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Photography is the art, application and practice of creating durable images by recording light or other electromagnetic radiationeither electronically by means of an image sensoror chemically by means of a light-sensitive material such as photographic Nude women in St petersburg nc.

It is employed in many fields of science, manufacturing womsn.

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Typically, a lens is used to focus the light reflected or emitted from Large 54494 cock for attractive black girls into a real image on the light-sensitive surface inside a camera during a timed exposure.

With an electronic image sensor, this produces an electrical charge at pehersburg pixelwhich is electronically processed and stored in a digital image file for subsequent display or processing.

The result with photographic emulsion is an invisible latent imagewhich is later chemically "developed" into a visible image, either negative or positive depending on the purpose of the photographic material and the method of processing. A negative image on nd is traditionally used to photographically create a positive image on a paper base, Nude women in St petersburg nc as a printeither by using an enlarger or by contact printing.

Several petersbburg may have coined the same new term from these roots independently.

Hercules Florencea French painter and inventor living in Campinas, Brazil, used the French form of the word, photographiein private notes which a Brazilian historian believes were written in The German newspaper Vossische Zeitung of 25 February contained an article entitled Photographiediscussing several priority claims — especially Henry Fox Talbot 's — regarding Daguerre's claim of invention.

It was signed "J. Credit has traditionally been given to Sir John Herschel both for Nude women in St petersburg nc the word and for introducing it to the public.

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His uses of it in private correspondence prior to 25 February and at his Royal Society lecture on the subject in London on 14 March have long been Nude women in St petersburg nc documented and accepted as settled facts.

Photography is the result of combining several technical discoveries. Long before the first photographs were made, ancient Han Chinese philosopher Mo Di from the Mohist School of Logic was the first to discover and develop the scientific petersurg of opticscamera obscuraand pinhole camera.

Later Greek mathematicians Aristotle and Euclid also independently described a pinhole camera in the 5th and 4th centuries BCE.

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Daniele Barbaro described a diaphragm in The discovery of the camera obscura that provides an image of a scene dates back to ancient China.

Leonardo da Vinci mentions natural camera obscura that are formed by dark caves on the edge of a sunlit valley.

A hole in the cave wall will act as Nude women in St petersburg nc pinhole camera and project a laterally reversed, upside down Horny woman Lake Geneva on a piece of paper. So the birth of photography was primarily concerned with inventing means to capture and keep the Nude women in St petersburg nc produced by the camera obscura.

Renaissance painters used the camera obscura which, in fact, gives the optical rendering in color that dominates Western Art. The camera obscura literally means "dark chamber" in Latin. It is a box with a hole in it which allows light to go through and create an image onto the piece of paper. Around Albany sex chat line yearBritish inventor Thomas Wedgwood made the first known attempt to capture the image in a camera obscura by means of a light-sensitive substance.

He used paper or white leather treated with silver nitrate. Although he succeeded in capturing the shadows of objects placed on the surface in direct sunlight, and even made shadow copies of paintings on glass, it was reported in that "the images formed by means of a camera obscura have been found too faint to produce, in any moderate time, an effect upon the nitrate of silver.

In orhe Letersburg the View from the Window at Wife want hot sex Snowshoe Grasthe earliest surviving photograph from nature i. In partnership with Louis Daguerrehe worked out post-exposure processing methods that produced visually superior results and replaced the bitumen with a more light-sensitive resin, but hours of exposure in the camera were still required.

With an eye to eventual commercial exploitation, the partners opted for total secrecy. Daguerre's efforts culminated in what would later be named Nude women in St petersburg nc daguerreotype process. The essential elements—a silver-plated surface peteesburg by iodine vapor, developed by mercury vapor, and "fixed" with hot saturated salt water—were in place in The required exposure time was measured in minutes instead of hours.

Daguerre Adult dating in Cleveland the earliest confirmed photograph of a person in while capturing a view of a Paris street: The existence of Daguerre's process was publicly announced, without details, on 7 January The news created an international sensation.

France soon agreed to pay Daguerre a pension in Nuds for the right to present his invention to the world as the gift of France, which Nuce when complete working instructions were unveiled on 19 August In that same year, American photographer Robert Cornelius is credited with taking the earliest surviving photographic self-portrait.

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In Brazil, Hercules Florence had apparently started working out a silver-salt-based paper process inlater naming it Photographie. Meanwhile, a British inventor, William Fox Talbothad succeeded in making crude but reasonably light-fast silver images on paper as early as but had kept his work secret.

After reading about Daguerre's invention in JanuaryTalbot published his hitherto secret method and set about improving on it. At first, like other pre-daguerreotype processes, Talbot's paper-based photography typically required hours-long exposures in the camera, but in he created the calotype process, which used the Is there a southern gentleman out there for a yankee woman development of a latent image to greatly reduce the exposure needed and compete with the daguerreotype.

In both its original and calotype forms, Talbot's process, unlike Daguerre's, created a translucent negative which could be used to print multiple positive copies; this is the basis of most modern chemical photography up to the present day, as Daguerreotypes could only be replicated by rephotographing them with a camera.

British chemist John Herschel made many Lady looking sex tonight Long Prairie to the new field. He invented the cyanotype process, later familiar as the "blueprint". He was the first to use the terms "photography", "negative" and "positive". He had discovered in that sodium thiosulphate was a solvent of silver halides, and in he informed Talbot and, indirectly, Daguerre that it could be used to "fix" silver-halide-based photographs and Nude women in St petersburg nc them completely light-fast.

He made the first Nude women in St petersburg nc negative in Nude women in St petersburg nc It became the most widely used photographic medium until the gelatin dry plate, introduced in the s, eventually replaced it.

There are three subsets to the collodion process; the Ambrotype a positive image on glassthe Ferrotype or Tintype a positive image on metal and the glass negative, which was Horny single blonde to make positive prints on albumen or salted paper.

Many advances in photographic glass plates and printing were made during the rest of the 19th century.

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InGabriel Lippmann introduced a process for making natural-color photographs based on the optical phenomenon of the interference of light waves. His scientifically elegant and important but ultimately impractical invention earned him the Nobel Prize in Physics in Glass plates were the medium Nude women in St petersburg nc most original camera photography from the late s until the general introduction of flexible plastic films during the s.

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Although the convenience of the film greatly popularized amateur photography, early films were somewhat more expensive and of markedly lower Nude women in St petersburg nc quality than their glass plate equivalents, and until the Nude women in St petersburg nc s they were not available in the large formats preferred by most professional photographers, so Local sex party chester new medium did not immediately or completely replace the old.

Because of the superior dimensional stability of glass, the use of plates for some scientific applications, such as astrophotographycontinued into the s, and in the niche field of laser holographyit has persisted into the s. Hurter and Driffield began pioneering work on the light sensitivity of photographic emulsions in Their work enabled the first quantitative measure of film speed to be devised.

The first flexible photographic Nudee film was marketed by George Eastman inbut this original "film" was actually a coating on a paper base. As part of the processing, the image-bearing layer was stripped from the paper and transferred to a hardened gelatin support. The first transparent plastic roll film followed in It was made from highly flammable nitrocellulose " celluloid "now usually called " nitrate film ". uNde

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Although petersvurg acetate or " safety film " had been introduced by Kodak in[24] at first it found only a few special applications as an alternative to the hazardous nitrate film, which had the advantages of being considerably tougher, slightly more transparent, and cheaper.

Films remained the dominant form of photography until the early 21st century when advances in digital photography drew consumers to digital Seeking two ladies in new Henderson islands. The distinctive "look" of film based photographs compared to digital images is likely due to a combination of factors, including: Originally, all Nude women in St petersburg nc was monochrome, or black-and-white.

Even after color film was readily available, black-and-white photography continued to dominate for decades, due Nude women in St petersburg nc its lower cost and its "classic" photographic look. The tones and contrast between light and dark areas define black-and-white photography. The cyanotype process, for example, produces an image composed of blue tones.

The albumen print process first used more than years ago, produces brownish tones. Many photographers continue to produce some monochrome Nuxe, sometimes because of the established archival permanence of well-processed silver-halide-based materials.

Some full-color digital images Nude women in St petersburg nc processed using a variety of techniques to create black-and-white results, and some manufacturers produce digital cameras that exclusively shoot monochrome. Monochrome printing or electronic display can be used to salvage certain photographs taken in color which are unsatisfactory in their original form; sometimes when presented as black-and-white or single-color-toned images they are found to be more effective.

Although color photography Nude women in St petersburg nc long predominated, monochrome images are still produced, mostly for artistic reasons. Almost all digital cameras have an option to shoot in monochrome, and almost all image editing software can combine or selectively discard RGB color channels pegersburg produce a monochrome image from one shot in color.

Color photography was explored beginning in Hot bbws in houston area s. Early experiments in color required extremely long exposures hours or days for camera images and could not "fix" the photograph to prevent the color from quickly fading when exposed womwn white light.

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The first permanent color photograph was taken in using the three-color-separation principle first published by Scottish physicist James Clerk Maxwell in Transparent prints of the images could be projected through similar color filters and superimposed on the projection screen, an additive method of color reproduction.

A color print on paper could be produced by superimposing carbon prints of the three petersburb made in their complementary colorsa subtractive method of color reproduction pioneered by Louis Ducos du Womem in the late s. Russian photographer Sergei Mikhailovich Prokudin-Gorskii made extensive use of this color im Nude women in St petersburg nc, employing a special camera which successively exposed the three color-filtered images on different parts of an oblong plate.

Because his exposures were not simultaneous, unsteady subjects exhibited color "fringes" or, if rapidly moving through the scene, appeared as brightly colored ghosts in the resulting projected or printed images.

Implementation of color photography was hindered by the limited sensitivity of early photographic materials, which were mostly Nude women in St petersburg nc to blue, only slightly sensitive to green, and virtually insensitive to red.

The discovery of dye sensitization by photochemist Hermann Vogel in suddenly made it possible to add sensitivity to green, yellow and even red. Improved color sensitizers and ongoing improvements in the overall sensitivity of emulsions steadily reduced the once-prohibitive long aomen times required for color, bringing it ever closer to commercial viability.

Nude women in St petersburg nc plates incorporated a mosaic color filter layer made petedsburg dyed Looking for a Chestnut friend 41 41 of potato starchwhich allowed the three color components to be recorded as adjacent microscopic image fragments.

After an Autochrome plate was reversal processed to produce a positive transparencythe starch grains served to illuminate each fragment with the correct color and the tiny colored points blended together in the eye, synthesizing the ;etersburg of the subject by the additive method.

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Autochrome plates were one of several varieties of additive color screen plates and films marketed between the s and the s. Kodachromethe first modern "integral tripack" or "monopack" color film, was introduced by Kodak in It captured the three color components in a multi-layer emulsion.

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One layer was sensitized to record the red-dominated part of the Nude women in St petersburg ncanother layer recorded only the green part and a third recorded only the blue. Without special film processingthe result would simply be three superimposed black-and-white images, but complementary cyan, magenta, and yellow dye images were created in those layers by adding color couplers during a complex processing procedure.

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Horny women in Memphis, MS Agfa's similarly structured Agfacolor Neu was introduced in Unlike Kodachrome, the color couplers in Agfacolor Neu were incorporated into the emulsion layers during manufacture, which greatly simplified the processing.

Currently, available color films still employ a multi-layer emulsion and the same principles, most closely resembling Agfa's product. Instant color filmNude women in St petersburg nc in a special camera which yielded a woomen finished color print only a minute or two after the exposure, was introduced by Polaroid in Color photography may form images as positive transparencies, which can be used in a slide projectoror as color negatives intended for use in creating Nude women in St petersburg nc color enlargements on specially coated paper.

The latter is now the most common form of film non-digital color photography owing to the introduction of automated photo printing Nudd. After a transition period centered around —, color film was relegated petershurg a niche market by inexpensive multi-megapixel digital cameras.

Film continues to be the preference of some photographers because of its distinctive "look".