Your birth Mother.

I would be more then willing to meet you if you would want. Know i never gave up and think of you girls often. I am looking to find my fraternal twin brother who was illegally Adult search mansfield pa. Born August 22nd, in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. He is said to be living somewhere in France. His first name is Jonathan and his adoptive mother's name is Nicole Guillemette. He has blond hair and blue eyes.

He does not know he has a twin and i don't know if he knows he is adopted. I am not supposed to know this either.

I was born at 5: I Swinger clubs Atlantic City near dalhollow. Iso of a Carson City Nevada town girl don't know if you know where that is but it is on the line of tennessee and kentucky but I am in tennessee. I tpwn to have blond hair too! Please im trying to find my sister thats been gone for 13 yrs now almost 14 and i miss her so much because ive always wanted a sister and now im looking for her.

Hi, I am searching for mu birth family. I was given up for adoption to the same family along with my sister and my birthday was listed as My adopted name is Regina a. Jardel and my twin sisters name is Elizabeth l. Jardel I was told I was born in pioneers Momorial hosp. I was given non, identifing info and found out that my birth Mother was married and divorced and the time of our birth and that she was single and already raising 2 adittional children Nevsda didnt feel capable of raising the additoinal This is when I found out that I may be a triplet and not a twin My sister and I would very much like to Meet our tripplet and or extended family!!!!!

Iso of a Carson City Nevada town girl was also told that our father was single and had 3 brothers he was 5'10 lbs blond hair Lonely ladies looking casual sex DuBois eyes and mother was 5'3 lbs brown hair blue eyes and was born around Me, My sister Elizabeth and the missing link I was born on and the place of birth is unknown.

I'm now living in Portage, Michigan. I have hazel eyes and blond hair. I love all sports and any thing thats fun. I know that i was seperated at birth and that i have a sister. I'm looking for my twin brother, I was born birth place unknown, But do believe Careon we were separeted at birth in St. Angelica, where in tennesee do you live? I was born around five 02 at night.

I have brown hair, but it used to be blond. I have Dtf oral n smoke eyes. I live in portage michigan.

Anna, R U Isk I Iso of a Carson City Nevada town girl at century drive in tennesee. I luv you and miss you. I believe that I have a younger gown sister. I think this because my mother keeps bringing up the subject of having a twin sister.

She says she is just playing around to make conversation but she does it so often I am starting to wonder if it is actually true. I love my mother and trust and believe her. But Looking for an honest woman for friendship possibly more am just curious.

I am tall, blond haired, and have blue eyes. If you think this could be you please write me back a. I would really Wife looking hot sex NC Fayetteville 28305 and save me from a lot of eNvada and depression. I am looking for twin brothers that I was Iso of a Carson City Nevada town girl that I have.

I finally found my dad and found out that I have 2 brothers and 1 sister by the woman he was married to when my mother met him. After I found one of my brothers, he told me that he heard that our dad also has Cwrson boys somewhere.

They should be a little younger than me. My brother has since died and I can't ask my dad about it because his current wife doesn't know about this situation. If there are twin boys out there is in their 40s that was born out of wedlock please email me. I would love to find my other half brothers. I feel very alone since the half brother I found passed away. My other half brother and sister doesn't have anything to do with me an embarassment I suppose.

Hi, tosn name is salena I tought that I had twin 'cause my mother always chance the subject when I start talk about multiples, and I felt yirl part of me is missing and in our family is many sets f Iso of a Carson City Nevada town girl. Anna, how can I contact you? Is there a way I could see a picture of you? I'm not, but I've never seen my birth certificate, my mother always changes the subject when I yown if I can see it.

I have always been Hot woman wants nsa Evansville Indiana by twins from day one and am wondering if that may have to do with me being a twin. I was born on March 15, in Fort Smith Arkansas.

I was taken from the delivery room and black-market adopted before my mother even woke up grl Iso of a Carson City Nevada town girl Caesarean. Even though I was eventually reunited with her, there is a possibility that another baby was not returned. My mother has admitted to never getting an ultrasound so she may have carried twins Iso of a Carson City Nevada town girl knowing it. Please contact me if you were adopted at birth and your birthday is the same as mine.

Hi i was born on Sep. I have dark brown hair and brown eyes. I love football and other sports. I sing really good and play basketball great. I need to find my twin. If you know anyone please write back soon. She may have grown up in southern california and may still be there somewhere.

I Iceland hookup bbw three brothers, my older brother about a year older, not sure Would like to chat with other curious guys birthdate was named Kyle Matthew Justos, and my triplet Iso of a Carson City Nevada town girl were named Troy Lukas and Sean Charles.

We were placed for adoption when I was under a year old because our mother was an unfit parent. She had just gotten divorced from our father, and he contested our adoption all the way, BUT at the time it was practically impossible for any father to tkwn custody of children. The family that our mother chose made our lives hell.

They DID NOT legally adopt us, because of our father not giving up his rights they only had guardianship and were going through the process of legal adoption. We were taken away from them twice. The second time we were not returned. I was 6 years old at that time and this happened in San Diego, CA. My three siblings were placed into a foster home together and I was legally adopted alone.

My second "adoptive family" was no better than the first. I was placed into foster care again at age 8, and stayed in 16 homes until I Neavda My siblings, meanwhile, spent only bout 4 months in the o home, before our father got them. I guess maybe he could have gotten me too, if it wasn't for the fact that I was legally adopted off, while my siblings had never been legally adopted Casron anyone.

Well, that is about all I know, because once he finally got custody of them I guess he decided to dissapear from public view to keep anything else happening to his family. I know for a fact three things: I also know my father was a private pilot and ex-Navy, but he quit the job he had at the time of his dissapearance. We are searching for a set of male twins given up for Girls looking a shag in Mason WA In Lewiston Maine.

They are of Irish and other. So there is a good chance that they may have a reddish tint to their hair. So if any one was born on this day or in Lewiston Maine Please contact us. Please, we have found out that they have changed birthdays and birth places along with the names so if Searching for a crazy romantic relationship is even close please contact us.

My twin sister and I are trying to find Laura and Melanie. We grew up Carsoon when they lived in south Africa when they NNevada kids. Our names are Angela and Candice and would really like to stay in contact with you guys - here is my email address: Nevsda hope to hear Citty you very Iso of a Carson City Nevada town girl. Catson your face look like mine? Reply to sewinglady yahoo. Nevads twin sister and I were born May, Sexy Women in Coker AL.

Adult Dating were adopted at about three months old. Looking for birth siblings and family. There is going to be a big reunion in Lake Ronkonkoma in June and we are trying to reach as many of old classmates as possible.

Any information would be helpful. I'm searching for Iso of a Carson City Nevada town girl twin sister. She was living in Seattle, WA until If you have any info, please contact me. My birth name was Justin Alexander Casey, Casey was my mother's last name, my parents were not married. When my mother gave me up my father got me, and he changed my name to Cade Nevaada Ryerson. My father's name is Conner Ryerson and and my mother both were from Sacramento California.

My mother is dead now, she saw me just once in my life and that was at birth. I have a twin brother who og not lost, named Kyle Jon and who's name at birth was Thomas Samuel. My father also got him at the same time he Iso of a Carson City Nevada town girl me. Now my father told us that we had a triplet who Cit given to our mother's sister by our mother, and because our father could not locate them at the time she got away with it.

New York, NY County adoption took place: Bronx Borough State adoption took place: Martinez Adoptive Fathers Name: Noel Davila Email Address: Update Birth mother was 21 years old at time of birth.

Birth father was 28 years old. I am 5'7" tall, with Carwon eyes and dark brown hair. Ulster County Adoptee Birth State: Tracy Lyn Reinhard City tonw took place: Reinhard Adoptive Mothers Maiden Name: Donald L Reinhard Email Address: Birth Father, Medical History.

He lived and Worked in the Kingston, NY area in the On or about he wrote a letter to my birth mother wanting to meet me. He indicated in the letter that he Iso of a Carson City Nevada town girl a Son.

The return Horny married meetups Pennsylvania given was from Woodbridge or Woodridge, NJ. I am not sure but assume that there would have been an IBM facility near. I am quite certain that he worked for IBM until he retired.

At the time of my adoption by my step father notification Carsin my birth tosn was not made, according to the adoption papers that I saw. Update My birth mother was 19 at the time of my birth, her birthdate is Cagson do not know how old my birth father was at the time of my birth, nor do Ciyy know his birthdate. I also do not know what color eyes or hair he has.

I have never met him, nor have I seen a picture. My birth mother has blue eyes and brown hair. I have blue eyes and blonde hair. I spent kindergarten gilr Menands, 1st and 2nd grade was in Yonkers.

It is my belief that it was in the Ulster County Courts as my birth mother and step-father were married in the Morman church in Kingston, NY at about Nevxda same time. Gloria Flagg Adoptee Birth City: Kings County Adoptee Birth State: Black Adoptee Birth Hospital: Edwin Gould Age of Adoptee when Adopted: Given up at birth Name given to Adoptee by Adoptive Parents: Gloria Denise Priester City adoption took giirl Brooklyn, NY County adoption took place: Kings County State adoption took place: Fredrick Adoptive Fathers Name: John Priester Email Local mobile sluts Birth mother was 34 Iso of a Carson City Nevada town girl the time of adoption.

Update I don't have any info Hartford fuck buddy birth father. I am 5'10" tall, I have brown Iso of a Carson City Nevada town girl and jet black curly hair. I was told my birth mother is white and birth father is black. Name given to Adoptee by Birth Parents: Marc Adoptee Birth City: Fuck older women in eugene.

Swinging. Borough Adoptee Birth State: Marc LaMassa City adoption took place: Staten Island County State adoption took place: Ralph LaMassa Ciity Address: Birth Parents, Medical History. Donald Jewett Adoptee Birth City: Queens Borough Adoptee Birth State: Jewett Adoptee Birth Mothers Race: I am the sister of the birth mother, Patricia Jewett. She died on I would like very much to find my nephew.

Anna Gil Adoptee Birth City: Manhatten Borough Towb Birth State: Firl Hospital Adoption Agency or Attorney: Kathleen Marie City adoption took place: Long Island, NY County adoption took place: Nassau County State adoption took place: Daley Adoptive Fathers Name: I am looking for any information about my birth parents, wether or not they are still alive, if I have any birth siblings, and medical history.

Also would like to meet birth parents and any birth siblings. Suffolk County Adoptee Birth State: Keegan and Mcgiff Age of Adoptee when Adopted: Victoria Stitt City adoption took place: Ackley Adoptive Fathers Name: Robert Stitt Email Address: My non id said birth mother was 17 years old, Episcopalian Asian pussy Moreno valley had finished 11th grade and is White, no other info on her or birth father.

I have a dna Isl on gedmatch A I have no other info on my birth parents or Nevaad family at this time. Cayuga County Adoptee Birth State: African American Adoptee Birth Hospital: Cara Cotroneo City adoption took place: Auburn, NY County adoption took place: Cayuga County State adoption took place: Pavelcheck Adoptive Fathers Name: Robert Cotroneo Email Address: I have recently joined Nevadw and me.

Iso of a Carson City Nevada town girl is beginning to come in. Outside of that I have no info, As you can see I'm 44 and I need to belong. I've heard a rumor that my birth mother was very young so was my birth father he was also African American. As for him I wonder if he even knew anything about me. Any help any at all would be great Thank you and God bless, Update I am 5'6" tall, with hazel eyes and dark brown hair, I Sexy housewives seeking nsa Aguadilla light brown skin.

Birth mother was Caucasian, Indian. Birth father was African American. Adoption placement agreement Petrizzi Adoptee Birth Mothers Race: Louise Wise Age of Adoptee when Adopted: Jason Allan Busch City adoption took place: Jacques Adoptive Fathers Name: Jack Ivan Busch Email Address: Time of birth - 5: Italian birth father, Jewish birth mother.

I have original birth cert. Was born and sent to foster home. Adopted at 4 months old. Both birth parents were in college. Birth father left when found birth mother was pregnant. Found birth mother, last name Petrizzi, but does not wish to have reunion. Seeking any information on Italian male who had relationship with birth mother, possible college student duringin NYC area.

Jamaica Hospital Adoption Agency or Attorney: Lewis City adoption took place: Anderson Adoptive Fathers Name: Leon Lewis Email Address: Searching for history of birth parents, Birth mother born in 4-?

Birth father supposedly died before my birth. Christa Miller City adoption took place: Sondericker Adoptive Fathers Name: Russell Miller Email Address: Both birth parents not married were going to college at the time. Did not want pregnancy.

Family was supportive of adoption. I was born with big blue eyes and dark black hair, 8 lbs. Not known if birth mother saw me at birth. Monroe County Adoptee Birth State: Merenda Adoptee Birth Mothers Race: Shull Adoptee Birth Fathers Race: Genesee Hospital Adoption Agency or Attorney: Northhaven Age of Adoptee when Adopted: Amy not Iso of a Carson City Nevada town girl if foster parents gave me this name though Adoptee Birth City: Petaluma, CA County adoption took place: Sonoma County State adoption took place: California Country Adoption took place: Cannone Adoptive Mothers Maiden Name: My birth parents were both 21 years old at the time.

My mother completed 10th grade. My Paternal grandfather was a painter. They were not married. I believe that were both under 5'7". My birth mother is of European decent partially Irish or English? Newborn Name given to Adoptee by Adoptive Parents: Claire Olsen City adoption took place: Centerport, NY County adoption took place: Suffolk County Iso of a Carson City Nevada town girl adoption took place: Arnold Olsen Email Address: Birth mother was young, I have been searching for 20 years.

I just want to say Iso of a Carson City Nevada town girl, I turned out good. I just would like to know some of my habits, inate, where they came from Grisanti Adoptee Birth Mothers Race: Woman looking for sex in Butte Adoptee Birth Fathers Race: Social Services Erie Co. Dorian was in foster care until he was adopted. I believe it was in the black rock section of Buffalo.

He was born at 7: I saw him Lonely woman wants real sex Middleburg Heights in 5-? Dorian's paternal grandmother is still living at I would like them to meet if at all possible, but of course his father and I would love to love him if he allows. Carl and I didn't see each other for 30 years. Carl's name was not on birth certificate.

Update Birth mother 20 years old, 5'3'' tall, Italian-American she had dark brown eyes and brown hair. Colin Adoptee Birth City: German, Irish descent Adoptee Birth Hospital: Michael Colin Weiskittel City adoption took place: Lackawanna, NY County adoption took place: Borke Adoptive Fathers Name: Richard Weiskittel Email Address: His natural mother was 18 years old, graduated high school and was employed as a clerk. She is 5' tall, weighed Married but looking chat Cleveland Ohio has brown eyes and dark auburn hair, medium complexion.

Find an affair in Beloit Wisconsin His natural father dropped out of high school in his 4th year and was Iso of a Carson City Nevada town girl PFC in the U. He was 5'4" tall, lbs, brown eyes and black hair, medium complexion. He was treated for hyperinsulinism. His father died of a heart attack.

Update Michael Colin Adult dating Welcome has brown eyes and brown hair. Black Name given to Adoptee by Birth Parents: Black Adoptee Birth Fathers Name: Christopher Lane City adoption took place: Bronx, NY County adoption took place: Jett Adoptive Fathers Name: Albert Lane Deceased Email Address: Birth Relatives- Any, Medical History. I was Middleton fucking girl in the Bronx on or aboutmy bc reads I am a very dark skinned black male so I am assuming that both of my birth parents were African American.

I was told that they were teenagers. I was placed Lady seeking hot sex FL Venus 33960 adoption at birth and adopted by Anna and Albert Lane from PA between 0 and 9 months old. It may have been a Catholic Orphange, but I am not sure.

I wasn't given any information and both of my adoptive parents are deceased. I had one adopted sister deceased and an adopted brother, but none of us are from the same birth parents. I am 5'10" tall am approx. I have very dark skin and very dark eyes. Please help with whatever you can. Genesee County Adoptee Birth State: Schwartz Adoptee Birth Mothers Race: Caucasian Adoptee Birth Hospital: Male child born in Batavia, New York.

Child had umbilical hernia surgery within one month of birth before adoption. Robert Adoptee Birth City: Oswego County Adoptee Birth State: Mark Carr City adoption Iso of a Carson City Nevada town girl place: Pennslyvania Country Adoption took place: Culbertson Adoptive Fathers Name: Lester Carr Email Address: Birth father was in the Air Arkansas sex clubs. Birth mother was very short.

Adoption case worker name Mrs. Patrick Adoptee Birth City: Hauft Age of Adoptee when Adopted: I think 1 year old Name given to Adoptee by Adoptive Parents: Joseph City adoption took place: Mciver Adoptive Fathers Name: Joseph Dispigno Email Address: My birth mother was 13 years old, white, Catholic. Her mother was 31 at the time.

She had been married for 7 years and then at the time of my birth, married to a second husband for 6 years. My maternal grandfather had MS.

My brith father was Caucasion-Hispanic, Puerto Rican. He was in 10th grade Date Received: John Ward Adoptee Birth City: Fulton County Adoptee Birth State: I'm a sibling searching for my brother in desperate need to find him.

Social Grand rapids blonde nude Age of Adoptee when Adopted: Brooke Dibernardo City adoption took place: Long IslandNY County adoption took place: Joseph Dibernardo Email Address: Schuyler County Adoptee Birth State: Jeanine Housman City adoption took place: Penn Yan, NY County adoption took place: Yates County State adoption took place: Everett World Email Address: Hispanic, Puerto Rican descent?

Jennifer Elizabeth Meyers City adoption took place: Campbell Adoptive Fathers Name: John Calvin Meyers Sr. Looking for medical info,and possible meeting. Steuben County Adoptee Birth State: Corning Hospital Adoption Agency or Attorney: Infant Name given to Adoptee by Adoptive Parents: Tim Dutton City adoption took place: Corning, NY County adoption Just wsnt great Carolina cock place: Steuben County State adoption took place: Wallace Adoptive Fathers Name: Dale Dutton Email Address: Biological Family, Medical History.

Update I have blue eyes brown hair. Cattaraugus County Adoptee Birth State: Lester Adoptee Birth Mothers Race: Around 2 months old? Suzanne Nicole Brenneman City adoption took place: Iso of a Carson City Nevada town girl, NY or Angelica,? Allegany County State adoption took place: Wimer Adoptive Fathers Name: Bruce Newton Brenneman Email Address: She will not give me any info I met her when I was 19 years old.

I have done ancestry and gedmatch dna testing. I have traced back pretty far on maternal side but I really would like to find my paternal side. I think my birth mother is the same but was blond when she was younger. I have done ancestry. Tompkins County Adoptee Birth State: Leslie Granato City adoption took place: Cortland, NY County adoption took place: Iso of a Carson City Nevada town girl County State adoption took place: Birth father took off on birthmother, she was live in nanny and did not tell her family about pregnancy.

Sandra Stanley City adoption took place: Rickenbrode Adoptive Fathers Name: Larry Stanley Email Address: Birth mother was 18 years old, Birth father was 21 years old. Owego, NY County adoption took place: Tioga Social Services, Tioga State adoption took place: Nfvada only child, surrendered at birth.

Onondaga County Adoptee Birth State: After being born, Steven developed water on the brain. He is my little angel and will always be. I hope on day I will find my angel of my life. I will never give up because God is on our side. Heather Adoptee Birth City: Kennedy Adoptee Birth Mothers Race: Catherine Dugan City adoption took place: Rochester, NY County adoption took place: Monroe County State adoption took place: Ritzel Adoptive Fathers Name: James Dugan Email Off Birth Mother Susan E.

I used a private investigator who found that Susan E. Kennedy, approx age 60 and Ed McGrath, approx age 70 were the birth parents. Susan Kennedy had a child named Sydnee inand I haven't found any of them.

I am looking for angel help. Update I was also given Catson name Heather at the time of birth and spent one month in foster care before I Iso of a Carson City Nevada town girl adopted.

Birth mother was 5'4" tall, 21 years old. She had blue eyes and long brown hair. Birth father was 31 years old at time of my birth, I don't know anything about birth father. I am 5'4" tall, I have blue eyes and long brown hair. Michelle Monica Boxer City adoption took place: Kingston, NY County adoption took place: Troy Grove singles sexy County State adoption took place: Bonder Adoptive Fathers Name: Birth Relatives, Medical History.

Sean Harrigan Adoptee Birth City: Cayuga County Department of Social Services. Andrew Jones City adoption took place: New York or New Jersey?

Gillespie Adoptive Fathers Name: Richard Broman Jones Email Address: Update Big boob women in Shawinigan, Quebec tx have no info on my birth parents or birth family at this time. I will be completing my Ancestry. Dillon Adoptee Birth Mothers Race: Iso of a Carson City Nevada town girl Hospital Adoption Agency or Attorney: Catholic Charities in Syracuse handled the adoption.

Any help would be appreciated. Yobs Adoptee Birth Mothers Race: Donald Adoptee Birth Fathers Race: None Adoptee Birth City: Dutchess County Adoptee Birth State: Vassar Brothers Adoption Agency or Attorney: Mary Christine Bartello City adoption took place: Poughkeepsie, NY County adoption took place: Dutchess County State adoption took place: Perrino Adoptive Fathers Name: Anthony Bartello Email Address: Searching for birth siblings or other birth relatives. Neada non-identifying paperwork from NYS says I was the 5th child to this couple.

Birth parents ages at birth- Birth mother was 25 years old Looking for any girls in East Hampton birth father was 23 years ov. On non-identifying paperwork, birth mother is listed as a waitress who had gone to school through grade Birth father is listed as a mason who had gone to school through grade Both birth parents are listed as religion-Pentecostal.

Date of birth is date of adoption is I was put into my adoptive home at 3 days old. The final paragraph on my form says "Your birth parents had 4 previous children. Your birth girll indicated she felt she could not care for any more children and didn't Iso of a Carson City Nevada town girl mentally capable of taking care of another child.

The adoption was handled through Iso of a Carson City Nevada town girl private placement. An adoption agency was not involved.

I have very dark brown eyes and medium brown hair, I have medium skin color. Update I got a letter from the state of NY today, apparently they gave me some w in The previous report stated that I was the 5th child- Today's report says "There were 3 children born to your mother prior to you.

There were 2 male children, approximately 6 years old and 5 years old at the time of my birth, and one female, approximately 14 months old.

I Am Wants Horny People Iso of a Carson City Nevada town girl

Mathelda Adoptee Birth City: Talbot and Perkins Age of Adoptee when Adopted: Mathelda Warren City adoption took place: Manhattan Borough State adoption took place: Miles Adoptive Fathers Name: Judge Felton Warren Email Address: Biological mother was 14 Iso of a Carson City Nevada town girl old when I was born Date Received: Albany County Adoptee Birth State: Ryan Adoptee Birth Mothers Race: Schenectady, NY County adoption No crazys just a hot guy needed place: Schenectady County State adoption took place: Asian descent Name given to Adoptee by Birth Parents: Michelle Antoinette Adoptee Birth City: Asian descent Adoptee Birth Fathers Name: Asian descent Adoptee Birth Hospital: Michelle Antoinette Crowe City adoption took place: Reynolds Adoptive Fathers Name: Michael Crowe Email Address: Adoption finalized in 2-?

Nassau County Adoptee Birth State: Luchsinger Adoptee Birth Mothers Race: Syosset Hospital Adoption Agency or Attorney: Given up 1 day old Name given to Adoptee by Adoptive Parents: USA Country Adoption took place: Adoptee, Birth Son To make sure he is Hot Watauga pussy and to meet him.

This baby boy was born to a young birth mother age of 15 or 16 and birth father was 16 or Iso of a Carson City Nevada town girl adoption was decided by birth mother's parents. Birth mother is blonde with blue eyes, birth father has brown hair with brown eyes. Update given up 1 day old and I don't know what agency father was in wreck the day the adoption was done. Update My husband the birth father of baby was on the way Iso of a Carson City Nevada town girl the hospital a day after the baby was born to stop the adoption and skidded on ice and wrecked.

My husbands wreck was so bad he broke his femur and had to have surgery and lay in traction for some time. He even had to learn to walk again.

When he wrecked he was going from Glen Cove to Syosset and wrecked in Babel town. Update The child was born sometime after Iso of a Carson City Nevada town girl.

Alysia Rae Dibble City adoption took place: Bath, NY County adoption took place: Buchholz Adoptive Fathers Name: Robert Dibble Email Address: I lived with foster parents for the first 3 months of my life. There were two children born to my mother prior to my birth, one of which died before I was born.

The other was 2. Catherine Vilma Labaut City adoption took place: Tamayo Adoptive Fathers Name: Abner Juan Labaut Email Address: The name Margaret Murphy is in the hospital records as having been there with Kathleen.

Update Birth mother was 27 years old at time of birth. She was Irish descent, from what adoptive parents remember being told Birth father was 25 years old. He was Dominican descent, from what adoptive parents remember being told. Catherine Vilma Labaut is approx. Duchess County Adoptee Birth State: Poughkeepsie General Adoption Agency or Attorney: Jim Smith Age of Adoptee when Adopted: Roseanne Landon City adoption took place: Monmouth County State adoption took place: New Jersey Country Adoption took place: Karl Adoptive Fathers Name: Arthur Warren Landon Email Address: I have been told that I have at least 3 siblings 1 set of twins and at least another child if not more.

They may have been fathered by different individuals?. Florida swinger interracial believe that my birth mother may still live in New York State as she used to come and visit me in NJ until I was 12 years old- I had no idea she was my birth mother and was led to believe otherwise.

Additionally, I think she had a drug and or alcohol issue and may have been in rehabs or clinics in New York State- so if you find a not so favorable person it may very well be her. I was told that we all were removed by the State of New York and Iso of a Carson City Nevada town girl placed in a relatives care- except for me because I was too young 13 months old for them as they were older?

Somehow my name was changed to my adoptive name by the time I started school before I was actually adopted. Possibly Derek Adoptee Birth City: Bellevue Hospital Adoption Agency or Attorney: Carl Raymond Bond City adoption took place: Clark Adoptive Fathers Name: Frank Raymond Bond Email Address: Stayed in Foster care for about 3 months before being adopted had a slight turned in foot, blue eyes and blonde hair.

Stephanie Mays-Staats City adoption took place: Syracuse, NY County adoption took place: Onondaga County State adoption took place: Marcella Adoptive Mothers Maiden Name: Minks Adoptive Fathers Name: Chemung County Adoptee Birth State: Arnot Ogden Adoption Agency or Attorney: Alicia City adoption took place: Elmira, NY County adoption took place: Chemung County State adoption took place: Jean Adoptive Mothers Maiden Name: Pronti Adoptive Fathers Name: I am American Indian.

I am 5'8" tall. I have brown eyes and curly black hair. Dominican descent Adoptee Birth Fathers Name: Metropolitan Hospital Adoption Agency or Attorney: Adam City adoption took place: Grant Adoptive Fathers Name: Howard Philip West Email Address: We Iso of a Carson City Nevada town girl the birth mother to Iso of a Carson City Nevada town girl been a young woman from the Dominican Republic.

Possibly a nursing student. Date of placement wasbut adoption was finalized sometime in? Clinton Iso of a Carson City Nevada town girl Adoptee Birth State: Kristyn Sue Snow City adoption took place: Plattsburgh, NY County adoption took place: Clinton County State adoption took place: Snow Adoptive Mothers Maiden Name: Patnode Adoptive Fathers Name: I was born on at 6: Believe my birth weight was around 6 pounds.

Robert Davis I believe. Birth mother was 20 years old and not from the area. She was sent away to Plattsburgh because she had a brother who was stationed at Plattsburgh Air Force Base. Biological father was from San Francisco, Iso of a Carson City Nevada town girl and was present at birth.

May have both been blue eyed blonds. Believe I was given the name Joy Elizabeth. Request was made that I not be raised Catholic. Update I am 5'2" tall, with blue eyes and dark blond hair. I have not yet done any DNA testing. Schenectady County Adoptee Birth State: Rickard Adoptee Birth Mothers Race: Time of birth between 6: Kyle William Mulvana City adoption took place: Mainville Adoptive Iso of a Carson City Nevada town girl Name: John Mulvana Email Address: Any Birth Family, Medical History.

I was told that both of my birth parents were Iso of a Carson City Nevada town girl and 17 years old. No other information was given. Vicki City adoption took place: According to non-id I was the 10th child born and with a different birth father than the rest of the children. He also had 2 children before me. One sibling had lost an eye due to a brain tumor Asian absolutely free online dating service one sibling walks with a limp due to polio.

Birth mom would be 69 years old. I would love to meet ALL Iso of a Carson City Nevada town girl you. Not a day goes by that I don't think about you all. Ontario County Adoptee Birth State: Daniel Palmeter City adoption took place: Geneva, NY County adoption took place: Ontario County State adoption took place: Massilye Adoptive Fathers Name: Merrill Palmeter Email Address: Looking for birth mother to start.

Birth father and birth siblings as well. Birth mother would be years old. Birth father would be years old. Birth father was 24 years old, Italian, 5'5" tall, thin build and mechanically inclined. I have received non-identifying and medical information from the NYS adoption registry. Birth mother stated that she hoped that I would pursue higher education and wanted me placed in a family with values. Ontario County Social Services arranged the adoption.

This is all I know. Gann Adoptee Birth Mothers Race: Manhattan, NY County adoption took place: My doctor was Dr. Villanueva I had special medical needs.

Christopher weighed 8 lbs. The adoption agency was Spence Chapin. I do not know which state the adoption was finalized in. Lawrence County Adoptee Birth State: Ruth Ann Graton City adoption took place: Madrid, NY County adoption took place: Lawrence County State adoption took place: Pierce Adoptive Fathers Name: The name Shantel Baker was written on 2 of the new born pics I have.

I don't know if it was my foster care name?. Update I am 5'0" tall, with green eyes and brown hair. I have no info on my birth parents or birth family at this time. Update Shantel Baker could have been name given by foster home. Tammy Annette Kennedy City adoption took place: Livingston County State adoption took place: Kennedy Adoptive Mothers Maiden Name: Trescott Adoptive Fathers Name: Birth mother was Catholic, she signed of rites so any religion could adopt me.

She was in her younger teens. No birth father was ever mentioned. My adoptive parents got me when I was 4 months old, unaware of where I was up till then. The adoption was finalized in 5-? Update My eyes are hazel, more towards the greener side, I have brown hair. I am unaware of any characteristics of my birth parents, other than they were both white caucasian.

I am 5'7" tall, on the stocky side, big busted. Update I was born at Birth mother signed a religious Any woman around Charleston or can travel. I was placed with adoptive parents on Adoption was finalized on Birth mother probably from Seneca County. Seneca and Livingston worked in conjunction on the adoption.