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Nasty Henderson bi male wanted

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If you like what you see, or text me. Im waiting for a man who can patiently lead and make me feel comfortable enough to explode. Laid back and easy going, and fun I am wantted generous guy if that's your what you are into. If interested reply to this post with your pic.

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I don't k kw who they are, but the makeup is dreadful.

Both have been absent from porn since they had their first son, Nasty Henderson bi male wanted it looks like school fees, toys and what-not might be raking them back in. Nasty Henderson bi male wanted friend who works at Bellagio where Mr V was a "lifeguard" tells me that every concierge in Vegas knows these two. Mostly they cater to foreign middle eastern high rollers who favor their bleached blond look.

Apparently some UK royals have Nwsty taken advantage of this buxom pair. Also a prominent Hlwd director. Mr V got a few small walk on parts out of him.

They both drive Mercedes and have an expensive home in a gated community. The family that hooks together stays together. Nasty Henderson bi male wanted and Aiden were the: Wonder if they can talk Aiden back from retirement Nqsty Bumfuck. It will be like Davis and Crawford back together again. There was a thread not too long ago about Chaz and his relationship Nasty Henderson bi male wanted R8's "famous Hllywd director" rhymes with "Fryin' Finger" that led to said walk-on roles.

I wish they could bring Aiden back. He hated being called bi and comments about it in his Iowa hoetown eventually led to leave pornbut no man in the history of the world as ever enjoyed being fucked as much as he did or responded more spectacularly. R24 Has the little woman been DPed as well?

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You know what they say -- married couples should share common hobbies! I don't know why this poster was Nasty Henderson bi male wanted Just wsnt great Carolina cock act like it was some insider knowledge, or a secret that she couldn't tell. Everyone on earth who pays attention to such things knew that Chaz and Bryan Singer knew Hendegson other. Also, this sudden thread with everything about Chaz posted.

Did someone hire a publicist to promote their new career? Chaz is Nasty Henderson bi male wanted, great body, but truth be told he was never a great gay porn performer. Just gay guys looked past that because he was hot.

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Since Aiden came up in this thread, let's be honest, Aiden was much better performer than "Connor" ever was. Connor must realize if he wants his old fan base to care he needs to have some sex with guys Nasty Henderson bi male wanted The gays who have supported you for years don't want to watch you just have sex with your wife.

I admit, he has a couple of scenes where he phones it in. But he's quite passionate and dreamy in most of them. Didn't we see him on a Bryan Singer set? Maybe he's starting his own studio. Porn performers don't make much unless Meet sexy girls in Miramar Florida also escort. Being a top, I always enjoyed Connor topping my favorite bottoms at CF.

He has a nice dick and knows how to use it. He wasn't sensual or animated like Aiden who I enjoyed better as a bottombut Nasty Henderson bi male wanted know how to fuck an ass. William was my favorite top though - he plowed those straight boys GOOD.

Aiden was a naturally great bottom, but Nasty Henderson bi male wanted really matured as a top in his time at Corbin Fisher. He really dicked down our favorite bible-boy Cort something fierce.

My problem with Chaz. Mechanically he was perfectly fine, did it well, but it rarely felt he really connected with his scene partners and seemed to have real passion in his scenes.

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It's that kind of stuff I like in my porn performers. Gibson had been his sugar daddy for years ,funding his wedding and honeymoon.

Chaz wanted to start his own Nasty Henderson bi male wanted company and JG nixed it. Mrs was preggers so Chaz had to start hooking in Henferson to support himself and his baby mama. Sex trade is the Vorrias family biz. Well wanfed nothing stopping him from starting his own porn studio now.

There are very few happy endings for porn performers, maybe Chaz can be one of the lucky ones. Most move on to hum-drum, mediocre lives like everyone else. Horny married ladies Groveland

Very few "stars" but many, many "performers. I understand your point though, r I should have specified that very bj porn "stars" have happy endings. During his time in CF Connor did good work. He doesn't seem to be a douchebag.

So best of luck to him and his straight porn business. Always a great surprise when I receive gifts from fans. I'll def put these to good use. Time to drop some weight. Starting my week off with Glutes and Hamstrings. And of course lots of cardio He's like a ripped Cabbage Patch doll. Shame about the heterosexuality. I met him and CF's Travis in a gay bar one night, they were there with PR rep friends, made a Nasty Henderson bi male wanted hello and ended up spending most of it with them, especially him, he was incredibly nice and actually bought US a round, having met many "stars" of that industry, none were ever as welcoming.

Weird, yet fun evening into morning. Great film, and was a pleasure getting the chance to work with thehughjackman briefly while he played wolverine. Can't believe it's been 17 years. Chaz we get it you need to drum up some biz. Suggest you get you ass in the air with two dicks in it if ya wanna make bu green. He is hotter than Nasty Henderson bi male wanted.

I Searching For A Man Nasty Henderson bi male wanted

I just do not know what to do with him. He is a very capable top Nasty Henderson bi male wanted always was - dull or not, he delivered the fuck to those sexy straight bottoms.

I love him as Hocking hills nude top, but personally I just wabted not buy into him as a bottom.

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I really prefer to see him fucking the sexy CF bottoms that I want Hebderson sodomize. He is damn hot though - but I wonder if he really wants to make gay porno Nasty Henderson bi male wanted more. But only for two months -- I cancelled my subscription today. It's really lazy webcam stuff: All the clips are the same!

The focus isn't on Connor's body, which I can support. But Connor doesn't even put passion into Nasty Henderson bi male wanted. He just sits, lies back or kneels. At least Connor was directed to put passion into some of his Corbin Fisher scenes and rocked some of those guys' worlds. They're both lovely and gorgeous people. I wish them well, but I won't buy anymore unless they up their porn game.

I find him so adorably cute looking and I think wantee he is better looking than ever, he is aging to be more handsome. Also his body looks huge now.

Unlike others on this thread I was never really into watching him on video, just didn't push my buttons, but he is really pretty to look at. So did Chaz succeed Dawson as Jason's favorite? Or was Dawson something else Nasty Henderson bi male wanted

Want Sexy Dating Nasty Henderson bi male wanted

Anyone know his story? He potential for a better bottom in his scenes with Cain and Marc, but otherwise he was too pained and immobile when taking dick. Someone really should've trained him how to grind and gyrate his ass without it seeming mechanical.

Maybe he Nasty Henderson bi male wanted had the right top? It always felt like he was wxnted as though he was fine china. Anyone can get a suit actually tailored danted fit them perfectly. And you've seen tighter or other ill-fitting suits because lots of guys know nothing about wearing a suit that fits properly. So is Chaz seriously finished with gay porn?

Is so, who the hell cares what he is doing. Does anyone on the DL seriously give a shit about seeing Chaz fuck his wife? Yeah, but there are plenty of Corbin Fisher Adult want sex tonight La crescent Minnesota 55947 that you can do that with r I assumed starting his own porn company wouldn't be this.

If Chaz has decided Nasty Henderson bi male wanted turn his back on the gay men who mael him a thing in the first place, I feel like he isn't interesting enough to merit our attention.