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For information regarding placement of job postings, please click here. Call Fusion at At Fusion Medical, we truly believe that as people taking care of Ftancisco, together we can do anything. This is a days, nights shift position. View job posting and apply online at: If you are looking for a company where you can gain exposure to a wide variety of science and explore a multitude of career paths across the drug development spectrum, consider working at Covance as a Clinical Laboratory Scientist.

In this role, Seeking San Francisco California chemistry will perform laboratory tests, procedures, experiments, and analysis to provide data, as specified, for required Seeking San Francisco California chemistry clinical research protocols. Work hours are flexible, Monday through Friday. Local - Health Services Unit. Employees perform a variety of professional clinical laboratory procedures and are responsible chemistrt the technical accuracy of bacteriological, hematological, biochemical, serological, coagulation and transfusion tests.

They also evaluate the validity of test data, maintain quality controls, and assist in the training and development of less experienced scientists and technicians. I was just thinking of Cumberland on Vancouver Island. There was a large active coal mine there from the late s until mid s. There were a lot of Chinese miners there. The garrison girls. Swinging. have a pick head that came from there with a number on it and Chinese characters.

They gave the Chinese miners numbers because the foreman was not expected to learn Chinese names. They would just yell number 19, when they wanted a specific miner. I wonder if the white miners had numbers?

Or did they say, "Hey Joe, you and number 19 over there go to drift 14"? The Macao cans came from Vancouver Island and were supposed to have been found in a railroad camp. Well, they were building railroads all over western Canada in the early s, but these cans could also have come from Cumberland.

They had a railroad going to that mine and there were Chinese camps there. So if these Macao cans Seeking San Francisco California chemistry later, then they could have come from there, for instance. Rooster brand opium can top.

Fock Kee opium can side. Rooster brand opium can side. Oval left and rectilinear right opium cans. The supervisors at the mines may have winked at their workers using opium. In the s and 30s it was still common enough among westerners to feel that opium was not such a serious problem, especially when the users were Chinese.

Institute of Pacific Relations,p We learned later that Reg and Roy are probably right. Parts of two similar cans both made of brass, are on exhibit at the Cumberland Museum and Archives, where they were shown to us by Meaghan Cursons, the museum's executive director.

Now, it is no surprise to find that opium labeled "Macao" was being shipped abroad in the s though the s. Although opium was illegal in many countries by then, the Portuguese Seeking San Francisco California chemistry of Macao still permitted it to be refined within the colony and to be exported to foreign countries.

They seem not to have been overly concerned that authorities in those countries saw opium as a grave social problem. Seeking San Francisco California chemistry do not know where the lion-branded opium can was made. Like the others shown above, it could have come from Macao. However, the Lo Fook Kee example may well derive from somewhere else: In the following brands were turned up: Only part of the first can survives.

The official report of the U. These tins were similar to those alleged Seeking San Francisco California chemistry be manufactured in and exported from Macao and the French leased territory of Kwangchow-wan. In one instance at Baltimore, Md. However since both of those familiar brands are said to originate in Kwangchow-wan, it is possible that the assembling was done in the factory at that port.

New York Times p 24, p 29, p National Archives of Australia website: This list of seals from the tops of excavated opium cans was compiled in the s by Priscilla Wegars of the Asian American Comparative Collection in Moscow, Idaho. It is reproduced here with her permission. The calligraphy is by Cong Zhang.

All the seals on this list come from cans found in the United States, including Numbers 6, 7, 11, 16, 18, 19, and 20, Seeking San Francisco California chemistry of which also occur at Canadian sites. Numbers 6, 7, and 19 represent the brands of well-known refineries in Victoria, showing definitively that Canadian opium labeled as such did reach markets on the American side of the border.

Presumably American customs officials did not have such seals read Married bbws and older discovered on confiscated opium cans. They Oaktown in sluts otherwise have seized on the presence of those cans to show what Seeking San Francisco California chemistry had long suspected but could not prove, that Canada was a source, and not just a way-station, for opium smuggled into the U.

Click on image to enlarge. Opium den in London's East End, from a contemporary magazine.

The artist;s choice of smokers shows that opium addiction was still in thought to be mainly a vice of non-white peoples. The Chinese server holding the tray was a stock character in such images. Paper Labels on Opium Cans. Yu Wuxuewas something of a packrat. He seems to have hated to throw things away. Hence, Sacramento women wanting sex now the 61 years he worked and lived at Seeking San Francisco California chemistry Wah Chung, he accumulated a remarkable quantity of American Chinese artifacts, including many opium cans.

We know he sold opium back when it was legal, before -- several ledgers in his handwriting survive with details of opium sales. Did Doc Hay Seekiny opium himself? We do not know. Considering that most Chinese in the John Day area were not rich, one suspects that Seeking San Francisco California chemistry long-term owner of the company might have been one of those users.

There were two such long-term owners: Doc Hay himself and his partner Lung On pinyin: Both were active, successful businessmen, and Doc Hay was a busy, well-regarded herbal doctor as well. If either was an addict, his addiction clearly was not so severe as to impair his day-to-day functioning.

Moreover, both lived long and apparently Seeking San Francisco California chemistry lives. Lung On died in at the age of 77, and Doc Hay was 89 at his death in Does this show that neither was in fact an opium addict? On the left, the whiter labels are for Fook Lung chemiistry the redder ones for Lai Yuen. Interestingly, the labels were affixed in the United States Adult seeking sex Shasta lake California 96019 may have been printed there as well.

Philip Choy's collection includes a number of Lai Yuen labels in unused condition for an example, see the Seeking San Francisco California chemistry article.

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He acquired them in San Francisco. The present editors believe that there may be more information about Doc Hay's own opium use in his Chinese-language ledgers of opium sales, two of which have survived.

We will add more on this at a later Beautiful housewives wants sex Hendersonville. Vigorous efforts to combat opium addiction began quite early in China. An example is shown here, combining traditional cartoon-like graphics with a strong message, here translated into English. Propaganda of this kind is believed to have reached North America, including the Pacific Northwest, by the s or even before.

The editors especially like the caption of Frame 3: He must have visited Portland in Septemberafter witnessing Seeking San Francisco California chemistry driving of the final spike in Henry Villard's Northern Pacific Railroad tracks connecting Portland and Seattle Swingers doms Austria the Midwest.

It is possible that Villard's connections with Chinese labor contractors in Portland led to Sackville-West's experiment with opium. Click here to add text. In it he recorded that on July 1. He talked about having a good time in Portland [Oregon] with the Chinese there and even tried smoking opium for fun. I asked him why America did not outlaw opium smoking, now that there were many Americans taking opium as well.

The ambassador told me that in Europe many women take opium in pill form, coated with Seeking San Francisco California chemistry their consuming style is not as refined as that in China. Interestingly, Sackville-West seems to have been more tolerant about opium use than was Chang.

Hattie Strattoncaught smuggling opium from Seeking San Francisco California chemistry to Port Townsend inwas not the only youthful white woman to be tempted by profits from free-enterprise importing. She was accompanied by her twelve year-old daughter, on whose person four pounds of opium were discovered.

Morrison, in consideration of similar charges not being presented against her daughter, pleaded guilty and is detained in prison. The officers claim the woman has been regularly engaged for several months in smuggling opium for a Chinese Seeking San Francisco California chemistry. Margaret herself had five more tins, ingeniously concealed in her balloon sleeves. And then either the daughter or Margaret--it is not quite clear which--threw "dozens" of cans into vacant lots as she ran along the sidewalk.

Assuming that "dozens" means at least two dozen, and adding in the 8 plus 5 cans found on their persons, this comes to a minimum of 35 cans. It may seem strange that Customs Seeking San Francisco California chemistry have low-balled the estimate. After all, then as now, customs and anti-narcotics officials regularly exaggerated the value of seizures. But it must be remembered that opium fell into a special category in those days--it could be auctioned off by the office that seized it and the profits retained by the office, partly to be distributed as a bounty to the officials Lady seeking sex Briggs. Under the circumstances, it may have made sense to keep the published value low.

That could be so. On the other hand, the writer may only have meant that she sold her wares to a regular Chinese customer, presumably a Port Townsend or Seattle company.

This page was last updated: Opium Cans from Seeking San Francisco California chemistry At last--hard evidence that Hong Kong opium refiners shipped the same products to places other than North America.

This example comes from Australia. It was sent to us by Rob Grant of Chillagoe in Queensland, who found it while metal detecting in the north Queensland mining town of Montalbion ca. The label, which is entirely in English, may have been printed in Australia. The Chinese miners in that part of Queensland, unlike their peers in the western U.

The label also tells us where the Seeking San Francisco California chemistry was located: It would seem that Sheung Wan, now a respectably middle-class wholesale and retail shopping area, once had an international reputation for the quality of the opium refined there.

Chinese smokers considered opium from Texting and sexting sources the best in the world. Rob asks what the black ink mark means. We don't know it is not Chinese but are equally curious.

If any of our readers have ideas, we would like to hear them.

Top of can with Fook Duk seal and unknown ink mark. Opium Pipe Bowls from Australia: Rob Seeiing has just forwarded photos of opium cans found at Seeking San Francisco California chemistry sites by a friend of his, Duncan Ray. Xianggang Wan He Feng. That brand is quite rare on this side of the Pacific.

The presence of both brands is further proof that Australian Chinese got their opium from the same Hong Kong and Macao sources as did Chinese in America and Canada. Opium can lids from Chinese sites in Queensland.

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Photos and Seeking San Francisco California chemistry from Duncan Ray. Closeups of seal cartouches from Duncan Ray's opium can lids. Hong Kong Man Wo Fung. Sheung Wan Fook Lung. Thus far the editors have seen closeups of only three opium pipe bowls from historic Chinese sites in Australia.

Yet of those three, two represent a brand name that we have seen before in the United States. This seems to mean not only that the same wholesale suppliers in China, probably in Hong Kong or Macao, exported opium Seeking San Francisco California chemistry to both North America and Australia but that the suppliers got their equipment from the same sources within China.

Idaho Historical Society collection. These all have the same six-character inscription on the base. Beautiful 90706 ladies fucking

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So little has been published about makers of opium pipe bowls that we can only guess where these come Adult seeking sex Kelford. The fine red clay fired at a medium temperature is similar to the material used for making teapots at Yixing in Zhejiang province and Shiwan in central Guangdong province.

But these do not look quite like Yixing or Shiwan products, and it is clear in Saj case that a number of kiln Calitornia Seeking San Francisco California chemistry China made pipe bowls using similar clay. So where could these have been made? One possibility is a Seeking San Francisco California chemistry center named Shui Dong, that still exists, within he city of Chaozhou in eastern Guangdong. Nowadays Shui Dong makes glazed wares, but the Chaozhou area has long been known for also making Seeking San Francisco California chemistry tea wares with clay bodies that look much like the bodies of these pipe bowls.

In any case, it would seem that in Naughty casual encounters Ucluelet ne late 19th century, much of the opium and opium equipment exported for from China for use by overseas Chinese came from only as few sources. Why this should have been so is not clear. The overseas Chinese in question, mostly miners and laundrymen at that period, often had a good deal of money to spend.

So one might expect that merchants in richer Chinatowns would have tried to stock a wide variety of luxury goods to tempt their customers into spending more. Yet it seems they did not. And those Chinatowns held a good many merchants large enough to import Seeking San Francisco California chemistry themselves, choosing those goods Sah the enormously diverse markets of Hong Kong, Macao, and China itself. Yet, as far as opium went, diversity was minimized.

Most merchants carried the same kinds and brands as their competitors. We do not understand why. The best-dated opium cans with brand names anywhere?

Francosco explanation may lie in the history of competition in Adult looking nsa FL Yulee 32097 Hong Kong opium industry. It seems quite possible that, as in the case of modern corporate mergers, the new firm decided to focus on certain brands while cutting back on others. The Hop Lung brand may have been among the casualties, in or shortly after Montana was too far away in space and time for say such change in the opium supply to have been visible before at the earliest.

And yet the relative scarcity of Hop Lung cans at other North American sites where Chinese used opium suggests that the change did take place, presumably once local supplies of Hop Lung opium had run out. Another interesting fact is that Seeking San Francisco California chemistry railroad workers also smoked several minor brands of imported opium: Dayuan, Jicheng, Juncheng, Lichang, and Tongheng.

The sample size is too small to be certain, but it does seem that the minor brands were used at the same sites as the major brands and that some smokers at all sites used minor brands. How is this to be explained? We know that opium smokers, like modern whisky drinkers and cigarette smokers, were highly brand-conscious. It is therefore unlikely that the person who supplied opium to railroad workers—almost Seekng, the Chinese Seeking San Francisco California chemistry who Seeking San Francisco California chemistry hired that particular group of laborers—could have treated this opium as an undifferentiated commodity, sending any kind that happened to be available and expecting the laborers to be satisfied.

This may well explain the presence of the minor brands side by side with the well-known and expensive Lai Yuen, Fook Lung, and Hop Lung. Gary Weisz of Sandpoint, Idaho, has just shown us the opium can lids he collected at a series of isolated sites along the Northern Pacific railroad in western Montana. Along the way, Chuck who was incarcerated Seeking San Francisco California chemistry for armed Seeking San Francisco California chemistry was jailed for taking an underaged girl across state lines for an immoral purpose in and income tax evasion in His recording of "Johnny B.

Goode" was included on a "golden record" sent along with the Voyager I spacecraft which is presently outside our solar system. Gerry was helped offstage after telling the audience he was scheduled to undergo knee surgery next week. He did not return and a spokesperson Merritt NC milf personals only that he was "ill".

Chemistry Jobs, Employment in South San Francisco, CA |

The group postponed a concert for Friday night in Weymouth. The 74 year-old underwent a Horny woman Lake Geneva bypass operation in and a valve replacement five years ago. No cause of death was immediately known. Joni, along with her sisters Seeking San Francisco California chemistry, Kim and Kathy, formed the group in in Philadelphia, initially recording for Money Records. It was immediately followed by "We Are Family" But six more chart appearances yielded only one more hit, a cover of Mary Wells' "My Guy" 23 in Kathy left for a solo career inbut the remaining three sisters continued performing.

The Brooklyn native was believed to be After leaving the Fireflies inRitchie continued with a solo career, releasing records for the next twenty years. Petersburg, Florida after suffering Sfeking heart attack. He was also known as "The Father of Jazz Ukulele" for his work Seeking San Francisco California chemistry his first love.

He claims she forced him to tour despite poor health and otherwise kept him at home in moldy conditions that forced him to use oxygen. Congratulations to the inductees into the Songwriters Hall of Fame, announced Wednesday February In addition, Jay-Z became the first rapper to be inducted. Induction will take place See,ing 15 in New York. FFrancisco Cassidy revealed Monday February 20 that he is suffering from dementia.

The 66 year-old says his grandfather and mother battled the disease as well. On Saturday, David Seking to slur his words and fall of the stage at a concert in Agoura, California.

He told the concert-goers that he was retiring from performing. It's not known what role his dementia played in the performance. Dave left school to join the group-- which charted several times from Claiforniawhen he left Seeking San Francisco California chemistry play with a series of other northwest Ohio Ladies looking sex tonight CA Glendale 91208. After retiring from music to lead a more normal life he had a long career with Libbey-Owens-Ford Company.

He performed only twice aSn in the Seeknig fifty years. After being diagnosed with his chfmistry, Peter was ordained a priest by the Church of England last October, fulfilling his lifelong dream.

Walter "Junie" Morrison, keyboardist with the Ohio Players from to and musical director with Parliament-Funkadelic from Seeking San Francisco California chemistryHousewives seeking sex tonight Rainsville Alabama died at the age of Details were not forthcoming. The current members of the Three Degrees filed suit February 7 against Sony Entertainment and the widow of the manager, alleging they never received royalties for their recordings, including "When Will I See You Again".

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They claim that their manager and now his widow kept the monies owed and that Sony knew about it and never informed the group of their rights. Rick Deringer was charged Friday Woman seeking casual sex Bostonia 10 with having a loaded gun in his carry-on bag on a flight from Cancun January 9.

The gun was discovered at a stop in Atlanta. Apparently, Rick had the gun on his flight from Sarasota, Florida through Atlanta and to Mexico, as well. The screener in Florida Seeking San Francisco California chemistry been terminated.

Rick, who has a Florida Adult looking sex tonight Luning Nevada 89420 for the gun, told air marshals he travels times a year with the gun and has never been stopped. A criminal complaint has been filed. Sonny Geraci, lead singer of the Outsiders and later, Climax, died Seeking San Francisco California chemistry February 5 nearly four years after suffering a brain aneurysm.

The Outsiders started as a Cleveland band called the Starfires, who Seeking San Francisco California chemistry their Fraancisco in when they signed with Capitol Swn. Three subsequent singles only "bubbled under" the hot chart, as did another on Bell Records with Sonny and a re-formed Outsiders the original group had broken up at this point listing him as lead singer.

A legal battle over the name ensued and Sonny changed this new group now based in Los Angeles to Climax. Inthey recorded "Precious And Few". But the record sat on the shelves for nearly two years before being released by Bell Records' Carousel label, thanks to airplay in Santa Barbara, California. The song zoomed to 3 in early but the follow-up, "Life And Breath" on Rocky Road Records same label as Carousel with a different name only chemistgy 52 that year and Sonny saw his second group Seekibg in Sonny recorded one album as Peter Emmett before essential leaving music for 25 years.

He later returned to play the oldies circuit as both the Outsiders and Climax. He even filled at one point for Rob Grill in the Grass Roots before a aneurysm ended his career. A tribute concert was held in Streetsboro, Ohio in November of to help with his medical expenses. Born in Seeking San Francisco California chemistry Francisco, Bobby began recording at the age of 14 with a doo-wop group called the Romancers, who had three releases on Dootone and Baytone Seeking San Francisco California chemistry.

He later formed the West Coast Vocaleers to even less success. But it was as a solo artist that Jubilee Records heard some demos he recorded cheistry signed Bobby, releasing a more polished version of "Do You Want To Dance". It was followed by "S-W-I-M"but subsequent releases merely "bubbled under" the Hot charts. After graduating from Ohio State University and serving in the U. As a sideline, he recorded under the name Joey Rogers in to no success. Joey went on to form a booking agency and worked as a music producer, winning a Dove Award in with the group Whitecross.

By then he had received his divinity degree, founded a Church in Keyport, New Jersey Seeking San Francisco California chemistry served as a missionary in Seeking San Francisco California chemistry. Petersburg, Russia, where he started an orphanage. The Jacksonville, Florida-born Butch was 69 and had four children and four great grandchildren.

The Birmingham, England native was The glam-rock group, Seeking San Francisco California chemistry by David Bowie, charted twice more in the U. And Ronald "Bingo" Mundy, Feancisco singer with the Marcels on their tunes "Blue Moon""Summertime" and Seeking San Francisco California chemistrydied Friday January 20 of pneumonia at a Pittsburgh hospital at the age of For their part, Sony said the lawsuit was "unnecessary chemisttry premature" and said they were "disappointed" by his actions.

A statue of the late Cilla Black was unveiled Monday January 16 outside Cemistry Cavern Club where the singer once worked in the cloakroom. The statue was funded by her three sons and donated to the city. Cilla died 17 months ago at the age of A plaque at the bottom reads "You're My World" in chemishry of her biggest hit.

Richie Ingui, one of the vocalists in the Soul Survivors Caifornia with his brother Older sluts on the Cartagena and Kenny Jeremiahdied on Friday January 13 of unspecified causes.

By the '70s, the group had disbanded and Richie became a house Francisck. He kept his hand in music, though and re-formed the group with his Nsa sex partner Thompson Pennsylvania in the '90s, performing until his death.

The two were walking across the train tracks en route to a concert they Californix performing there. The two were said to be "responsive and being treated at a local hospital. The Owasso, Oklahoma native was Chemistgy was scheduled to perform again this year at the Surf Ballroom on the anniversary of Buddy's death, as he Seeking San Francisco California chemistry done many times in the past.

Over the years he played with many other musicians such as Roy Orbison and Willie Nelson and, at one time, had a nightclub called the "Heads Up" after the coin flip that saved his life. Armando "Buddy" Greco, the Philadelphia crooner who started out singing with Benny Goodman for four years on tunes like "It Isn't Fair", and-- as a solo artist-- was best remembered for "Ooh!

Buddy originally appeared on radio at the age of five and studied to be a pianist before stepping up as a vocalist. Lonely"which Bobby Vinton reclaimed as a hit in He had been suffering with cancer and Alzheimer's Disease.

Chemistry jobs, careers, employment in San Francisco, CA Lygos is seeking to hire a skilled Analytical Chemistry Research Associate to support its needs to. Master of Science in Chemistry is designed for graduate students seeking a San Francisco, CA [email protected] () (). with University of California, San Francisco - Pharmaceutical Chemistry. UCSF is seeking outstanding applicants to join our research.

Ray Davies Free pussy in San Marcos mi the Kinks will receive a knighthood for "services to the arts". Seeking San Francisco California chemistry you take it all too seriously, Victoria Posh Spice Seekint of the Spice Girls will be given an Officer of the Frzncisco of the British Empire medal for "services to the fashion industry.

The class of will be chosen beginning next Serking. Mary Frances Debbie Reynolds was rushed Shushan NY housewives personals a hospital in Los Angeles Wednesday December 28 where she passed away one day after her daughter, Carrie Fisher, died Seeking San Francisco California chemistry a heart attack suffered December Carrie was also the daughter of the late singer Eddie Fisher and ex-wife of singer Paul Simon.

As a singer, Debbie was best remembered for singing the theme song from her movie, "Tammy And The Bachelor".

But it was as a stage and screen actress that the El Paso, Texas native made her mark. On stage, she was nominated for a Tony award for her leading performance in "Irene". She was awarded two stars for theatre and for film on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

He had a severe infection following a fall that injured his shoulder. Rick and Frances Rossi formed Seeking San Francisco California chemistry group in and, while they had only one top 40 hit in the U. The city's mayor was on hand for the honorary dedication and presented Stevie with the key to the city.

The group, known for their long, dyed-blonde hair, were originally formed as Californiq Knight and the Crusaders after their original lead singer, but changed to a play-on-words of their home town. Produced by Americans Hugo and Luigi, they broke up in The Broadway production of "Jersey Boys: The Story of the Four Seasons", will close January 15 after 11 years and 4, performances. It's the 12th longest-running musical in Broadway history. The Springfield, Missouri-born Jim was Jim retired Seeking San Francisco California chemistry broadcasting in and served on the board of the Songwriters Hall of Fame.

He was given a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in Ralph Johnson, a member of the Impressions from and died Sunday December 4 at Sna age of Though primarily an album-oriented band including the classics "Pictures At An Exhibition" and "Brain Salad Surgery"they charted four times on the singles charts, as well, Frzncisco staples like "Lucky Man" and and "From The Beginning" - with Greg producing most of their material.

The group broke up in having sold a reported 49 million records and earning 7 gold Hot sex girl and cars though Chemistyr and Keith re-formed ELP with Cozy Powell in Chemlstry also has five grandchildren and a great-grandchild. The award was "created to celebrate critically acclaimed artists who have used their talents for Seeking San Francisco California chemistry artistic expression and whose bodies of work have Seekint to our society in a singular manner.

Mentor was in a relationship with singer Lynn Anderson from the '80s through her death last year. The Lawton, Oklahoma native was Leon learned to play piano at the age of four and while in high school in Tulsa, played in Franisco group with David Gates of Bread and later in one with J.

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As a recording artists Leon charted 11 times, including "Tight Rope" and "Lady Blue" Doug Edwards, Guitarist with the Canadian group Skylark and co-writer of their only American chemistyr, "Wildflower"died Friday November 11 in Vancouver at the age of He had heart bypass surgery in February and was being treated for cancer.

When the group broke up inDoug continued working as a session musician and for the last 20 Married and Lonely Dating hot single oregon girls played with Chilliwack.

Born in Westmount, Quebec, he sang with a folk Seeking San Francisco California chemistry in Canada before completing his education and moving to the Greek isle of Hydra, where he novels Frandisco books of poetry. Chemistrh was meeting Judy Collins in New York that Californai one of his poems-set-to-music, "Suzanne", recorded in That led to his own recording career. Though none of his singles ever charted and none of his four charted albums ever got any higher than 63, he was an influence on many singers and songwriters-- so much so that he was elected to the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame Seeming As a recording artist himself, he charted with the TV theme "Bonanza 19 in and the movie theme "The Magnificent Seven" All told, the Jersey City, New Jersey native recorded over 50 albums.

He played on hundreds chenistry commercial jingles and issued a series of best-selling guitar instruction Seeking San Francisco California chemistry.

Born Katherine Laverne Starks in Dougherty, Oklahoma, she sang on the radio as a child in Dallas and Memphis before settling in under her new name as a girl vocalist Califoornia Joe Venuti's orchestra at the age of Stints with other bands followed, including Glen Miller and Bob Crosby, before Kay signed a solo contract with Capitol Records in Hits like "Hoop-De-Doo" and "Bonaparte's Retreat" followed and in she switched to RCA Records, only to see her Sfeking popularity wane in the face of rock 'n' roll music.

She continued to perform onstage for many Farncisco and was awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in Billie Holiday herself once remarked that Kay Starr was "the only white Seeking San Francisco California chemistry that Free Bacoli pussy sing the blues".

John is still remembered for the novelty hit, "Dinner With Drac" 6. Continuing his career with his brother and friend as the Shadows he was lead singer since he knew all Seeking San Francisco California chemistry wordsthe group even hired a young Bob Dylan calling himself Elston Gunnn to play piano. But Bob's piano skills were limited and pianos weren't very portable in those days, so he soon left. The Shadows with Bobby getting top billing recorded a tune called "Suzie Baby" inwhich was released by Soma Records Franciwco Minneapolis and picked up for national distribution by Liberty Records.

Though it only Beautiful adult searching sex dating ID 77, it encouraged Liberty to continue working with the group. All told, Bobby charted 38 times in 12 years.

He was inducted into the Rockabilly Hall of Fame in Winners will be announced in December with induction in April. Induction will take place next June in New York City.

SCORAI - Sustainable Consumption Research and Action Initiative

Robert Seeking San Francisco California chemistry Sonny" Edwards, founding member of Philadelphia's Intruders, Calitornia Saturday October 15 from a heart attack at the age of Originally formed in as a doo-wop group, the group recorded for Gowen Records before coming to the attention of producers Kenny Gamble and Leon Huff, who signed them to their newly formed Gamble label in Big Sonny left the group in to devote himself to his religion.

Diminutive Canadian singer Pat Hervey has died of cancer. The Calitornia Pat was a protTgT of Chet Atkins and, while she never charted in the states, appeared four SSeeking on the charts in her native Califronia Bob Dylan was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature Thursday October 13the first American to be honored since In announcing the prize, the committee said that, "having created new poetic expressions within the great American song tradition Dylan has the status of an icon.

His influence on contemporary music is profound, and he is the object of a steady stream of secondary literature.

Bateman had travelled from his native Detroit to California last month when he suffered cardiac arrest and fell into a coma. Robert, who also sang in Seeking San Francisco California chemistry group called the Satintones and were Motown's first group to release a single- narrowly edging the Miraclesis best Austria live cam sex for discovering the Marvelettes and writing "Please Mr.

Postman", "Playboy" and "Twistin' Postman" for the group. He commented afterwards that Fancisco was a "truly monumental honour. Born in Plainfield, New Jersey, he joined Seeking San Francisco California chemistry local group called the Vibratones in though some of the Seeking San Francisco California chemistry had already backed him Ftancisco on a solo recording the previous year.

It was followed up by an ever bigger hit, "Mr. The group broke up in as Don enlisted in the Air Force, but two years after his return he was invited to join the Four Seasons and played guitar and sang on "Who Loves You" and "December," Leaving inDon became a commercial jingle writer, toured with Tommy James as his musical director and, in later ears, Calivornia the Critters.

Formed to compete in a high school talent contest in as the Mel-Tonesthey caught the eye of Joe "You Talk Too Much" Jones who became their manager despite their not winning the Wanted Rochester friends male or female. The success of "Chapel Of Love" was followed by "People Say" and "Iko Iko" but a year later Joan left to battle sickle cell anemia and devote herself vhemistry her church.

British Songwriter Rod Temperton, keyboardist with Heatwave and composer of their hits "Boogie Nights" and "Always And Forever", died of cancer Wednesday October 5 just four days shy of his 69th birthday. Loudermilk passed away Wednesday September 21 at the age of Born in Durham, North Carolina his cemistry were the country singers, the Louvin BrothersJohn worked as a handyman at a local TV station and convinced the owner to let him sing a song he wrote over-the-air.

Official induction will take place November 3. Cehmistry Terry and Susan Jacks-- long divorced-- are hospitalized at this time. Terry has suffered his second stroke in five months and Susan was on life support cchemistry recently with kidney problems. She underwent a kidney transplant in Our prayers go out to both halves of the Poppy Family.

Jerry Corbetta, lead singer and keyboard player with Sugarloaf, died Friday September 16 at a hospice in his home town of Denver.

The 68 year-old had suffered from Pick's Disease a frontal lobe disorder for the past six-plus years. Jerry and guitarist Bob Webber had played together in Denver in a group called the Moonrakers, who recorded for Tower Records. They then formed Chocolate Hair and were signed by Liberty Records.

After a last minute change to Sugarloaf a mountain outside Boulder, Colorado the group reached 3 in with "Green-Eyed Lady". The follow-up off their second album, "Tongue In Cheek", reached only 55 and "Mother Nature's Wine" floundered at 88 the following year. It reached 9 in earlybut again, its follow-ups never got any higher than 87 on the national charts.

In later years, he Seeeking with the Classic Rock All-Stars before retiring to fight his disease in The Ron Howard-directed documentary film, "The Beatles: He is expected to resume performing October Joe, who changed his name from Joe Stafford to avoid confusion with the female Jo Stafford, was Their name came from an play about the uprising by Eastern European weavers nearly 50 years earlier.

When Pete and Lee were identified as members of the Communist Party and called to testify before the House Committee on Unamerican Activities in Lee pleaded the Fifth Amendment, Pete refused to answer on First Amendment grounds though he had left the Sexy Provo Utah for boys in and was indicted for contempt of Congressthe group's success was over. Decca had already dropped their contract inthey were blacklisted from radio and television and the group eventually split up.

When the group disbanded, Fred continued working in thebusiness, playing guitar on Joan Baez' first two albums and producing Arlo Guthrie's "Alice's Restaurant", among other feats. The Weavers reunited in for a documentary film, "The Weavers: Wasn't That A Time," which was released two years later.

The award is presented to television visionaries who have carried on the pioneering work of the late comedian. Michael is Sekeing Dallas native. Mark Chapman, convicted murderer of John Lennon, was denied parole for the ninth time Monday August He is currently incarcerated in western New York. He will be eligible for parole again in Cilla had a top ten British hit with the song in The Sox won the game Due to doctors' Calivornia, Aretha Franklin has been forced to cancel upcoming concerts over the next two month.

Aretha made the announcement Monday August 22saying, "I decided it was time to go home and take Seeking San Francisco California chemistry of myself consistent with doctors' orders. Tatia plays bass and sings in the group Belakiss. Her dad is now a drummer with the Who. Search for a gd women Wilson of the Supremes will host. Glenn Yarbrough, founding member and tenor with the Limeliters who had Women wants hot sex Canehill Arkansas long solo career, died Thursday August 11 in Nashville after suffering with dementia.

Glenn was born in Milwaukee but grew up in New York. Jac's connection with folk artist Woody Guthrie convinced Glenn to take up guitar, as well. After serving in the Army, Glenn eventually managed a small club in Aspen, Colorado called the Limelite, where he formed a folk trio named after the establishment.

Inthe group charted for the only time with "A Dollar Down" While the followup, "It's Gonna Be Fine" was his last appearance on the charts, his folk performances Seeking San Francisco California chemistry to please audiences into the 21st century.

A failed surgery on his larynx in put him in cardiac arrest and eSeking him unable to continue Seeking San Francisco California chemistry. Gregg Allman was released from the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota Tuesday August 9 and has cancelled all concert Seeking San Francisco California chemistry through October 29 due to the "serious health issues" that caused his hospitalization last week. He collaborated with Carl Wilson of the Beach Boys on an album in the '70s.

Chemiwtry recently, he had been performing a tribute show to his late father. His book, "That's Amore", was published in Carman Romano, baritone and co-founder of the Staten Island doo-wop group, the Elegants, died Tuesday August 2just short of his 77th birthday. The ultimate one-hit wonder, their song "Little Star" reached 1 in and was the group's only chart entry. The Cubs won George passed away in Pat Upton, lead vocalist and guitarist with the Spiral Starecase, and writer of their big hit, "More Today Than Yesterday"died Wednesday July 27 at the age of 75 after what was termed a "long illness".

Pat was born in Geraldine, Alabama, but while serving in the US Air Force in Sacramento, competed in a talent contest with four other airmen. Leaving the service, the Fydallions-- as they called themselves-- came to the attention of Columbia Records, who signed them but insisted on a name change. For their new name, the group chose the Dorothy McGuire movie, "The Spiral Staircase," but with a different spelling.

Unfortunately, internal squabbles led to their Clifornia in Pat worked as a backup guitarist and sang with Rick Nelson before opening his own club in Guntersville, Alabama. The club turned out to be the site of Rick's last performance in before his fatal plane crash.

Gary Rossington of Lynyrd Skynyrd has undergone heart surgery to repair blockage in his arteries and the group has put its current tour on hold until August 4 at the earliest. It's been a bad health month for the group as lead singer Johnny Van Zandt was hospitalized for bronchitis on July The Seeking San Francisco California chemistry year-old Gary suffered a heart attack last October, requiring surgery.

Lewie Steinberg, original bass player with Booker T. He had been battling cancer in recent years. Lewis was Califkrnia by Donald "Duck" Dunn in He was 77 and suffered from Hepatitis C-- which almost took his life in Born in Female fucks company in Enfield, Kansas, he was raised in Arizona Seeking San Francisco California chemistry he started his first band at age 14, eventually dropping out of school to become a performer.

Moving on to Country music in Bakersfield, California, he was shot three times by hit men reportedly hired by an artist he was producing dying twice, he said, on the operating table before pulling through. He left the music business for eight years before returning to produce and perform Gospel music having converted to Christianitywinning the Swn Inspirational Grammy for a album.

Bonnie Brown, youngest singer with the family group, the Browns, with sister Maxine and brother Jim Eddied of complications of lung cancer Saturday July 16 in a Franklin, Tennessee hospital. The Sparkman, Arkansas native was Jim and Maxine originally joined Chemisrty Tubb's radio show as a duo.

Their "Looking Back To See" was a 8 country hit inthe year before Bonnie joined to make them a trio. From tothe trio charted with 21 country tunes, 13 of Women seeking men secretly in Fort worth crossed over to the pop charts, including "The Three Bells" 1 pop and country"Scarlet Ribbons" 13 pop, 7 country and "The Old Lamplighter" 5 pop, 20 country Jim began a solo career in and the trio split up two Seeking San Francisco California chemistry later, with Bonnie devoting herself to her children.

Jody will perform a special concert in Blanchard, Oklahoma that day. Mick Jagger's 29 year-old Seekimg is pregnant with the nearly 73 year-old's child, a spokesman confirmed Wednesday Seeking San Francisco California chemistry Sedking It would be ballerina Melanie Hamrick's first child-- and Mick's 8th. The two have been together since She Seeking San Francisco California chemistry reportedly give up her ballet career and move to either Los Angeles or her family's home in Connecticut.

Though he suffered from Parkinson's Disease, he had written a series of books on how to spend one's final years. The song, which Seeking San Francisco California chemistry to Swingers on Islamorada look up as I walk" and was essentially a love song, was born during his frustration over continued American military presence in Japan after World War II as he returned from his daily protest a fact that Capitol Records in the U.

The song remains the only Japanese-language tune to reach 1 in America. Ei performed on his own, self-named, radio program until a week before his death once reading the Japanese constitution for two hours non-stop. Joe Perry, guitarist with Aerosmith, collapsed onstage and Seeking San Francisco California chemistry hospitalized Sunday night July 10 during a performance in New York with the celebrity group Hollywood Vampires which includes Alice Cooper and Johnny Depp.

Alice tweeted later Seeking San Francisco California chemistry the 65 year-old Joe Seeking San Francisco California chemistry in stable condition. Smokey win be honored at a ceremony in November in Washington, Cgemistry. It's been Franciso that Franccisco Pedicin, the Philadelphia saxophonist who led his own, self-named, quintet in the fifties, died June And Floyd Robinson, the Nashville-born singer remembered for his hit, "Makin' Love" 20died May 28 in his suburban Nashville home after a long illness.

Though initially unsuccessful, it was an impromptu jam between Elvis and Scotty during a session break that caught Sam's attention and led to their first single, "That's Alright Mama ". Scotty also appeared chenistry four of the Need someone to chill tonight movies. As a producer he is best known for Thomas Wayne's version of "Tragedy" from Lisa Marie Presley, daughter of Elvis Presley, filed for divorce from her fourth husband-- Seekingg was also her guitarist and music director- after ten years of marriage, citing "irreconcilable differences".

The 48 year-old has twin 7 Seeking San Francisco California chemistry girls with Michael Lockwood and she is asking for sole custody with monitored visitation.

The couple have been separated since June It is scheduled to run until September 4. Contributing the book for the musical is comedy writer Bruce Villanch. The Clarksdale, Missssippi-born Mack was Though he attempted a solo career Housewives looking casual sex Ridgeland Mississippi 39157 the Falcons disbanded and did manage to "bubble-under" the pop charts Seekibg couple of times in the '60s it was as a songwriter that he made Bigger guy looking for fun times name.

His best-known composition was "Mustang Sally" a 23 hit for fellow Falcons member Wilson Pickett inwhich originally was called "Mustang Mama" until Aretha Franklin-- who played keyboard on Seeking San Francisco California chemistry demo-- suggested the name change. Bill received a real Doctorate in Education in from the University of Massachusetts.

He also has honorary degrees from Wesleyan University in and Yale University in Cosby's right to a fair and public trial Frrancisco the criminal charges against him. But the conduct which he admitted in his sworn testimony provides compelling reasons for the University of Connecticut to consider the revocation of his Seeking San Francisco California chemistry degree.

The suit was brought by the trust of Seeking San Francisco California chemistry late Spirit guitarist Randy California.

SF State in the News | SF State News

Members of Seeking San Francisco California chemistry testified that while they performed with Spirit early in their career, they didn't remember hearing the distinctive opening passage that the suit said highlighted both songs.

The agents were looking for evidence that Gladys' son, Shanga Hankerson, had inappropriately diverted Sa million dollars from the business.

Gladys does not own the chain, Free sex Sidney Tamarac sex women simply lent her name Franncisco her son's endeavor.

In a statement she said, "she is sure that her son and his business partners will rectify the situation. The "Wizard of Woo" was Bernie was also influential in shaping the sound of the Talking Heads. The Memphis native was The 68 year-old has heart problems and asthma and previously collapsed during performances in and He had already cancelled two future concerts because of ill health.

Britain's Crown Prosecution Service announced Thursday June 16 that, after two years of investigating, there is insufficient evidence to move forward with sexual abuse charges Seeking San Francisco California chemistry Cliff Richard.

Oldies Music -- News

Despite a highly-publicized raid on Cliff's home 22 months ago, a statement was issued saying, "The force apologises wholeheartedly for the additional anxiety caused by our initial handling of the media interest in this Franciwco and has implemented the learning from this Even though I was under pressure to 'speak out', other than to state my innocence, which was easy for me to do as I have never molested anyone in my life, I chose to remain silent.

This was despite the widely shared sense Adult seeking casual sex Vredenburgh Alabama 36481 injustice resulting from the high profile fumbling of my case from day one Producer and recording studio Lady wants sex CA Pleasanton 94566 Lincoln "Chips" Moman died Monday June 13 in a hospice facility in his hometown of FFrancisco, George.

Though born in Georgia, it Seeking San Francisco California chemistry in Memphis that Chips made his name. Chips was inducted into Memphis' Musicians Hall of Fame in the same year a historical plaque was cehmistry where his recording studio stood.

England's Queen Elizabeth II announced her "birthday" honors Friday June 10 and Rod Stewart topped Seeking San Francisco California chemistry list with a knighthood for his contributions to music and Seeking San Francisco California chemistry. The 71 year-old "Sir Roderick" will be knighted sometime in the coming months. Vera Lynn, already a "Dame" for her efforts supporting wartime soldiers, will be further honored with the "Order of the Companions of Honour".

Said Rod, "I've led a wonderful life and have had a tremendous Califoria thanks to the generous support of the great British public. This monumental honour has topped it off and I couldn't ask for anything more.

I thank Her Majesty and promise to 'wear it well'. Bobby Curtola-- whose "Fortuneteller" was a 41 tune in has died, according to an announcement by his family on his Facebook page Sunday June 5. A teen idol in his native Canada, the Thunder Bay, Ontario-born Bobby reached the top 40 thirty times north of the border between and Where s the ratchet pussy in San francisco also charted in the US with "Aladdin" Muhammad Ali-- Seeikng boxer who inspired Fat fuck beautiful Wakelin's hit, "Black Superman" 21 -- died Friday June 3 in a Phoenix area hospital of respiratory complications.

The Louisville, Kentucky native had suffered from Parkinson's Disease for 32 years. Born Cassius Marcellus Clay, he won a gold medal in the Olympics as a light heavyweight. As a pro heavyweight, he won the championship three times, giving himself the title "The Greatest". Converting to Islam and changing his name inhe refused induction into the US Army Seeking San Francisco California chemistry Stripped of his initial title, his conviction for draft evasion was overturned by the US Supreme Seeking San Francisco California chemistry Wives seeking casual sex Little Compton He even recording himself-- his record of "Stand By Me" and "I Am The Greatest" "bubbled under" the national charts, earning positions and respectively.

Five stamps will re-create their iconic album covers and four stamps will feature them in concert. The first day of issue was chosen because it is the 10th anniversary xhemistry guitarist Syd Barrett's death. Born in Brooklyn, Julius joined the Navy at age His Navy buddies promoted his talent Seeking San Francisco California chemistry radio and TV personality Arthur Godfrey, who arranged for the crooner to appear on his TV show, then promised him a job upon his discharge.

True to his word, Julius began singing on Arthur's morning and prime-time shows beginning in However, the young singer's career on Cadence Records owned by Godfrey's bandleader, Archie Bleyer rankled Arthur and Local girls in Delta Pennsylvania October of he fired both men, claiming that Julius in particular lacked humility.

Julius went on to host his own TV show from to Arivaca AZ bi horny wives In addition to his recordings, he worked as Seeking San Francisco California chemistry disk jockey and appeared on the soap opera "Another World", for which he won a daytime Emmy award. Johnny Sea nee Seaychhemistry patriotic answer to "Eve Of Destruction" entitled "Day For Decision" reached 35 indied Saturday May 14 when his single-engine plane clipped a cell telephone tower wire and crashed near West, Texas.

The Gullport, Mississippi-born Seay was Johnny appeared 8 times on the country charts from toincluding "Frankie's Man Johnny" and "Nobody's Darling But Mine" Ernie Isley accepted the degree on behalf of the group. Former President Jimmy Carter bestowed the honor. Though he appeared a total of 11 times on the country charts from tohe disliked touring because of stage fright and retired early.

The news came late but we've heard that Phil Humphrey, chemistty of the Fendermen who hit 5 in with "Mule Skinner Blues," died of heart failure March 29 in a Minnesota hospital at the age of Jim Sundquist of the group passed away in