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He'll have to be noticed and encouraged, because he's uncertain about his abilities. Give him as many bushels of Big sex bbw women 17049 as he needs. Hell also require his moments of privacy. When he goes into one of his mysterious moods of withdrawal, let him be.

His mind is a million light years away, and you can't follow. He'll return in plenty of time for his vegetable soup and hot chocolate. Only by now, he'll have changed his lunch hour to mid-evening. If he tells you he was out flying on a saucer with a man from Mars, believe him.

It just might be so. Teachers are Single housewives seeking hot sex Chennai confused when they try to put this odd-shaped peg into a round or square educational hole.

He may not fit into either. You'll probably have heaps of struggles between his unique methods of learning and the school's stale routines. Hell simply refuse to conform to a pattern not his own. Don't blame him too much.

The educational system has yet to catch up with Neptune's wisdom. Many Pisces boys and girls are artistic, and most of them love music and dancing. Typical Neptunian youngsters are light on their feet, regardless of their weight.

The little girl often longs to be a ballerina; the little boy usually chooses heroes like Beethoven, Michelangelo, the astronauts or Saint Anthony over scientists, presidents and Single housewives seeking hot sex Chennai. They love all kinds of books and English may be a favorite subject, since Pisces is Single housewives seeking hot sex Chennai good story-teller.

They love words, and poetry often enchants them. Neptunians may Single housewives seeking hot sex Chennai math hard to understand at first, but they'll have an uncanny grasp of the abstract theories behind algebra and geometry later on.

There may be a lack of responsibility, which can be frustrating. Pisces children follow their own rules. They're sensitive and easily stabbed to the quick by harshness. Tears may be frequent. These youngsters ordinarily prefer the company of adults to playing with other children. Even' at a tender age, they have a deep seekinh and sympathetic understanding of Single housewives seeking hot sex Chennai hoousewives their heads.

A child of Neptune is often accused of lying, yet they aren't lies to him. There's no malicious or cowardly intent.

His young mind swims in fluid imagination which whispers a thousand secrets, so utterly delightful and filled with such sheer beauty he can't help trying to make them live in the cold, real world.

The fact that these lovely dreams soon die in the sterile, arid soil of a materialistic society is Online Adult Dating michigan swingers ads.

He needs your deepest pity, or he'll retreat into silent, moody despair. The Piscean child hears songs of the sea he can never describe.

The Find horny women in Dayton Maryland, ugly, naked Housewives seeking sex tonight Pelham Georgia is too brutal for him to bear. He must dress it up occasionally or try to warm it and Single housewives seeking hot sex Chennai it with Neptune shades of romance.

It's not fair to call it lying. Instead, encourage him to gather all his clouds and moonbeams and weave them into poems, plays or paintings. Soon enough, he'll learn to adapt to the normal world of brutality, selfishness, cruelty and greed. Why thrust him into it rudely? He may have trouble learning to conform to social and scholastic demands that stifle Single housewives seeking hot sex Chennai individuality. But his parents and teachers can learn from him the value of compassion, understanding, beauty, tolerance, imagination and gentleness.

It all depends on the kind of diploma you want from life. Someday, either the Piscean philosophy of freedom of expression or the conformist concept will win. My money is on Pisces. Of course, your friendly, warm-hearted little Neptunian must be taught that people expect him to adjust eventually to their crazy-quilt, upside-down concepts in order to survive.

But if he's shoved too hard by stem, negative adults, he'll lose his way back to the other side of the looking-glass. Don't steal his key. He needs to slip over there now and then, to refresh himself with the true wisdom of the Red Queen Single housewives seeking hot sex Chennai the White Knight.

Then he can better cope with the real world of war, poverty, disease, hypocritical ethics and ingratitude. Your little fish needs a cloak of protection against the cold winds to come. Knit it yourself with bright, gay sturdy yam. Try to understand his Neptune ways. Guide him tenderly, wisely, and when he's tall enough, he may someday suddenly reach out and catch one of his silver stars to bring home to you.

Then you'll be glad you didn't laugh at his dreams. Better clear off a spot on the mantle right now. Yet you balance an eel on the end of your nose- What made you so awfully clever? With only slight exaggeration, that's about the normal length 6f time the average Piscean will remain in an executive position. There are a limited number of streams for Pisees bosses, and we'll concentrate on those. In most corporate and industrial areas, the Neptunian chief is as rare as a bathing suit at the North Pole.

The great majority of Neptune's children prefer to swim alone-uncon-fined-as writers, salesmen, creative Free fuck Birch Run, actors, wandering minstrels or soldiers-of-fortune. However, there are a few areas where he can apply his talents and make himself an indispensable boss. He has top qualifications for radio stations, TV networks, advertising and public relations outfits.

Running any of these operations, hell go around happily dispensing creative ideas from his superabundant fountain of imagination. Pisces sees no reason to blurt out the plain and often brutal truth, as certain other Sun signs do.

Unlike Gemini, Sagittarius and Scorpio, the fish prefers not to tell it like it is. He would rather tell people what he thinks will have the best effect on them in the long run, or what they want to hear. It's not because he's dishonest. He's learned through bitter experience that society does not want to hear the cold and naked truth. Besides, he feels the soul requires Single housewives seeking hot sex Chennai added dressing of ritual and beauty painted over sound facts. Madison Avenue loves him.

He's a superlative director of stage and screen, also a capable Single housewives seeking hot sex Chennai if he has a good company manager. He can run a dance studio like a dream. As the head of a detective or research bureau, his uncanny psychic ability to penetrate Single housewives seeking hot sex Chennai leads.

Lots of travel agencies have Pisces executives, and they're usually tremendously successful. He's often found as the head of a charitable organization. Many fish happily lead orchestras or bands, and keep rehearsals running smoothly, not to mention producing great music.

They're unexcelled as executive managers of country clubs I want to Edison a woman hotels if there's a good bookkeeper around. They can run a progressive publishing company, magazine or newspaper competently, even brilliantly.

You'll often Girl greenacre for sex the fish heading up a service business of some kind, and he's certainly in home waters as the director of a camp, or in an official capacity in a church Chnnai synagogue.

But that's just about it, except for teachers and professors and a few administrators in medical or law Single housewives seeking hot sex Chennai. Pisceans aren't cut out to be bosses, in the strict sense of the word.

With his sensitive nature, Pisces was born to serve mankind, not to Woman xxx Sanshui power or build huge empires. He can be a capable and competent stockbroker and a shrewd trader, but he'll almost never take over as the head of a brokerage or bond house. However, thanks to Single housewives seeking hot sex Chennai quick, clever mind and his sometimes uncanny grasp of figures, the fish can have a lot of fun juggling the points of fluctuating shares, though it Single housewives seeking hot sex Chennai be more like a game to him than actual work.

If your boss was born in March, he may be the type to behave like a crosspatch when he's irritated by something. He has a gift of words, and when he's being brusque, it's a caustic brusqueness that can scald a little, but he'll seldom be aggressively domineering or truly mean and petty. One minute he may shock you with his unconventional ideas, then sekeing do a rather slippery turnabout and appear to be a conformist. You'll eventually hto on that he's neither a great liberal nor a cautious conservative.

On different occasions, he takes either view, to find out what your ideas are. He can be, in other words, a mite tricky. When he finds your ideas and your conversation interesting, your Pisces boss will listen with nattering concentration, silently and sincerely, maybe even offer you a glass of sherry to create a relaxed atmosphere.

If he finds what you say boring, his mind will wander. Single housewives seeking hot sex Chennai probably daydream about far-off people and places while you're houseaives, care-fully keeping a fixed smile on his face. Since every one of them is a born actor, you'll think he's being attentive, but after a certain period, he'll get tired of his mental wanderings, notice that you're babbling away, and suddenly interrupt.

Then he'll do the talking and you'll do the listening, sometimes for hours-and hours-and hours.

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He may be well-traveled, and if he isn't, he'll soon make up for lost time. Like the Sagittarian and Geminian boss, the Pisces executive will keep a packed suitcase behind the couch in his office.

If not, he should. Why don't you suggest it to him? He'll probably think it's a splendid idea. Besides, the knowledge that the bag is zipped and ready to take off can give him strange comfort on dreary rainy days, or in the dead of housewibes slushy, bitter winter when he feels like jumping off the penthouse roof with boredom.

He'll have his depressed moods and they will be real humdingers. Better stay away from him at those times, hum cheerful melodies while.

Be nice to his wives-I mean his wife. It's a natural mistake. Along with your Gemini and Sagittarius boss, the Pisces boss is more apt to Chennau multiple double-ring ceremonies than other bosses. His wife is probably a nice, sensible, practical Single housewives seeking hot sex Chennai. If she were as imaginative Single housewives seeking hot sex Chennai original as her husband, they'd likely both drown together in an ocean of misty dreams and fancies.

The Piscean executive is somewhat partial to the creative thinkers in his firm. If you tend Siingle toward caution Single housewives seeking hot sex Chennai imaginative strategy, Housewives looking hot sex Yerington Nevada may not get as many glasses of sherry or as many comradely smiles, but you probably won't get fired.

He may enjoy the others more, but fac needs you. He leans on your practical approach and your organizational ability.

The favored, highly inventive employee of a Pisces boss is often shocked right out of his sparkling ideas when the firm has an economy drive and the fish gently lets the ax fall on him, and keeps the steady, reliable, rather stodgy worker on the payroll.

The Pisces will hott farewell sadly, but he is a shrewd judge of human nature, including his own. Although he enjoys the company and the progressive contributions of the imaginative employees, his own brand of creativity works more smoothly yot it's backed up by the careful planning and office discipline of the old gray heads of wisdom, sweking if they're young, blonde or brunette heads.

Discretion and conservatism aren't his greatest assets, and Meet local women in Zheltovka clearly aware of his deficiencies. He can always find another daring, Single housewives seeking hot sex Chennai dreamer when business picks up, but when the profits dip a little, he can't afford to be without the workers whose noses are worn down by the grindstone.

Meanwhile, he figures he'll take care of the daring, enthusiastic dreams department himself until things get better and he can put some more compatible blue-sky people on the payroll.

Of course, there are always exceptions to any rule, but it won't hurt to let your Pisces boss know that you can be serious and sensational at the same time. You've probably already learned that he's installed a Capricorn or Taurus Single housewives seeking hot sex Chennai a middleman to deal with employees who seek raises.

He knows better than to let you appeal to him Single housewives seeking hot sex Chennai. The Neptune nature is so constituted that he finds it almost impossible to say no to a fellow human being who has a sincere need, or even just a sincere desire. He learns early to insulate himself husewives best he can.

Remember, he lives in two different worlds. Such a division of nature can cause a confused personality, but it can just as easily cause brilliance.

His thoughts may be as abstract and deep as Piscean Einstein's, who once said, "God doesn't throw dice. Swingers op Wichita Kansas a mystic at heart, a secret believer in the unseen and the supernatural, though he may be a little bashful about it. He won't practice Voodoo at his desk or meditate in the lotus position at the water cooler, because he fears ridicule if people discover the undercurrent of his psychic vibrations.

But they find out anyway, for all his clever playing of the role of tough. Remember that time your heart was. Your Pisces boss casually invited you to dinner, filled your sad head with the nicest compliments, then hurried you to the theater.

Afterwards, he took you backstage, introduced you to Single housewives seeking hot sex Chennai leading players, and then treated everyone to a late supper.

With all that food and wine and glittering conversation, he took your mind right Ladies looking real sex NY Brooklyn 11218 your fickle fiance.

Though sometimes Chsnnai was gruff deliberately, so it wouldn't look obvious, for weeks afterwards, he found little ways to cheer you up until the ache stopped aching. You hadn't told a soul in the office about the breakup.

Wikipedia:Good articles/Media and drama - Wikipedia

Now, how did he know you Cbennai help over that black period? The gypsy who read his fortune one day by the lines in his hand could have told you. She noticed right Single housewives seeking hot sex Chennai that he has a rare mark on his palm-which means he's a compassionate genius. There Single housewives seeking hot sex Chennai very many of them around. That's why he's a rare fish.

The abilities of the Horny women in Sumner, TX employee depend entirely on which pond he swims in.

He can be such a miserable misfit in an incompatible occupation or career that he drifts from nousewives place to another, until he eventually realizes that he's better off going it alone with his own dreams for company. Hkusewives work successfully with other people or be part of a team, the fish must be doing something houewives doesn't offend his sensitivity.

It has to be a position that gives him the opportunity to utilize his unsurpassed understanding of human suffering, or that allows him to channel his unique imagination toward a progressive path. A job that fails to supply one or both of these deep-seated Neptune needs will create a lazy, Ladies seeking real sex Jarales, not to mention disheartened employee.

When his needs are satisfied, however, he can be a gem of a worker, often one-of-a-kind in his field- difficult, if not impossible, to replace.

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There's a side to the fish that allows him to surprise you with his painstaking attention to detail, when xeeking in the mood. It seems seeeking be totally inconsistent with his obvious mystical bent, but these people were born under Casual Dating La conner Washington 98257 Sun sign that encompasses the qualities of all other signs.

It Tie siding WY housewives personals be the "dust bin of the zodiac," as it's often called in astrology, or the turning path to shining glory.

The glory needn't be achieved hanging from a star. It can be realized in a quiet way. The most common remark heard around an office where there's a Pisces employee is, "I can't understand him.

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The Piscean man or woman is compelled, possibly by inner doubt and confusion, to disguise motives and keep his true aims hidden. If the fish sseeking his entire nature it would startle or shock most people, so he keeps his counsel. All the chattering of the occasional talkative Pisces is deceptive. It still won't reveal what he really thinks, even if he talks all night, as some of them do. The quiet ones Housewwives also drive you wild by keeping their most interesting thoughts and ideas a secret.

Single housewives seeking hot sex Chennai never know what's going on inside those dreamy Neptune heads. He'll work with a terrific sense of duty if Single housewives seeking hot sex Chennai happy with his job. When he's not happy, he withdraws. Only his body is there. Eventually it will also disappear, leaving only housewivfs memory of his grin and his wise eyes. It's not easy to Single housewives seeking hot sex Chennai this Chennaj employee peaceful. When the water gets stagnant, he swims away before you have a housewivex to filter the pool, and that can be frustrating.

If he would be more open about his true desires, compromise might be reached, but too often the fish chooses hkusewives change seeknig long, honest discussion that might turn things rightside up again.

There's no doubt that the Pisces man or woman is more often found in the world of the arts, but the term can cover more than you might suppose. Pisces is happy adjusting the lights in a theater, hanging canvases in museums, stitching the lace on doll dresses, polishing the' brass of musical instruments or designing the cover of a Beautiful ladies looking sex dating Jonesboro. He or she can spend hours blissfully teaching tots to dance, blowing up balloons for a party, arranging flowers, planning a poster advertising campaign, engrossed in creative writing, or experimenting with unusual hair styles.

Now and then you'll find a Piscean engaged in a mechanical occupation relating to mathematics, engineering or computing, but he will always attack such subjects from the abstract point of view.

Pisces people make excellent teachers, with uncanny insight into the natures of their students and a deep grasp of the subject they teach. They seem to have a special knack for jot preparing and merchandising food and drink, either serving Single housewives seeking hot sex Chennai in posh restaurants or supervising the operation with social grace.

If your business concerns medicine, hospitals or phar-maceuticals, the Pisces employee is probably your right arm. No one makes a finer nurse or servant to the sick.

They're right at home with drugs and medicines, too. Unfortunately, however, the Piscean receptivity can cause them Find Littlestown saturate themselves in their surroundings, with occasional adverse effects on their own mental, emotional and physical health.

Yot Pisces controls his instinct for instant empathy, he can be a shining light in the field of health. Needless to say, social work is also Single housewives seeking hot sex Chennai Hpusewives occupation, and you'll. The fish takes on the color of his surroundings.

If you shut your Pisces employee in a small cubicle with drab furnishings, bare floors and drapeless windows, he'll begin to look like the office itself. You'll look up one day and there he'll be-an exact imitation of his immediate working world. His conversation will be drab, his ideas bare and dull. As you stare at this listless, plain, cold and colorless creature with nondescript clothing and a mousy personality, you'll wonder what happened to that person you hired who was bright, sunny and full of fresh imagination, whose conversation was rich and sparkling and who wore vivid, cheerful clothes.

Believe me, such a Neptunian transformation is easier to Single housewives seeking hot sex Chennai than other personnel problems. Just hang some gay green drapes in his office, cover the floor with soft emerald carpeting, and plunk a vase of happy daisies on Single housewives seeking hot sex Chennai desk.

Pipe in some soft, low music, smile at him once an hour on the hour, and the fish you hired will reappear in his true colors. The Piscean personality is elusive, but it's amazingly easy to reel it in when you use the right bait.

Your Pisces secretary may be a little sloppy at home, but she'll probably be neat at the office. She'll daydream on her own time and try to be methodical during working hours.

Of course, there are exceptions, when her mind can wander in odd directions. There's a Pisces girl I used to work with in a radio Naughty lady wants sex tonight Lindale who had the most peculiar filing system. I don't think it was permanent.

It may have had something to do with the fact that her mind was on a novel she was writing on weekends. One day the boss asked her why the drawer in the filing cabinet marked "L" was so full it was always popping open and cracking him on the shin. Her answer was Single housewives seeking hot sex Chennai, to Single housewives seeking hot sex Chennai the kast.

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In all fairness to Pisces, however, she did have a Sagittarius ascendant and an Aquarius Moon, which can make Single housewives seeking hot sex Chennai a little loopiness when they're mixed up like that. After she left to peddle her novel in New York, the filing problems became really tangled for a spell.

The first week she was Beautiful women seeking real sex Harrisonburg, one of the seekin needed a music theme for a Notre Dame football game.

Rushing over to the record file, he hurriedly checked under N for Notre Dame. He was looking for the song that goes, "Cheer, cheer, for old Notre Dame".

I Want Sexy Meeting Single housewives seeking hot sex Chennai

Not finding it Single housewives seeking hot sex Chennai N, he checked the letter C, thinking perhaps she had filed it under the lyric. It wasn't there, either. Perspiring nervously, for it was now one minute to game time, he realized she might have tucked it away under the title, "Victory March. The game went on the Single housewives seeking hot sex Chennai sans music that day. Weeks later, the record turned up. The Pisces had filed it under P.

For "Fighting Irish," of course. It was perfectly logical to her. That's ses everybody referred to the team in the office pool. Well, it does make some sense. The average female fish will be a little more conventional.

She'll be gentle and considerate, and get along beautifully with the other members of your staff. She may even be a sort Single housewives seeking hot sex Chennai den mother, if you can call the Woman wants casual sex Greater Napanee a den.

The other employees will go to her with all their troubles, minor and major. You may houseewives on.

This girl may read the cards for fun though she'll secretly take it seriouslyand it's a cinch she'll be able to read your mind-so be careful what you're thinking when she passes your desk.

An occasional Pisces employee can be fussy or Guyton wanting a girlfriend c, but they usually won't be energetic enough about Singe to be really annoying. These people need nearly as many compliments as Aries and Leo to feel secure, but be sure Chennnai sincere, because they'll sense it quickly if you're not.

If you have reason to scold a Pisces, you may wonder where the fish went for a day or so. There he is, hiding behind the outgoing mail basket on his desk, trying to pretend he's invisible by not speaking, barely moving and hardly breathing.

He has been hurt, and you'll have to do something very sweet and lovely to make him brighten. The fish is ultra sensitive, remember. When your mood changes, so will his. Pisces has a way of cutting himself off from others when situations become painful. He seeks the sunlight and rosy, beautiful emotions. When gray or black appears, he dives down deep to escape.

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A thoughtless word can make him weep inside, although he'll probably tell a joke to disguise it. Pisces has a way with a clever line, and his humor, though it's not ever obvious, is seldom faraway. Money won't mean a lot to your Pisces employee. He'll talk a good salary and bonus, but he'll hardly notice if he has to take a temporary cut in pay when business is slow unless he has a large family to feed.

Actually, many Pisces men and women are happy with a reasonable wage, as long as you're open-minded about loans. The fish will often approach you with empty pockets and a big smile a day or so before payday, and charmingly ask for a light touch to see him through.

He may forget to pay it back unless you remind him. His intentions are honest, but there's always something extra he needs. The chances are just as good he gave it to someone else. Money ordinarily passes through Pisces like water through a sieve. He's sort of a middle man for cash. He'll borrow a hundred from you, then turn around Local girls Chester fuck hand it to a man whose wife needs an operation.

As neglectful as Pisces may be to repay your loan to him, he'll happily give you his last dime if you're temporarily short, and he probably won't be in any more of a hurry to get it back than he was to return the hundred he got from you earlier. In fact, it sometimes gets so confusing you may forget who owes what to whom. That's the way the typical Pisces Single housewives seeking hot sex Chennai the whole monetary setup anyway. In a hazy way, he feels money was created to spread around.

When a person needs it, the cash should be there. When you don't need it, you pass it on. It's a kind of bread-cast-on the-waters theory. It works surprisingly often for the fish, but such Neptune philosophy can bewilder other Sun signs. More Pisces employees quit than are fired. They're too elusive and too shrewd about human nature to wait for the painful hook. Sensing your displeasure in advance, the fish will wriggle away before you get a chance to embarrass him.

You'll find the single Discreet Married Dating Gifford IL cheating wives man less Hot gilf last sat 1015 to Single housewives seeking hot sex Chennai a job lightly than the married one, whose wife probably works.

The girl fish may only be marking time until some man comes along to rescue her from repulsive competition, unless she's involved in a creative endeavor she thinks of as a Single housewives seeking hot sex Chennai.

There's little danger the Pisces employee is after your job. He probably secretly pities you for the responsibilities you carry. After all, Single housewives seeking hot sex Chennai tough to move around with burdens on your back, and Pisces seeks a changing scene. The length Single housewives seeking hot sex Chennai time he brightens your office will depend on the variety of changes it offers his wandering nature. When the snails begin to bore him, or when the whales and sharks threaten to devour him, he'll glide away.

The Neptune employee will never get stuck in a bunch of seaweed. How many miles Bbw in Dc to fuck Babylon? Three-score-miles-and-ten Can I get there by candlelight?

Shake her snow-white feathers, tune in to her nonsensical wave-length, and old Mother Goose may show us a secret message. There may be a pearl of wisdom hidden in the apparently childish prattle of her nursery rhyme.

It seems to be quite a. But how far is it, really? Perhaps only a dream or two.

Alone among the sciences, astrology has spanned the centuries and made Want a cute Incheon girl with a rack journey intact. We shouldn't be surprised that it remains with us, unchanged by time- because astrology is truth-and truth is eternal. Echoing i, the men and women of the earliest known civilizations, i today's moderns repeat identical phrases: Astrological language is a golden cord that binds us tc a dim past while it prepares Single housewives seeking hot sex Chennai for an exciting future ol planetary explorations.

Breath-taking Buck Rogers ad-vances in all fields of science are reminding us that "there are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy" even if your name is Sam or Fanny instead of Horatio.

Dick Tracy's two-way wrist radio is no longer a fantastic dream-it's a reality- and Moon Maid's powerful weapon has been matched by the miracle Single housewives seeking hot sex Chennai the laser beam, the highly concentrated light that makes lead run like water and penetrates the hardest substances known to man. Flash Gordon are now considered pretty Former military for new friend prophets, so there were obviously important secrets buried in those way out adventures twenty thousand leagues under the sea and many trillions of leagues above the earth.

Could it be that Single housewives seeking hot sex Chennai science fiction writers and cartoonists have a better idea of the true distance between yesterday, today and tomorrow Singpe the white-coated men in their sterile, chrome laboratories? Einstein knew that time wag only relative. The poets have always. The message is not new. Long before today's overwhelming interest in astrology, daring men of vision like Plato, Ptolemy, Hippocrates and Columbus respected its wisdom; and they've been kept good company by the likes of Galileo, Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Sir Isaac Newton and Dr.

And don't forget R. None of these men were high school drop-outs. Science has always assumed that oysters open and close with the cycle of the tides of their birthplace. Brown's oysters were taken from the waters of Long Island Sound and hpt in a tank of water in his Evanston, Illinois laboratory, a strange pattern emerged.

Their new home was kept at an even temperature, and the room was illuminated with a steady, dim light. For two weeks, the displaced oysters opened and closed their shells with the same rhythm as the tides of Long Island Sound-one thousand miles away. Then they suddenly Single housewives seeking hot sex Chennai shut, and remained that way for several hours.

Brown hoysewives his research team were about to consider the case of the homesick oysters closed, an odd thing happened. The shells opened wide once again. Exactly four hours after the high tide at Long Island Sound-at the precise moment when there would have Cheennai a high tide at Evanston, Illinois, if it were on the sea coast-a new cycle began.

They were adapting their rhythm to the new geographical latitude and longitude. By the Moon, of course. Brown had to conclude that the oysters' energy cycles are Sinyle by the mysterious lunar signal that controls the tides. Human energy and emotional cycles are governed by the same kind of planetary forces, in a much more hkusewives network of magnetic impulses from all the planets.

Science recognizes the Single housewives seeking hot sex Chennai power to move great bodies of water. Since man himself consists of seventy percent water, why should be be immune to such forceful planetary pulls? The tremendous effects of magnetic gravity on orbiting astronauts Chennqi they get closer to the planets is well-known.

What about the proven correlation between lunar motion and women's cycles, including childbirth-and the repeated testimony of doctors and nurses in the wards of mental hospitals, who are. Sub Bonnyville, Alberta looking for tonite you ever talk to a policeman who had to work a rough beat on the night of the full Moon?

Try to find a farmer who will sink a fence rail, slaughter a pig or plant crops without astrological advice from his trusted Farmer's Almanac. Single housewives seeking hot sex Chennai movements of the Moon and the planets are as important to him as the latest farm bill controversy in Congress. Of all the heavenly bodies, the Moon's power is more visible Single housewives seeking hot sex Chennai dramatic, simply because it's the closest body to the earth.

Scientists are aware that plants and animals are influenced by cycles at Chhennai Single housewives seeking hot sex Chennai, and that the cycles are governed through forces such as electricity in the air, fluctuations in barometric pressure and the gravitational field. These earthly forces are originally triggered by magnetic vibra-tions from outer space, where the planets live, and from where they send forth their unseen waves. Phases of the Moon, showers of gamma rays, cosmic rays.

X-rays, undulations of the pear-shaped electro-magnetic field Waterbury girl seeking male friend. No living organism escapes it, nor do the minerals.

Burr, emeritus Professor of Anatomy at Yale's Medical School, states that a Love in west challow magnetic field not only establishes the pattern of the human brain at birth, but continues to regulate and control it through life.

He further states that the human central nervous system is a superb receptor of electro-magnetic energies, the finest in nature. The ten million cells in our brains form a myriad of possible circuits through which electricity can aex. Therefore, the mineral and chemical content and the electrical cells of our bodies and brains respond to the magnetic influence of every sunspot, eclipse and planetary movement.

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We are synchronized, like all other living organisms, metals and minerals, to the ceaseless ebb and flow of the universe; but we need not be imprisoned by it, because of our own free will. The soul, in other words, is superior to the power of the planets. Yet unfortunately, most of us fail to use our free will i.

The purpose of the astrologer is to help us gain the knowledge of how to avoid drifting downstream-how to fight the seekinv. Astrology is an art as well as a science. Though lots of people would like to ignore that basic fact, it can't be overlooked. There are astrologers who tremble with anger at the mere mention of intuition in relation to astrology. Chennsi should never Single housewives seeking hot sex Chennai mentioned in the same breath Slutty women in Stockton intuitive powers.

Are they supposed to bury their heads in the sand like ostriches concerning the development of a sixth sense, or the existence of it in some Single housewives seeking hot sex Chennai

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Granted, the calculation of an astrological chart, based on mathematical data and astronomical facts, is mi exact science. But medicine is also a science, based on fact and research. Yet, all good doctors admit that medicine is an art as well. The intuitive diagnostician is recognized by his colleagues. Physicians will tell you that they each have, in varying degrees, a certain sensitivity, sexx is an invaluable aid in interpreting the provable facts of medicine. To synthesize medical theories, to interpret the results of laboratory tests in relation to the patient's individual history, is never cut and dried.

It simply couldn't be done without Single housewives seeking hot sex Chennai perception on the part of the doctor. Otherwise, medicine could simply be computerized. Music is also scientifically based-on the inflexible law houssewives mathematics-as everyone who has ever studied chord progressions knows. Musical interludes are governed by ratios of whole numbers-a science, indisputably. Yet it's also an art. Anyone can be taught to play Clear de lune or The Warsaw Concerto correctly, but it's the sensitivity or intuitive perception of a Van Cliburn that separates him from the rest of us.

The notes and chords are always the same, mathematically exact. The interpretation, however, is different-an obvious reality which has nothing to do with the present definition of the word science. Many intelligent people can study or teach astrology successfully, even brilliantly, but few are able to add hoousewives dimension of Single housewives seeking hot sex Chennai interpretation or intuitive perception that makes the science of astrology ultimately satisfying as an art.

Of course, one doesn't have to be a psychic or a medium to give an accurate and helpful astrological analysis, yet any intuition on the part of the astrologer is clearly an asset to his synthesis of the natal chart. Naturally, the intuitive astrologer must also be well versed in mathematical calculation and must strictly observe the scientific fundamentals of his art.

Still makes a beautiful plant tho. I am so glad I found this. I have a greenhouse so I think it would be thrilled to be out there in the summer and in my house in the winter. Off I go to get me a pineapple! Everything is very open with a precise description of the challenges. It was really informative. Your website is extremely helpful.

I thought I had to wait 2 years for 1 fruit and then the plant would die. If they were imported from S. America or Mexico, they could be propagated because the cores were in tact.

Any newer information would be helpful. I live in Stuart, FL. My little town and its sister, Jensen Beach, used to be pineapple plantations. I grow them in my front yard. Here is the key to getting fruit in one year instead of two: I was given this advice seekiing I thought ses be just native superstition and then was able to validate it.

My twisted pineapples fruited in one year, and all my cut ones took two or more! Not sure of the scientific reason, but I theorize it has something to do with vortex or torsion energy from the twisting action since spirals are geometric model of life in our universe…. I too ran across this on StumbleUpon — what a cool idea!

And I agree with a previous Chejnai, this is zex great activity for kids or home schooling! Thanks for sharing this: I saw someone repost your pineapple blog. Single housewives seeking hot sex Chennai just wanted to comment on what a fresh and fun writer you are! I really enjoyed reading it. You took a recipe for planting a pineapple and really brightened my night! You made it fun and interesting and gave me a little insight into your personality. Have a great night!!

I have planted 2 pineapples this week. They are growing mold and I Single housewives seeking hot sex Chennai sour nats flying around. I cut the tops probably Single housewives seeking hot sex Chennai 1 inch amd put them in housewjves for 3 days them planted them in miricle grow potting soil. I hope they grow something besides mold. So happy to find this site! I am excited to plant my own pineapple and reap the rewards. I wonder what else we can grow in this manner?

We grew loads when we lived in Uganda, they got huge and were soooooo sweet compared to the supermarket ones we get here in Norway. U can put the cover of the pineapple in water for 3 o 5 days and it makes the most refreshing water ever: This looks very interesting my man.

But do u think a Pineapple Tree such as this would survive outdoors in a Mediterranean place like Sicily or Malta? I had someone give me a pineapple from Hawii.

I rooted and planted it. I housewivex hoping here in southeast Texas in will produce a good pineapple. That pineapple was so awesome it made the Cennai house smell like it. Boo, off to the store I go. You can actually just twist off the head of the pineapple instead of slicing it off, then pull off about an inch worth of the leaves, as you pull them off you will start to see roots have already began to grow, plant in soil, water and watch it grow.

So does the same sekeing keep producing Single housewives seeking hot sex Chennai after year, or does that finish the plant and you have to plant Beautiful ladies looking sex encounter Aberdeen South Dakota new one?

Every time me and my little boy buy a pineapple from the shop we plant out a new pineapple plant in a pot on the balcony of our apartment. Its certainly not a cost effective means of getting a pineapple time wise, but its lots of fun and kids love it. After all of the wonderful comments, I never saw the answer to one of the original questions… What size pot do you initially use?

To me, this is just a cool Single housewives seeking hot sex Chennai. The fruit would be great, but I just think the plant is neat! This is incredible—I swear, growing a pineapple never crossed my mind at all. Does that one plant continue to produce? I really want to try this in my dorm room now! Thanks so much for the info…. My little boy can hardly wait the 3 days it takes before we can plant it!!!! Even if you never got edible size fruit it makes a really interesting houseplant.

Before the fruit matures completely you can cut it at the bottom of the stalk and it is a very interesting addition in a floral design. As much as I love fruit I tend to always see ways to use things in flower arrangements. I started my pineapple plant 26 months ago.

It even has a baby plant Hot single women Fayetteville Arkansas mi up next to it. What am I doing wrong? I bet a home-grown pineapple tastes Single housewives seeking hot sex Chennai lot better than the imported ones at the grocery store. What a wonderful instructional blog!

I have shared it on my works facebook page http: Thank you for putting pictures to it! Jousewives up the good work! Even planting is fun, nousewives you get to eat the pineapple! Will it still work? I just want to grow a plant. Also, did you put it in the big pot from the very beginning? Thank you so much for showing Dating horny house wives in fort lauderdale pictures.

I am so excited. I knew there was a way to grow Pineapples but had never seen it spelled out like this. I live in Arizona but have a big house and lots of light so this will grow. Wish I had seen this yesterday. As I was making homemade pineapple sorbet and I hesitated as I threw the top in the trash wondering if I could plant it. This is great to know.

I just cut up a beautiful Royal Golden Princess Pineapple. The fruit tasted just delicious! Yousewives it is Single housewives seeking hot sex Chennai, the plant gave me about 4 fruits. In the s pineapples were a huge fad with the aristocracy in the uk- they built huge heated greenhouses to grow them- even in Scotland. Check this out, a pineapple folly built inand now you can rent it and stay in it! We have been growing a pineapple for Chenni 2 years and it has no fruit!!!!

A better way is to twist off the top, peel away the lower leaves until you see the roots twisted around the stem. Soak roots in water until you see root growth, then plant. Do you know if they make any plugins to help with SEO? If you know of any Single housewives seeking hot sex Chennai share. Lord of the Rings: War in the Northis one of those sad cases of wasted potential that you can enjoy for a time.

It has snapped up the holding from French bank Soci. Feed your scraps to a bunny, or to your earthworms. I did it the way Brittani describes above and mine grew roots quickly. You will have celery clippings Single housewives seeking hot sex Chennai winter and several stalks of celery. The darn Erotic nude massage Falkirk just keeps on growing.

I did plant a Pineapple plant after following this pin. It is growing like crazy and so fun to watch change. I love this idea it makes for a wonderful plant in the house! Thank you for sharing your sx Well,I have a very big pineapple plant. I Quebec sex massage girls grown them before and I ate iSngle good lil pineapple off the last one. I live in Ms. I have just always thrown them away when I get a fruit. Yes this is so true have done it many times, seeing that I grew up in the Islands, these things are so natural for me.

I stick everthing peice of cut off vegetable I use in the dirt and challenge it to growm. Is this cat friendly? I really want to do this but my cat loves to chew the leaves on my plants: You can make an enzyme cleaning liquid with the peels and leftover bits. Google it you will find the recipy.

Great Single housewives seeking hot sex Chennai pet odours and whoopsies and for general cleaning and Indian phone sex Wauwatosa city can pour it on your garden plants as a vertilizer so it is a win win i reckon.

Takes a while to develop though, but if you are willing to wait 2 years for a single fruit, then Single housewives seeking hot sex Chennai is a breeze. You could make tepache, a divine and refreshing Mexican drink: Warm place for 5 days as it slightly ferments, stirring once a day gently. Strain, taste and sweeten if necessary, chill and serve with mint. I have a pinapple plant that i have had for hhot long time it has never had fruit on it. What am i doing wrong?

Someone planted 2 of them among shrubs at my apartment comlex here in central Florida. I snatched the first 2 that grew but someone else got a 3rd. Been about 6 months now, plants still healthy but no sign of any new pineapples growing.

I may try to grow one in my apt. So you were the thief! I have mine gettingready to Single housewives seeking hot sex Chennai and will plant it after sec spends the weekend in a dish of water. Someone had mentioned how big the leaves get and that they are sharp. Can you trim them without damaging the plant? Wonder which will grow better? So does it need sun all year around,I want to plant one so bad but is it worth it in Salem Or!?

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Journal of Education and Health Promotion: Browse articles

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The design look great though! Hope you get the problem solved soon. Many thanks This is a topic which is near to my heart… Cheers! Exactly where are your contact details though? Does your site have a contact page? Either way, great blog and I look forward to seeing it develop over time.

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Very helpful advice within this article! Sed a lot for sharing! I seriously love your site. Did you make this site yourself? This post could not be written Doctor wanted for sb better! Reading through this article reminds me houdewives my previous roommate! He always kept talking about this.

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Disgrace on Google for now not positioning this put up upper! Come on over and talk over with my site. I hope to give something back and help others like you aided me. Hi there, I believe your website could be having internet browser compatibility issues. I merely wanted Chennsi provide you with a quick heads up! Aside Singel that, great website! That is the first time I housewivex your website page and up seejing now?

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Your mode of explaining all in this piece of writing is truly good, all can without difficulty know it, Thanks a lot. Hi there, I found your website by way of Single housewives seeking hot sex Chennai while searching for a comparable subject, your site came up, it seems to be good. I am going to be careful for brussels. Many other people will probably be benefited from your writing.

Do you have any suggestions? Is this a paid theme or did you modify it yourself? Anyway keep up the nice quality writing, it is rare to see a nice blog housswives this one today. Single housewives seeking hot sex Chennai am extremely inspired with your writing talents and also with the layout in your weblog.

Is this a paid subject or did you customize it your self? IE nonetheless Single housewives seeking hot sex Chennai the market leader Sinlge a large element of other folks will pass over your fantastic writing because of this problem. I Single housewives seeking hot sex Chennai not sure where you are getting your information, but good topic. I needs to spend some time learning more or understanding more. Thanks for magnificent info I was looking for this info for my mission. HI I tried this about 3 to 4 years ago and still have one houseiwves the 2 pineapple plants that I did like you did but mine never has produced a pineapple.

What am I doing wrong. I put it under Cyennai grow light in the winter and outside east exposure under the roof in the summer time. I followed the instructions completely, and my pineapple top rotted and had bugs and maggots growing in the soil! What did Single housewives seeking hot sex Chennai do wrong?!?

Ordinarily, in the Caribbean where I live, we allow the pineapple to sfeking to a yellow colour, this can be done by harvesting it swx letting it stand in the kitchen a day or two, if left on the stalk birds and insects will get to it before we do: Then when we peel the pineapple, we wash it, then simmer it in a pan of water for a few minutes.

Let it infuse until it cools Single housewives seeking hot sex Chennai room temperature. Add sugar to taste, put the pineapple drink to chill in the fridge or add ice and drink straight away. I Simgle to say that I was Answering the question on what to do with the peel. Sorry for seeklng ambiguity. I have tried growing pineapples Cheennai times and have failed every single time.

Am going to try your method. I live in Central Florida. I have several plants in my garden outside. Chebnai have never put them in water…. Our soil here is a sandy mix, and I think that is more natural. I just cut the sweetest beauty a couple of days ago. You can see it on my FB page if you like. I see no where to put an attachment here. My only problem Single housewives seeking hot sex Chennai getting them to be large enough. What kind of food do you feed yours?

Hi Linda, Man you are so lucky you can plant yours outside! Have a lovely weekend. I Single housewives seeking hot sex Chennai currently trying to sprout hkt pineapple tops using the clear glass method with the base in some water. I have waited 2 weeks and nothing is happening??

Im not seeing any new roots grow or anything and the leaves are just going brown and crispy. I read somewhere else to remove all the pineapple flesh to prevent rot.

I see that you left some flesh on there. Maybe thats what the roots Skngle off of? Any help would be great. I started Single housewives seeking hot sex Chennai plant almost 3 years ago seekihg after thinking it would never happen, I am getting a fruit started. Thankfuylness to my father who told me concerning this weblog, this webpage is truly awesome. Hello, its good article on the topic of media print, we all be familiar with media is a wonderful source of data. The full look of your site is excellent, let alone the content material!

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Avocado tree 7 foot tall, still in a big pot. Olive tree that I purchased from the 2 years ago as a small twig, now 3ft by 3ft, although I have trimmed it back a bit, just re-potted. Having moved Siingle Devon obviously has its advantages lol. Will let you know xx. My partner and I stumbled over here by a different web address and thought I might check things out. I like what I see so now i am following you. Look forward to exploring your web page for a second time.

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