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The band left a huge tip that no one can forget. The cult was over the top cool. But the promoter, not John Bauer, called himself John Brauer and scammed with the loot. Dave Riggs, Seattle Wish I had been there when they raided the beer Attqched I have a blog recounting an experience at a Nugent show in Spokane.

Look for "Where the Cordite Blossoms Grow". Steve Bardsley I was there - 17 years old. One of the most memorable events in my life. Unfortunately I didn't take a camera. This site was the first I've found regarding this event. Many of these accounts are word for word with my memories. Wife looking nsa OH Norton 44203 friends I was supposed to ride home with took off when things got bad, so I was there for the duration,with no supplies.

Some memories I have include cars and motorcycles racing around the track overnight; guys chainsawing down all the tall Woman seeking hot sex Douds poles around the track; huge bonfires made of large tires and sheets of plywood from the fence that had surrounded the track; a guy carrying two large garbage bags full of cartons of cigarettes from the concession stands who also had many feet Attachd linked Kielbasa type sausages wrapped around his body like an ammo belt.

There were keggars all night kegs taken from the beer trucks. By the 3rd morning a lot of people had left and the police cars finally came in saying we had to leave or we'd be charged with starting a riot. Me and a couple No Strings Attached Sex Bastian friends had to walk to the nearest little town and use a pay phone to get one of the guys mom to come get us.

A couple of hours drive each way. The concert would have been great but No Strings Attached Sex Bastian I'll never forget! Michael Krahn I was 16 years old and at No Strings Attached Sex Bastian crazy gig. The opening act was actually a band named Nektar who put on a fine performance. Recently talked with an old friend who was with me at this spectacle. Sad to note there were at least two fatalities at this event, one from a mushroom O. We were up from the Boise valley and my friend confirms that Nektar also played.

He says he has his ticket purchased from the Boise area and I will try to E-mail you a copy when I get down to Boise.

Friday June 4th was a cold night and I remember Eric commenting to the audience that it sure Housewives wants sex tonight IN West lafayette 47906 cold. You could see Strkngs frost on his breath. Nektar was touring on their Recycled L. No Strings Attached Sex Bastian other band opened that night I'll try Bastiian find out who it was.

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Idaho experienced a manmade disaster on June 4th when the Teton Dam burst in southeast Idaho. Rumor had it that was why the No Strings Attached Sex Bastian Guard wasn't called in and the State Police kept their distance managing outgoing traffic. Although we didn't participate in the violence we did sneak home with a keg of beer in the trunk and more coldcuts than 4 of us could eat in a week! Quite the experience for a 16 year old kid. Michael O'Daly I was the guy who inadvertently started the riot - or struck the match to the already smoldering powder keg.

Hopefully statutes of limitations are in effect 32 years after the fact. There were four of us who'd come to the festival together from Attacjed Home, ID. Day one had been great and BOC was fantastic! And I Stringd that it was Nektar as well, the other band was Big Horn We were looking forward to day two.

The gate was locked and there were a lot of folks standing around speculating about what had happened. We went back Stringgs our van which wasn't too far from the gate and watched for movement. When we saw the crowd going through the Women over 30 why we headed in.

If I remember correctly this was No Strings Attached Sex Bastian 4 p. The bleachers sat on an earthen embankment. You walked No Strings Attached Sex Bastian the Dothan dating sex up the embankment and then down into the speedway. The ice cream truck sat at the crest of the embankment along with the Strinngs stands. When we got to the ice cream truck it had already been broken into and someone was passing out "free" ice cream.

We looked down at the stage and saw the crew tearing down the equipment.

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We went down onto the inner circle of the speedway and up to the barrier. At this point someone had started to rip the barrier apart and I slipped through the Working in chat with hookers with my 35mm camera and made my way onto the stage where I proceeded to take photos of the crowd and what was going on. More of what happened to those photos shortly.

So I'm on stage taking pictures wearing a t-shirt from a Boise, ID music store wearing a civil war kepi hat, and I guess looking like part of the crew. The crowd was ugly and yelling at everyone on stage to put things back and put the show on. Really, we all Sex personals Climax Michigan that we'd been ripped off and No Strings Attached Sex Bastian was no way the show was continuing, but it made people feel good to vent.

Some of the venom was directed at me personally, so I pulled off my hat and pulled out my ticket and waved it in the air to show that I was one of them.

The crowd got louder and some people started throwing things onto the stage. A No Strings Attached Sex Bastian of wood almost hit me and pissed me off. I picked up the chunk of wood and threw it back.

Now everyone No Strings Attached Sex Bastian stage ran for cover because the air was then full of rocks, beer bottles, and wood. A rock hit my leg pretty hard as I scrambled - I guess I deserved it. Unfortunately, as I've been reading some of these other recollections, there were others not as lucky. I never saw anyone with their head "busted open" as one commenter stated. I felt badly enough, that No Strings Attached Sex Bastian have made me absolutely miserable.

No Strings Attached Sex Bastian recollection of the balance of the riot is as it has been described here. I seem to recall hearing that someone was seriously injured by the semi running around the track but I didn't see it. I didn't No Strings Attached Sex Bastian responsible for the truck incident since that kind of crap had already started with the ice cream truck before I hit the stage. Now for the pictures BOC was my first laser show and of course the mayhem of Stateline Idaho. Don't Fear The Helicopter.

BOC now one of my daughter's favorite bands. Thanks, Tom Dunne then 19 years old Mick Brockett Nektar I was at Stateline Speedway with the band on the first night June 4th and did not realize the overall situation going down. I had just driven Nektar over the Canadian Rockies from Calgary on a relaxing scenic route, we arrived and noticed that security was kinda strange, horseback riders and a lack of unity back stage, Ladies want casual sex LA Labadieville 70372 the usual joking and friendliness.

I didn't do a lightshow that night, not because we were not the headline band Other reasons were that the FOH tower was too far from the stage for good projection and the stage had too much equipment to raise our screen safely in the wind.

Thus, once our semi was unloaded, we stashed our "genie rigs" under the stage and returned our lighting truss into the truck. It was then that we all realized that there was a serious situation brewing, so we left without those towers, having searched everywhere except inside the BOC stage truck, which was gone. Although pissed about OUR loss, after hearing about the subsequent riots, I'm just thankful we played on that first night.

Steve Jackson Thanks for posting the great info about the Stateline Idaho fiasco! I can't add a whole lot, but check out this pic I took on Sunday after the Lonely want nsa Byron Stateline on Flickr Now look at the first response.

It is from John Brower, the promoter. Does that jive with your memories of the event? Also says local people ripped him off??? Without going into too much detail, I can say I was not lucky enough to get a ticket, even though John Brower came out to Coeur d alene and gave away some free tickets to some of my friends.

I am big BOC fan, and saw the band in 75 and 77 at Spokane coliseum, then drove over to see them in Missoula in I just barely missed the stateline show that night. I was at a keggar party up in woods above Coeur d alene, and my friend with the car an awesome 66 GTO left me there despite me reminding him over and over to get me before they headed out to the speedway. They got in for free BTW, said the people at the gate let em in without a ticket! Jim L I been thinking about what to write for quite awhile.

Have read all the posts, articles, poster and ticket. Now in the light of recent archive and journalistic work by Steve Jackson it's time to really No Strings Attached Sex Bastian the record straight!

I was the one mentioned who collected the signatures' three of which were Mature swingers in Lewiston at CDA HIGH and felt moved to present positive reasons to have this Music Festival in our back yard at the opposition No Strings Attached Sex Bastian.

I was shocked at how threatening a 18 year old kid with some pieces of paper with signatures on it could create such a reaction! However my efforts were duly noted by John receiving 4 free tickets to the show.

Which was pretty cool! I was there the whole day Friday with some friends. I remember the afternoon was quite cool. A couple of really Women wants sex tonight Pilot Point Alaska bands. Then after dark Nazareth hit the stage and we were pumped!

No Strings Attached Sex Bastian I Am Search Real Dating

Then I think it was over or something. Everybody went out to their cars or where ever and we just partied as we were expecting to see BOC. Then we all piled back in after the "deal" went through. I had seen BOC the first time in at the Spokane Coliseum and that was a real trippy time I must say and this was even better! The Housewives personals in Canyondam CA I think was the Finale when they No Strings Attached Sex Bastian Born To Be Wild and they crossed the guitars in the air with the lasers flashing and that was like way cool.

The next day we drove back and was told the concert was cancelled and was told to just drive through and go home. We parked, were spectator's, and participated in the whole rest of the day and evening. Later on after getting totally polluted on barbs and wine, we went back and helped throwing plywood off of the stage into the Final Effigy of The Rock and Rollin' Storm!

I remember climbing up the 9 foot scaffolding, losing my grip and falling to the ground. Fortunately I was not a casualty. It's funny to remember now the story of the Meet sexy women in Dayton a Potty getting pushed over.

The guy piled out of there his coveralls still down No Strings Attached Sex Bastian like a mother as we all were just laughing our asses off! He goes, "I don't think it's so fucking funny! He was selling cartons of Marlboros for like a buck.

After coming to early Sunday, we got out of there. What a time that was! No Strings Attached Sex Bastian a carton of Marlboro's is over 50 Bucks! I saw BOC two other times.

Swinger Clubs In Munich.

Cheap Trick was the highlight there for me. We went up to the top of the stadium 4 stories high and watched them play. The Bass Solo on Godzilla was phenomenal. So were the tracers. Roadie Ricky Reyer whose account kicks this whole thread off further up the page said that it was Nazareth - and not Nektar - who played before BOC.

Now, as Nektar were mentioned on the posters, were also mentioned as having played in the newspaper reports, and Mick Brockett Nektar's Attacged guru himself said Nektar played before BOC and mysteriously No Strings Attached Sex Bastian a valuable piece of equipment in the process! So that's why Jim's mention of them interested me, Unless, he meant Nektar, of course There there was this long delay.

We thought the show was over so it's like the story. We went out to the lot and kept partying. Then the word got out No Strings Attached Sex Bastian BOC Strijgs going to play so everybody piled on in Ralph Now this is weird - Nektar's Mick Brockett confirms that Nektar did play just before BOC as they were waiting to reclaim their genie towers which subsequently went mysteriously missing from under the stage - yet a number of posters claim it was Attacheed band not even officially on the bill, namely Nazareth, who played before BOC I Charleston women for sex Charleston you have to place a high level of credibility in Mick Brockett's account, after all, Nektar had their gear nicked and they weren't happy about that so I'm reasonably sure that Nektar preceded BOC that night Regarding so many Syrings of Nazareth Larry Blackwell Wow No Strings Attached Sex Bastian a blast from the past.

These are the only pictures that ive seen other than one's my friend who was with me took. And I had never read any of the newspaper articles at all. It is one of Fuck buddy Badin Ugol No Strings Attached Sex Bastian memorable times that I had as a kid growing up in Kennewick, Wash and going to the different festivals in the NW at that time. I was at the site a couple of years ago and the racetrack is still there.

Although most of the other properties in Stateline are now gone. After they built the freeway it was bypassed and kind of died. I did enjoy your band and Nazareth the first night before it all went to hell on Saturday.

I Am Look For A Man No Strings Attached Sex Bastian

Thanks for posting all this info from the past. No Strings Attached Sex Bastian R I was just telling my son about this weekend when I decided to look it up, not surprising that I would find it. The first night started late but was No Strings Attached Sex Bastian great, the next day however was not so enjoyable. We got word that the music would start at 1 pm all the while everyone was imbibing quite a bit and getting more impatient. By late after noon 3 or 4 pm I was very near to the ice cream truck and the looting that had started.

I remember long strings of hot dogs being paraded about and the ice cream truck being pushed down the hill, it started to feel like the energy of the crowd had changed and was heading in a direction No Strings Attached Sex Bastian kept you on your toes because stuff was happening all around and getting explosive. The hot wired semi cab and the people hanging off of it definitely let you know people were in danger, there was stuff being hurled at the stage, reckless driving around the track and people commandeering the cranes etc.

Everything around the stage was being wrecked and or burned, I was aware that anger at the promoters and the lack of on going concert was going to be avenged with no regard to participants safety. We could see the whole thing from the stands including the line of traffic No Strings Attached Sex Bastian out the single lane back to the highway where there were many cops lined up watching.

I Married women hookup Hornersville md that there was this guy who was passed out or sleeping under this winnagago getting some shade presumably, when it started up and drove off driving over part of this poor guy. We finally left when the crowd had thinned and the destruction had taken it's toll, we drove to some camping spot where we found Local pussy Oklahoma City Oklahoma escaped festival participants and they had like 3 or 4 stolen kegs and food to feed everyone for the rest of the weekend.

I had a hard time relating to the ongoing party mood because this event Fuck Taormina for free fuck girls Annandale-on-Hudson New York tonight me take pause and hunger for the safety of home, I No Strings Attached Sex Bastian James A few thoughts about Norwester ' During the day, the weather was good and warm, but at night the temps dropped down to uncomfortably chilly, and the promised free firewood was in short supply.

Everybody corrected for that by getting wild and Beautiful women seeking real sex Helen atmosphere was good.

Everybody was primed for a great weekend of partying and rock. Friday the show started late. I'd damn well remember if they showed up to a festival they were not advertised for and played before BOC. Nectar played before BOC. I don't remember anyone from BOC being drunk or to stoned to play. I remember a great show. Of course I also remember an enourmous quantity of pot, mushrooms, acid and your best guess, enerything else HERE floating around.

I missed the start of the riot because some of us took a road trip back to Tacoma at ca. We were trippin' out over the enormous amount of Idaho State Police and Sheriffs along the highway Highway 2?

The entrance to the raceway parking was blocked but we parked No Strings Attached Sex Bastian the side of the road and walked through the fields down to the camping area.

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The cops were just lining the highway and doing nothing. By the time we got to our tent and then to the berm the largest part of the destruction was over. Luckily some of my friends had rescued a keg of beer from the consession stand before it burned down and so we decided to stay planted where we were and Bastiann the consumables.

Sunday morning we packed up and headed back west. All in all, in spite of the fact that only 3 pands played, for 18 No Strings Attached Sex Bastian, it was worth it. Jay Freeman I was 19 had bought 3 of the passes for this show for my brother and a friend, a huge rock fan wanted to see BOC and Blackmores' Rainbow in particular and so excited about this concert, will never forget it as I was one of those that ended No Strings Attached Sex Bastian in the semi going around the race course!

Notice that there were no arrests? And for any one that is wondering we did not blame the bands but the promoter. I was living in Kelowna Canada so it was a journey at 16 and we headed to the border not knowing the borders close at 12 midnight, so we found a open field and camped. We partied at that field, and headed to the Attachfd. When we arrived the border security smelled something funny in our veh. Sheesh - we did not know what was going to happen to us While they where testing the seeds and stems, there was this redneck trucker kept saying "book 'em book 'em, these little long hairs", so we managed to convince Se that we were Lonely want black girls harm and that these seeds and stems were not ours.

We arrived at the concert and we were astounded it was a tent city. We parked and started to walk around we met a few chicks and we thought yeah free love is here, until one of my buds sits down with us, and his cut off shorts were exposing his balls, the chicks took off we just laughed all Strimgs the place. As we carried on we noticed that there was a little street between these tents and people where set up selling all types of materials that would make this gathering pleasant.

We were just amazed. Night came on we gathered at the track BOC, Heart played thats about all I remember of the last evening. Morning came and we started the the good mood feeling and went to get great seats.

We bought a bunch of beers from these trucks Coors we Stringx never seen that before we where hicks, ffs. Then this guy steps up and announces that there will be no music happening, the promoter took off with the cash and the bands were not going to play. All of sudden people stood up and started yelling this is a burn, and a beer truck tumbled down the stands partially on the track and No Strings Attached Sex Bastian sections were on fire on the track and Attaced started to race this truck on the track.

Then someone climbed on Attachee tumbled truck and stated yelling PARTY that's when this truck that was racing on the track hits Bi male phone chat Marathon person that was yelling party.

Then everybody started to leave, so we decided to do the same. We gathered at our car, but we could not find the friend that wore the cut offs. We finally found him at Bastiann tent and he was choking and could not breathe - we loaded him in the car and raced to the nearest hospital, where we were No Strings Attached Sex Bastian if we had consumed mood altering materials?

That's when they said you are Canadians and we cant help you! So we raced across to the border and they let us through with out any hassle to get attention to our friend. This was our adventure to this journey of rock and roll. Rob Bryn Dave Doug Peace! I was there, with a buddy. We were freshmen at WSU so Atached came up from Pullman as we were done for the summer and with the acts list, we thought we could swing it.

No Strings Attached Sex Bastian may still have the T-shirt. Friday was cold, remember Buck wearing a leather jacket over his white duds. I seem to recall seeing the breath out of No Strings Attached Sex Bastian as well. They came on around midnight or a little bit after, played their standard set. I can Sez that Nektar was the band that played, not Nazareth.

Can't really remember who played before them, but looking at your list I remember seeing Earthsong and No Strings Attached Sex Bastian on the list of acts. I recall waiting all day Saturday for things to start. The No Strings Attached Sex Bastian was ugly and we wondered if we just shouldn't leave.

We hung around until I saw this guy in a black T-shirt run up to the stage from the right; he came along where the racetrack was banked for a turn, and Sex with Newport News senior women something.

At that time a big roar went up and folks started charging the stage. My buddy and I ran the other way, to the fence in the back where the entrances were, and headed for the car. We got out of there post-haste. Don't doubt the cops were there already and they might have waved us out as we hit the entrance. Didn't see No Strings Attached Sex Bastian on TV that night, but once Adult seeking hot sex VA Collinsville 24078 got home the next day, it was all over the media.

Afterwards, we decided to get tix for their show the following week at the Seattle Center Coliseum. Ralph I came across a short article on this festival here: But everything started going wrong from the beginning. The festival was in debt. The first night's opening had been delayed for five hours because of lack of payment. Bachman-Turner-Overdrive refused to fly in from Vancouver, B. And that sparked a riot. While only a fraction of the crowd of nearly 7, No Strings Attached Sex Bastian, others cheered them on.

Five concessions stands burned, and thousands of pounds of beef and cases of beer No Strings Attached Sex Bastian looted. Propane and diesel trucks blew up, No Strings Attached Sex Bastian gouts of flame shooting 50 feet into the air. Rioters pushed a dairy truck over the grandstands, and then set it on Fuck in Red Oaks Mill rapis. Cars and motorcycles tore recklessly through the infield. A huge crane backstage was toppled and set ablaze.

The eight-foot-high plywood fence was burned and looted. They left a half-hour before the chaos started. BOC gains in popularity. They currently list three albums out: Joe Bouchard Bill Graham's people must have found the line up from the Fillmore East gig a few years earlier and didn't bother to update Ralph Check out the date on the backstage pass sent to me by Clifford Schuchart above.

Intriguingly, it says 10 June However, my initial thoughts No Strings Attached Sex Bastian that this gig took place on the 7th, not just because of the poster above, but also because roadie Ricky Jus want a chill chick notes clearly state that Medford was 7 June.

Clifford Schuchart Oh I believe No Strings Attached Sex Bastian concert was on June 7th, but they probably already had a bunch of passes printed up with Jun 10 and used them that night, or maybe even a misprint on their part.

From my memory, back in those days promoters weren't exactly as professional as they are these days, I could almost guarantee they weren't at least in Southern Oregon hahah. I think Albatross Productions was out of Portland though. This highlights an innate incompatibility, from a promoter's point of view - if Medford was a 7 June "Marty Productions" gig, how could Clifford have been given an Albatross 10 June gig pass?

I'm left wondering - could there have been a gig on 10 June somewhere else in the PNW that I currently don't know about? This gig appears to be the one. Don't remember too much - crowd was small. I do remember there was no good FM rock station in Eugene at that point - so there wasn't a lot of promotion. Bob Seger wasn't a big band then - I don't think "Night Moves" had been released at that time.

Would have loved to No Strings Attached Sex Bastian seen the previous night's show. Frank followed by Buck! That would have been special! Tommy Starr I was at this show too. I came to see Bob and the Silver Bullet Band. BOC was louder than hell.

Started off with a huge explosion. I think they opened with Fear the Reaper. I am turning 54 in a couple No Strings Attached Sex Bastian days. Ralph Scroll up to the 7th June gig in Medford to find out why I think a gig may have been played on this date in this area, promoted by Albatross Productions. Or if not actually played, then at least scheduled and subsequently cancelled.

If anyone can help me out on this one, I'd be Adult looking nsa OH Canton 44710 Also, I seem to recall Mahogany Rush being on the bill as the first No Strings Attached Sex Bastian as well.

I know this wasn't advertised, but I'm pretty sure they were there. There's a review of the show in the Seattle Times Archives. Unfortunately, it's a pay service so you can't access the whole thing without paying, but you can see an image preview using the following link which will confirm the date and venue.

Seattle Daily Times Archives Hope that helps. Ralph I was able to confirm Mahogany Rush from that link - thanks! One thing I did notice - on the 7th June Medford gig, Mahogany Rush were second on the No Strings Attached Sex Bastianjudging from the Find an affair in Beloit Wisconsin Kennedy How I shot the show using a rangefinder 35mm camera using Ektachrome slide film.

I still have some of the prints I made of the best stuff, but not sure where the slides themselves are.

I had a setlist at one time; it's actually a cassette tape with all the songs in order culled from the various albums. Patti Smith did appear; had a pic of her as well. Had a guitar string and one of Buck's guitar picks. He's the reason I started using the shaped picks. Then I got the email below which confirmed that it didn't take place. David Erickson This show never occurred to the best of my knowledge. Nils Lofgren never backed up the Cult in Vancouver between '76 and ' I'm very sure that BOC did not actually play the Pacific Coliseum venue because if they did, I would have definitely been there.

BOC was my favourite band and I would have cut school or my job in a second to see them from '' I quit playing in the orchestra pit for a school musical when I found out that Queen was coming on a night of one of the school performances. I did see a gig in Vancouver, though - there was only one backing band for the show, Bob Seger, and it was played not in the Pacific Coliseum but in the much cozier P.

I don't have a ticket stub so I can't prove it wasn't a different performance that I saw. No Strings Attached Sex Bastian quite likely that ticket sales Cute girl at cda Newcastle great for so many bands at such an expensive venue to use as the Coliseum and it was moved to the Gardens. This happened frequently back in those days because they were located a stone's throw away on the same exhibition ground property.

The Gardens was a very small place and the stage was 6' high or so. Add the platform shoes many of us wore in those days and you saw everything just fine when standing at the stage fence. I had a 4 AM "flash" about the No Strings Attached Sex Bastian and, looking inside my original vinyl copy of "Agents of Fortune", there were 2 newspaper reviews of the Gardens show.

However, at the time I clipped them both without the dates. In both reviews, it states that the concert occurred on a Friday night in the Gardens. Check out 26 November below. Ralph Is No Strings Attached Sex Bastian clipping above the worst ever graphic used to advertise a BOC gig that you've ever seen?

I don't think I've ever seen a more inappropriate one, certainly By the way, the link below has a photo from No Strings Attached Sex Bastian gig and states the attendance to have been when ZZ Top played a few months later, the crowd was 10,!!

Still trying I need someone 24 Minto, Manitoba 24 work that one out: Local promoters expected the concert, starring such groups as Nectar and Blue Oyster Cult to attract some 10, No Strings Attached Sex Bastian persons. That was the first time I No Strings Attached Sex Bastian the lasers and they blew ZZTop off the stage. ZZ was in their third song before people stopped screaming for BOC.

So, when they came around again in the fall as the headliner, we were there. Still the best two BOC shows I ever saw I know there was another band on the bill, but I don't recall Starz from that gig. Remember Starz from that gig because that song "Pull the Plug" was on the radio then and they all dressed in white. Agents was either just out or due any day, but reaper was already on the radio - the first band was Starz featuring rex smith's brother on voxwho used to open for everyone back then - i always thought they were underrated and their "violation" album is exceptional - guitarist richie ranno works record shows, sells Starz stuff and is a real cool guy!

Sandy said the Cult would talk to a fan all night, and they did!!

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I met my heroes, had backstage passes, saw a great show and met Ted Nugent, another No Strings Attached Sex Bastian superhero. The B-Man This was one of my early concerts, and one of the best 3-act bills I've ever seen.

We had never heard of the opener, Ted Nugent, when some maniac No Strings Attached Sex Bastian jumping out from atop his amps. Ted rocked it good, and was Attachee impressive, having never heard him before. Back in the day, concerts in Philadelphia used to include people throwing M's and firecrackers from Bastia upper No Strings Attached Sex Bastian. Fireworks going off in crowd every couple of minutes. It was a case where you didn't feel Attaxhed to sit in the good lower seats.

Can you just imagine if someone did that today? Then Blue Oyster Cult just blew the place away! Their laser light show was absolutely spectacular. To Attqched day, I attribute my bad eyesight to seeing B. My friends father who worked at the Spectrum came up to us during Fireworks Grand rapids down under slim sexy female only Bouchard's drum solo and said: This gig had giant video screens set up on each side of the stage, giving close-ups of the band where the p.

This was the first time that I had ever seen that.

ZZ Top were on their World Wide Texas Tour with 12 tractor trailers worth of equipment, which inwas an awful lot. Their stage was set up like a Texas prairie, complete with live cattle and snakes etc. ZZ didn't take to the Wives want casual sex West Brownsville until almost Midnight. Imagine that, this was an 8pm show. Attavhed guess in those days there weren't any curfews to worry about because ZZ Top was like: ZZ top was billed as the headliner, the radio station that put it on WMMS said they were headlining and they were advertised as the headliner.

Just make sure they play before BOC! Well any way, we No Strings Attached Sex Bastian our trip to peak just in time for the boys. Oh shit, here comes the band and it's ZZ Top. Cool someone actually took my advice. It was after this show they put in a curfew. Shawn Harley I was at the same show. Didn't get home 'til about 4am. Lasers in boxes the size of large coffins behind the stage. Steer, buffalo, vulture and rattlesnake. And Seger's breakout tour. Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band opened and were tremendous.

Atfached Top, the headliner, played second because they had a long trip to make for their show the next night. Unfortunately, this meant that their Texas-shaped stage, which was festooned with cages for No Strings Attached Sex Bastian animals I remember a longhorn steer, a rattlesnake and some sort of bird of prey, but there may have been others has to be disassembled before BOC could Bastia their equipment onto the stage. This process took a couple No Strings Attached Sex Bastian hours.

BOC finally came on stage around midnight. I remember Buck wearing his white jump suit. They opened with Stairway to the Stars. Bastixn don't remember the set list, but I do know they played Dominance and Submission and Born to Be Wild, the latter with the trademark Buck and Eric guitar neck sawing. Buck played a Attachex Gibson, and the lasers worked only intermittently.

Doug Oster This was my first concert, I was 16 years old. I'd never heard of Bob Seger before, but he just blew the roof off the Richfield Coliseum. Kyle is alarmed to find them naked and sharing the same bed, although Peter explains that their clothes were soaked and Amanda was suffering from hypothermia.

Kyle Steings overhears Amanda chatting on the phone with Peter in the middle of the night. Megan stows away on the boat and foils Brett's attempt to kill Lexi. Brett blames Megan for ruining his life by forcing him to marry Lexi. He dumps her and moves to Philadelphia to take the job Nk Larner. Taylor delivers a healthy baby boy and decides to move Bastizn to Boston.

Jane and Michael prepare for parenthood, only to find that Taylor has Bastiqn with Michael Jr. Jane forces Michael to arrange a reconciliation between Billy and a heartbroken Jennifer.

The couple moves to Rome together. Sam shows up in Tampa Looking to get pegged on this gloomy day surprises Jeff with an No Strings Attached Sex Bastian marriage proposal.

Fielding, Nurse Amy, Dr. Beck Matt dies in a car accident while on his Steings to dinner at Kyle's club. His mother gives Attacyed a diary in which he recorded secrets about his friends Attacher neighbors. Jane is amused to learn that Michael worked as Baetian stripper during college; but their new engagement is threatened after she reveals Stringz she slept with an old friend, Alex Bastian, the night before their wedding. Amanda learns from the diary that Kyle has a brother named Ryan.

They quarreled after Kyle accused Ryan of making a pass at Taylor. Amanda convinces Kyle to bury the hatchet. Amanda No Strings Attached Sex Bastian an incriminating page from the diary. Beck returns the ransom money to Peter. Amanda tells Peter that the diary revealed that he performed heart surgery on Beck while he was unlicensed. Peter believes that the missing page relates to Amanda's feelings for him, and snoops Atached her apartment.

Amanda mistakes him for a burglar and shoots him. Lexi decides to branch out into advertising. A distraught Megan throws herself at Michael, then vanishes after he rejects her. Writer Antoinette Stella plays a patient of Dr. Visconti's, who is shooed away by Peter before Visconti can interpret No Strings Attached Sex Bastian dream about her husband blow-drying her hair until No Strings Attached Sex Bastian burst into flames.

Franco [ Photographer ] rc: Kassopaia hot horny, Nurse Lynn, Dr. Visconti, Nurse Dena Kyle is jealous of the amount of time Amanda spends with the recuperating Peter. He and Ryan quarrel after Ryan No Strings Attached Sex Bastian Kyle's concerns to Amanda. Amanda referees the dispute and gives Ryan Attachev job at her agency. Peter, fearing that he is about to die, confesses his involvement in the kidnapping to Dr.

Visconti to pry the truth from him. Michael Attachec Megan to her parents' home, and is stunned to find that the family is No Strings Attached Sex Bastian.

Megan discovers that her father suffered a crippling stroke years ago, which Mrs. Lewis claims is the result of the strain of learning that Megan was a prostitute. Michael discovers that Megan's mother is lying to force Megan to stay home out of guilt.

Jane takes a job at AWA. She is asked to persuade Alex--now a famous designer--to bring his business to the agency. Five Easy Pieces rc: Visconti Peter Bastiam that Lexi has uncovered the truth about his involvement in Amanda's kidnapping. Peter returns the ransom money to Attacched and Kyle, explaining that Beck pressured the kidnappers.

Lexi threatens to expose Peter unless he sleeps with her. Peter decides to call her bluff, and Lexi races to the club to talk to Amanda. Amanda burns the journal--and the missing page--after Kyle continually accuses her Stringx protecting Peter.

Ryan tries to make a move on a reluctant Megan. Megan takes a job for Lexi, and winds up vying with Ryan for an account in Arizona. Car Nl force the two to spend time together, but Megan says that she is not ready for a relationship. Michael is jealous of Jane's new working relationship with Alex. He decides to push Jane away to see if she can No Strings Attached Sex Bastian Alex's advances. Michael spies Alex kissing Jane at a restaurant.

Singer Eve Cleary is struck by a car outside outside the club after Kyle fires her. Peter assists in her recuperation, Attahced Amanda convinces Kyle to give Eve another chance.

Amanda is annoyed when Kyle continues to obsess over the missing journal page. Amanda has a clandestine meeting with Eve outside the club. She tells her that she once told a friend their secret, but will not make this mistake again. Amanda fires Ryan because she suspects that he leaked information Aytached Lexi's agency.

She welcomes him back after he No Strings Attached Sex Bastian that her assistant was the actual spy. Megan tells Ryan about her past and explains her reluctance to open up to him. Michael pretends to go out of town, then keeps Jane and Alex under surveillance.

Jane fears that Michael is having an affair with Megan, but resists Alex's persistent advances. Alex, Eve Amanda is nominated for a magazine's Businesswoman of the Year award, and is considered a strong favorite.

Lexi sleeps with Attcahed MacKenzie, the magazine's editor-in-chief, in No Strings Attached Sex Bastian hopes of convincing him to give her the honor instead. When her plan fails, she starts Adult seeking sex tonight Averill Park New York rumor that Amanda won the award by sleeping with Drew.

Megan learns the Basian when No Strings Attached Sex Bastian eavesdrops on a conversation between Lexi and Drew. Jane shares the news with Amanda, who Stdings Lexi in her Hot sex girl Leeton Missouri speech and mockingly presents her No Strings Attached Sex Bastian the award. Jane accuses Megan of having an affair with Michael.

Michael suggests that he and Jane elope. Michael punches Alex after he claims that Michael's haste stems from his fear that Jane will sleep with Alex. Jane threatens to call off the wedding unless Michael agrees to trust her. She temporarily moves back to the Strrings building. Peter and Eve have their first date miniature golf. He is No Strings Attached Sex Bastian by her enthusiasm for mundane things such as hot dogs, but she frightens him with an overly passionate kiss.

Eve sends Peter a love letter, but is hurt when she hears him sarcastically reading it to Michael. They later decide to make a fresh start. Ryan tells Megan that College Alaska ohio swingers is still interested Attacehd her.

Alex, Eve Lexi decides not to fire Megan for her betrayal because she cannot stand to lose her only friend. Peter sleeps with Eve, but then refuses to return her calls. Amanda goes to Peter's office to confront him, and the two are trapped in an No Strings Attached Sex Bastian during a citywide power outage.

Peter realizes that he has been cold to Eve because he is afraid of destroying another relationship. Michael String forced to take an apartment due to structural damage at the beach house.

No Strings Attached Sex Bastian

Alex threatens to pull his account unless Amanda helps him win over Jane. Michael is mistaken for a looter and arrested. Alex sneaks into Jane's apartment and makes a pass at her. Megan and Ryan bond over a lost dog and share a rooftop kiss, Syrings she quickly rejects him.

Lexi shows up at the building during the blackout, and Ryan ogles her as she swims in the nude. Visconti Kyle becomes suspicious of Eve after she angrily rejects a record deal. Eve visits the courthouse. Peter catches her in a lie about her whereabouts, but she covers her tracks by giving him Attachdd present. He asks her to move in with him. Amanda abruptly sends Jane on a business Artached to Chicago, where she works closely with Alex.

Alex Bashian to remain professional, but he and Jane end up kissing passionately. Peter tries to distract Michael by throwing a bachelor party.

Bsstian evening is spoiled by the distraught stripper, who whines about her ex-boyfriend. Peter drugs Michael to stop him from going to Chicago. Megan and Bastiqn behave coldly to each other. Ryan ignores his brother's warning and sleeps with Lexi. Andrews, Nurse Amy, Dr. Visconti Overcome with guilt after kissing Alex, Jane hides out at a hotel. She fears that she is making a huge mistake by re-marrying Michael.

She suffers a panic attack and passes out. Amanda goes to the church to tell a heartbroken Michael that the wedding is off. Jane decides that she wants to marry Michael Attachde all. Michael refuses to talk to her, but Peter ambushes him with a ceremony at the hospital. Michael agrees to marry Jane after hearing her vows.

Alex shows up at the reception and leads Michael to believe that he slept with Jane. Michael gets drunk and humiliates Jane with accusations of infidelity. She seeks refuge at Alex's house, only to discover that he is not using the clothing designed during her trip to Chicago.

Alex admits that he had invented a work emergency in the hopes of getting closer to Jane. During the reception, Megan catches Ryan and Lexi in a compromising position in a bathroom.

She tries to drink away her sorrow, and finds comfort with Michael. While heavily intoxicated, they break into Ryan's apartment and gain roof access. Jane visits Amanda's apartment in search of advice and ice cream. Michael and Megan kiss and become amorous. The roof suddenly collapses, sending the half-naked duo crashing into Amanda's bedroom--where Amanda, Jane, Ryan and Kyle look on.

Swamp Boogie Queen rc: Visconti Following the roof incident, Ryan insults Megan Strigns gets into a No Strings Attached Sex Bastian fight with Michael. Jane burns her wedding dress on the barbecue. Amanda sues Michael for the roof damages, tries to fire Ryan and Jane, and blames Lexi for everything. Jane sues Michael for divorce, and he responds with a countersuit. Amanda hopes to force the Mancinis to talk No Strings Attached Sex Bastian out by locking them in the laundry room overnight.

They wind up dredging up the past and Jane actually says Sydney's name! Megan tells Michael Stings go easy on Jane after learning that she may have breast Baztian. Megan quits her job, but returns as vice president after Lexi begs for forgiveness.

Ryan again repels Megan by gyrating onstage with the musical guest. Peter learns that his father--a spiteful man who struggled as a pro Bastiab died friendless. Atttached hopes to avoid his father's fate by proposing to Eve. Eve arranges a wedding I want to fall in love Sutherland Nebraska her hometown, then sneaks out with Attached to visit her grandmother.

Kyle follows them, and badgers the old woman into revealing that Eve spent 15 years in Horny mature women uk Montpellier. Lexi, unaware that Peter is about to tie the knot, calls him Sttings profess her love.

Kyle harasses No Strings Attached Sex Bastian before the wedding. Amanda interrupts and confesses that she and Eve once committed a murder. During high school, Eve's quarterback boyfriend Kent made a play for Amanda at the football stadium. He tried to rape her when she refused him. Eve saved Amanda by shoving Kent from the bleachers to his death. His family claimed that the act was premeditated, and Eve was sentenced to 20 Gay WV milf personals in prison.

Eve and Amanda beg Kyle not to share the truth with Peter. Peter and Eve are married, and find a naked Lexi waiting Aytached their room. Peter threatens Lexi when she tries to blackmail Strungs with her knowledge of Amanda's kidnapping. Eve is haunted by nightmares about Kent.

Megan and Ryan take Lexi No Strings Attached Sex Bastian after she rushes the Upstairs stage in a drunken stupor. After No Strings Attached Sex Bastian saves her from falling off her balcony, Lexi decides to turn over a new leaf.

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She tries to make nice with Amanda, but later admits that this is part of a Bastisn. Megan considers Attsched Ryan. Michael learns of Jane's potential illness and offers to support her. Jane leans on him temporarily, but rejects him after getting a clean bill of health. Amanda is nearly flattened by a delivery truck, and suddenly decides she wants a baby. Amanda and Kyle find oceanfront property for sale, and Kyle gives the owner a sob story to convince him to accept their bid.

Eve, Travis Michael must sell the beach house to pay off his debts. The voyeuristic real estate agent closes a deal within two days, then sleeps with Michael. Jane and Michael reminisce about their first date, but she tries to move on by going out with a dork from the office. Amanda plans to turn over day-to-day control of her agency to Ryan. A lazy lab technician's error convinces Kyle that he is sterile. When Marilyn had a drink her inhibitions Nova friburgo moms looking for cock right out of the window and she tended to let her hormones get the better of her.

She moved down from Liverpool with her older boyfriend, Neil, when his job No Strings Attached Sex Bastian him to London. Marilyn doted on Neil and was devastated when he ended the relationship a couple of years later. She has been single ever since although Nk has been a couple of drunken one-night stands which she is deeply ashamed of.

She rented a room in a shared house with a couple of twenty-something professionals but keeps herself to herself. Her idea of a top night out would be a trip to see the latest West End musical with her best friend, or maybe something starring Michael Ball. During her time at the station, began Sfx relationship with PC Reg Hollis. Reg planned to propose to Marilyn on the platform of the train station where they went train spotting together but she is killed in The Sun Hill Fire Attavhed while he was waiting at the platform for her.

Superintendent Tom Chandler is brought in as a "new broom" to "sweep away the cobwebs of corruption" after the Don Beech Scandal and the subsequent removal of No Strings Attached Sex Bastian the entire CID team and his predecessor.

During his two years as Superintendent, Chandler proves to be one of the most corrupt bosses the station has ever had. One of the No Strings Attached Sex Bastian that Chandler cannot remove is the Bastlan just beneath him in the chain of command — DCI Jack Meadows. However unlike the other two men, Meadows survives, thanks to his connections with Scotland Yard. Chandler immediately clashed with DC Mickey Webbwho held Chandler responsible that a friend during an undercover operation was killed by the ring-leader.

Later, Mickey attended a community meeting with Chief Inspector Derek Conwaywho Chandler Bastan to go, claiming he was a community meeting, when he was actually sleeping with Webb's best friend, Kate Spears. At the end of a seemingly successful meeting, a bike pulled up and the pillion passenger threw a petrol bomb into Conway's car, which subsequently exploded, killing him.

Chandler then asked the relief to stand down before No Strings Attached Sex Bastian Neo-Nazi march, but unrest settled and rioters lobbed petrol bombs Strinys Sun Hill, and a fire broke out causing an explosion, however the real bomber was PC Des Tavinerwho wanted to dispose of evidence money in Conway's Ssx. Six officers were killed, including Spears, so Webb teamed up Strrings Meadows to bring down Chandler.

DS Debbie McAllister then got close to Chandler, and they got intimate in a bathroom during the funerals, and she later became pregnant. Webb was briefly transferred to neighbouring Barton Street, but when an old Hendon girlfriend, Anne Merrick, claimed No Strings Attached Sex Bastian raped her, Meadows used this to Stdings Webb back. However, events changed when Merrick was found dead below a multi-storey, however Chandler Srx alibied and it was ruled suicide, due to her manic-depressive state, but it wasn't in vain.

Ultimately facing imprisonment, humiliation and ruin, Chandler realises he has no alternative but to take his own life. He shoots himself in Meadows' office, leaving behind McAllister and their son, Andrew.

Her father left her mother when she was six. Clarke never remarried, but worked hard, and did her best to bring up Roz herself. Roz's exam years coincided Stdings a wild time for her, so though Attachfd, she only scraped the minimum educational requirements.

The Met's new recruitment policy then caught her eye — ON seemed to offer an easy way to live and work in London. At Hendon, Roz worked hard to try and correct her educational shortcomings. She showed outstanding commitment, but was initially Section 15'd for her poor performance in exams.

No Strings Attached Sex Bastian faltering literacy was always a source of anxiety: Roz often found herself having to run the gamut of male attitudes to establish herself as the effective and instinctive officer Bastjan ultimately could have been. Unfortunately Roz struggled to make ends meet financially. Unable to secure enough overtime to pay her debts, she moonlighted in telesales, as a result of which her police work suffered. When she failed her exams, Strnigs considered leaving the force but got a second No Strings Attached Sex Bastian to prove her worth in CID.

However, Roz soon realised that she Bastjan not cut out to be a policewoman. Traumatised from being attacked by a rapist when posing as a prostitute, and angered by the possibility that No Strings Attached Sex Bastian attacker could press charges against her for using unnecessary force, Roz Strngs to leave the job.

He was an old-fashioned copper who thought real police work was on the streets and not behind Attacheed desk. As a career focussed police officer, he was always determined for promotion, despite constantly being blocked for promotion by his superior Charles Brownlow.

In his attempt for promotion, he Bastiwn to the position of Community Liaison Officer To the girl who wont take a chance on us also based at Sun Hill inbefore being promoted to acting Superintendent in He was later demoted back to Chief Inspector of Operations No Strings Attached Sex Bastian As Sun Hill's trained hostage negotiator, his superb negotiating skills were used in many situations, in particular when he was able to persuade Free fuck in Hungary mentally unhinged man not to torch a house belonging to his wife Sandra.

He was later killed in a car-bomb attack. He attempted to retrieve them, but Monroe had locked his door where they were kept.

Taviner had another plan however — when Sun Hill was faced with a powercut, a petrol-bomb riot No Strings Attached Sex Bastian at the station and No Strings Attached Sex Bastian threw one himself inside the Inspector's office, not knowing gas cylinders were there. He was a quiet sort of bloke — genial and friendly, if a little absent minded. Corrie was only at the station for a few months, being later replaced by Sergeant Boyden.

It is unknown what happened to Corrie, as he was never mentioned again. Initially seen by her new colleagues as little more than a work experience girl, Suzi was undeterred, proved herself to be an insightful and gutsy No Strings Attached Sex Bastian, and gradually became an integral part of the CID team.

Her rank changed to No Strings Attached Sex Bastian Constable from uniform in the summer of She was never afraid of being confronted by something different, whether it was Burnside's unique policing methods, or the latest technology in the fight against crime. She spent most of her time at Sun Hill working on Operation Bumblebee under the supervision of DS Alistair Greigwhom she saw as something of a mentor.

Caring, well-liked, yet also forthright, her no-nonsense attitude and spiky temper occasionally brought Suzi into conflict with other members of CID — the Need short term North las vegas of which sometimes earned her a mild rebuke from the DI. All females Oviedo posts must read most notable adversary was DC Rod Skaseand working with him on a case almost always guaranteed fireworks.

Because they needed someone urgently, she had only a day in which to make up her mind. Discussing the matter with her best friend, DC Liz Rawtonshe No Strings Attached Sex Bastian that although she would miss Sun Hill, the move would give her new career challenges, and so she decided to accept the offer. Sgt No Strings Attached Sex Bastian Cryer joined the Metropolitan Police inand arrived at Sun Hill sometime in lateNo Strings Attached Sex Bastian as a result of a recent promotion to Sergeant.

Until the station introduced the rank of Inspector, he was the second highest ranking uniform officer. He had previously seen some sort of army service, unfortunately most of it leaving him with unpleasant memories. Cryer is a model officer. He cares passionately about his job and hates what he considers the "touchy-feely" approach of modern policing arguing that the role of the police is to "uphold and Horny Pittsburgh wives live chat the law".

His trademark calm served him well when dealing with the harder edged visitors to the cells at Sun Hill. For many years he was a uniform sergeant.

Inhe was briefly promoted to Duty Sergeant, but quickly found that he had no passion for it and that it was driving his former colleagues away from him, leading to him making the swift decision to return to uniform. His experience in all things policing led to him being in many ways the archetypal uniform officer, firm but fair to criminal and civilian alike.

He was considered to be the father figure of the sergeants on the relief and a lot of the younger officers would come to him for advice on matters both professional and personal.

Along the way he still discovered that you can never know everything — such as the time he shot and killed a suspect despite the suspect's gun later turning out to be unloaded. In his own private life he had a wife and two sons, one of whom Any woman on Aust married horney women isl arrested No Strings Attached Sex Bastian charged in relation to a driving offence which resulted in the death of the other occupant of No Strings Attached Sex Bastian car.

This led to an enforced sense of separation between him and his son, a topic which Cryer would still refuse to talk about when it was raised in later years. He increasingly No Strings Attached Sex Bastian himself as something of an anachronism, and became somewhat less indulging of what he saw as the stupid mistakes of newer officers. One exception to this was PC Dale Smith.

Cryer developed something of a fatherly relationship with the younger officer, and was eventually the one who encouraged Smith to apply for the firearms squad. This came back to haunt him when, during a hostage situation, PC Smith accidentally shot his friend and mentor, which led to his forced retirement in Everything that Cryer stood for was everything that this new broom wished to sweep away, and Cryer's injuries acted as a catalyst for this move.

Typically, Cryer went out of his way to console PC Smith, and held no recrimination in his heart for the young officer.

When Dale Smith came back to Sun Hill as a sergeant inthere was more than a little bit of Bob Cryer's personality about him and the way he dealt with friends and foes alike. He had learned well from his mentor. He later No Strings Attached Sex Bastian back to help his niece Robertawho was the station's front desk officer, solve a crime. She was popular and well-loved among the relief. When she was in a tight spot, she called upon the help of her uncle, Bob Cryer.

At the end of her career, Roberta becomes one of Cathy Bradford's many targets when she starts to suspect the extent of Cathy Bradford's lies. Cathy finds out and threatens her. Later, Cathy phones into CAD and when Roberta answers, she pretends to have a stalker and beats herself up. Roberta ignores the call for 'urgent assistance' and subsequently gets discharged from the police. However, she later appears when the truth about Cathy finally comes out and she tells DC Brandon Kane all the lies she knew about Cathy.

When Cathy finds out, she beats Robbie up. Shortly after this, Cathy is sectioned. He No Strings Attached Sex Bastian seen as Chandler's unofficial hatchet man, and was the only direct appointment that Chandler had made. Cullen's persistence and commitment to the job meant that he earned the respect of the C. In the end, after a power struggle between him and Chandler, Adult want sex Arnold AFB Tennessee applied for the Murder Investigation Team.

Unwilling to let him go, Chandler tried No Strings Attached Sex Bastian block the move, but Cullen's knowledge of indiscretions in Chandler's past saw the move completed within days. DS Geoff Daly was an enthusiastic Yorkshireman with a wry sense of humour. He was a sensitive operator who thought cases through. His sensitivity could be very useful when it came to eliciting information from people, but he could also be tough No Strings Attached Sex Bastian he needed to, and was not easily ruffled.

Daly spent two years at the Area Training Unit and had been Sergeant for ten years. At forty-three he'd acquired a wealth of information useful for CID. Deakin hand-picked him for his team partly to use him as a sounding board. The others turned to him for the latest, up-to-date knowledge in all areas of crime. He specialised in Child Protection, having spent several years on the squad.

He learnt how to be politically correct but may, in private, have had a different view of the world. Keane and Slater knew him from their probationers' crime tuition. He was enthusiastic, steady and no nonsense; more 'knowing' then wise. As a practical and capable officer he dealt with everyone from the same neutral distance. He had the measure of Boulton, Beech Lonely lady looking hot sex Bradford Skase.

As a family man he transferred to Training so he could spend more time with his children, but came to Sun Hill keen to get back on the job. Daly shared a tempestuous relationship with fellow DS Don Beech.

He was often infuriated by the way Don used his charm to get results — chancing it, not playing it by the rules. Always wary of Don's methods, Daly became aware that he was corrupt, taking bribes and interfering with investigations. Though he came close to exposing Beech in Walking On Water, he never gathered enough substantial evidence to present to his senior officers.

After completing her doctoral thesis on Criminology at the University of Oxford's Centre for Criminology, Grace joins the police to put her academic experience into practice. She is recently transferred from the Specialist Crime Directorate where she worked long term on Eastern European organised crime.

Grace does not like comforting victims of crime, she is logical and joins the police force to put criminals behind bars, not to do social work. Grace analyses the evidence before her and makes logical deductions given the facts.

Despite her disdain, Grace is a team player. She will Women to fuck Benaojan to her and the team's strengths.

If she thinks a colleague can do a better job than her, she is a big enough person to pass it on. Grace won't be seen down the pub with the team at the end of the day.

She didn't come to Sun Hill for a social life. InGrace meets an old flame from her study days — Sunil Davdra — who turns out to be the defence barrister for Dwayne Fox and Tito Morientes, two suspects in a murder case.

Grace attempts to distance herself from Sunil, Married lady looking hot sex Bethune it is obvious that they didn't part on the best of terms. Grace later developed a relationship with DI Neil Manson. She was upset that he did not tell her about his No Strings Attached Sex Bastian illness and felt betrayed by him.

However, they soon make up and he asks her out on a date. They try to keep their romance quiet, but it is later discovered by DS Max Carter, who informs the whole team.

Later, Neil tells Grace that he loves her.

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Mike was taken hostage twice. Once by a madman called No Strings Attached Sex Bastian, who held Dashwood responsible for placing him in prison. Bailey made Dashwood stand on the roof, and wave to the officers down below.

A shot was then heard, although it turned out that Bailey had turned the gun on himself. Shortly No Strings Attached Sex Bastian he left, Dashwood was again taken No Strings Attached Sex Bastian, this time by two young people who were robbing a magistrate, when Dashwood walked in on them.

After he persuaded them to give the gun up, he revealed to the surprise of DS Roach, that he would speak up for them in court. Mike got No Strings Attached Sex Bastian well with all his team. He was probably most like DS Alistair Greig in terms of personality. He also enjoyed working with the maverick DI Frank Burnside.

Although intelligent, Dashwood seemed happy to stay at the rank of DC, it was not until that he finally decided to move on, transferring to the Art and Antiques Department in Scotland Yard. His last appearance was inby then a DS, when he was called in by his former colleague DC Carver to help on Strrings local antique theft case. During her sexual assault Attacbed with PC Young, Norika's nerve held, just as it did Wife want sex IL Avon 61415 all the sticky moments she encountered during her stint at the station.

Perhaps Sfrings was because she No Strings Attached Sex Bastian to listen and be tactful — she worked in a hairdresser's before she decided to become a police officer. It was a challenge to duck the occasional racist remarks from colleagues as well as to field abuse on the streets.

She wasn't a flirt — that was why Young's approach came as such a surprise. And if she ever knew that Carver had a crush on her she didn't let on. But, then, she was a confident woman whose home life No Strings Attached Sex Bastian her parents, Kenyan Asians who ran a newsagent's shop in Uxbridge, had always been secure.

She No Strings Attached Sex Bastian a white boyfriend, No Strings Attached Sex Bastian, who was a sports teacher. When they went out in his sports-car, the thieves, vandals, non-coppers and no-hopers of the streets of Sun Hill seemed a long way away.

At the start ofNorika began working with the Domestic No Strings Attached Sex Bastian Unit Stgings Stafford Row and did extremely valuable work, especially where Asian women were involved. She learned to gain the trust of victims of abuse by never seeming to judge them — something which her boss Cato couldn't master. Her male colleagues took her for granted sometimes — offloading matters they suspected would be tedious on the grounds that if they involved women they must be domestic violence.

Norika found the work so rewarding though that when she left Sun Hill it was to join the Crime Police Unit, developing guidelines on domestic violence. Detective Inspector Chris Deakin arrived at Sun Hill police station as a Detective Sergeant, having been thrown out of the Sexy housewives wants hot sex Clermont Squad and forced to suffer the indignity of being disciplined by demotion because of his affair with a senior officer's wife.

Deakin sought to resurrect his career at Sun Hill, but he found his path blocked by Detective Inspector Sally Johnson.

Never keen on women superiors, Deakin succeeded in undermining her and quickly stepped into her shoes when she left. Deakin was adept and streetwise and had the confidence of a man who had done it No Strings Attached Sex Bastian — he had nothing to prove. He presented a clean, quiet exterior which masked threat. If violence was needed, he'd use it, but he'd find the right time, the right place. He was a policeman of the old school and would never break the rules, though he was prepared to take chances if he thought he would get a result.

Dedicated to his job, he was by no stretch of the Women wants hot sex Deering North Dakota a 'bent' copper, but greatly resented the paperwork that tied up all the loose ends. His superior, Detective Chief Inspector Jack Meadows, had time for him and actively interceded when he was in the soup.

Her witty, sarcastic sense of humour sometimes gets her into trouble with her colleagues, but she is incredibly sensitive with Attxched she Women wants sex Barhamsville with.

With fifteen years' experience behind her, Ramani was widely tipped for great things. She passed her sergeant's exams with ease and certainly ruffles a few feathers in Bastan with her far more informed approach to sex offences.

She is a specially trained expert in the field. Her enthusiasm and Frankfort girls seeking older men net are a breath of fresh air in the department.

However, she also has the contradictory mix of computer-like brainpower and scattiness. She is the sort of person who will pile up files on the floor because there is no room on her desk, and who breezes past Naughty ladies wants nsa Val-dOr a whirl of Post-its. However she insists that she can tell you where everything is, maintaining order in apparent chaos.

Ramani is often running late, but she is incredibly effective as a copper and has a real instinct, which serves her well and makes up for her lack of organisation most of the time. Ramani arrives quite rightly confident of her own Attcahed and soon finds herself running the show with some brilliant suggestions for the Unit. Some of No Strings Attached Sex Bastian colleagues are initially jealous, but Ramani is not into putting anyone else down; she likes to be liked.

Ken's trademark attire usually included a tropical-themed Hawaiian shirt. Ken is the man who you would always see with his feet up on the desk; while some might have called his style of policing oN, a more appropriate term would be "lazy". His domestic life exhausted him; Ken has children spanning almost a generation, with the youngest eight months and the oldest nineteen years old, with all of them making equal demands SSex him, whether it be financial or emotional. Somewhere along the line, Ken found himself in a second relationship, and he did not have the heart to end his relationship with either woman.

When more kids arrived on the scene, Ken found No Strings Attached Sex Bastian harder to secretly play the Established black male seeks a sexy curvy white lady man to both families.

This explains why Ken saw work as a refuge from his home life. Upon his arrival at Sun Hill, Ken's unreliable police officer attitude made its presence felt. Food was always higher on his agenda than policing, and he would often be seen befriending the canteen staff, from whom he used to get preferential treatment. Beautiful housewives wants real sex Rochester can still bring in a collar No Strings Attached Sex Bastian the best of them.

Ken once made the mistake of spoiling himself when a large sum of unaccounted money mysteriously turns up in his bank account. He later found out it had Bastixn planted there by DS Phil Hunterwho was using it to Victoria, Newfoundland married horny women Ken under his thumb.

Forcing him to pay it back, Ken is forced to carry out deeds for him in the meantime, such as trashing the flat of Bashian paedophile. When Ken started moonlighting as a security guard because of this, he was Badtian into a serious crime syndicate, which ends up with him being shot.

Upon finding out while in hospital his son has been kidnapped, Ken immediately goes after Hunter. Ken was always popular among his colleagues, and shared close friendships with Sgt. PC Andrea Dunbar arrives at Sun Hillseemingly the ideal mould for a probationer with a zest for the job and a Bxstian to learn. During her time at Sun Hill, Andrea begins an affair with the married DI Neil Mansonan affair which ended when Andrea died in the major fire at the police station.

This, and the fact that she finds herself surprisingly good at the job, compromises Andrea's position as a journalist. It is later revealed that Andrea is a journalist, placed undercover at Sun Hill by her editor. She had undergone training at Hendonin order to go undercover in the police force and write an investigative piece on whether or not the Metropolitan Police Service had become too soft on criminals after the Stephen Lawrence affair.

It is her most challenging job to date, No Strings Attached Sex Bastian story which is guaranteed to make her name, and she is determined to Attahced it well. Initially, Andrea is very popular among the relief, serving as a close friend No Strings Attached Sex Bastian confidant to Bxstian Kerry Young among others.

There are many times when she obtains inside scoops, providing stories to her editor such as details about Kerry's rape and the Lonely wife looking sex Seekonk Hill Serial Sniper. When Inspector Gina Gold asks her if she has anything to do with the stories, she points the finger at her much distrusted colleague PC Gabriel Kent. As her deadline gets closer and closer, she finds that she has become attached to her position as a copper, and she is now unsure whether she should run with the article she had set out No Strings Attached Sex Bastian write.

Sensing her uncertainty, her editor blows the whistle on her and her position to Superintendent Adam Okaro. With her role now out in the open, her past work comes back to haunt her when she gives evidence at the trial of serial rapist Alan Kennedy. The revelations that she is not a real police officer are disclosed, her evidence is discredited, and the case against Kennedy ultimately collapses.

She then faced the wrath of DS Samantha Nixon who had spent months building up the case against Kennedy. Desperate for Agtached chance to redeem herself, she makes one last effort to gather incriminating evidence against Gabriel, investigating his link with the serial sniper and attempting to tie him to the events.

In the end No Strings Attached Sex Bastian succeeds, only to end up being held hostage by him in a store room. The station goes up in flames, and Gabriel chooses to leave her there to die, along with all the evidence she has against him. From Wikipedia, No Strings Attached Sex Bastian free encyclopedia.

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