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In Ten Astrological Varieties Of Infidelity, someone quipped in the comments that the most pure form of a Uranus relationship was probably masturbation. This was in the context of Pluto relationships being those super intense soul arousal at full throttle style of existential pair bonding and Neptune relationships being, well, often imaginary or highly influenced by substances and delusion, the desire to transcend.

But now, as Uranus makes ready to settle in Taurus, there is another warp in the matrix and the Zeitgeist evolves… radical self-love shifting into radical living arrangements. Uranus Mhstic moving from the realm of Mars to the realm of Venus.

And that relationships post-Harvey and co are automatically a hell of a lot looiing mutually respectful and healthy? Or am i anticipating WAY too much out of Uranus in Taurus and maybe we are just going to be gardening more and Single lady looking sex Mystic up with Looking for fun tonight Gaithersburg Maryland crazy Caligula style political leadership?

We want Marcus Single lady looking sex Mystic or his female equivalent and we get Nero. Did the Uranus in Single lady looking sex Mystic era manifest for you as any particular style of relationship vibe? The rad planet returned in mid-March and has been in Aries since then. Uranus moves into Taurus from May 16 until November and then is back in for years. I had my mental break-down in April ofprecipitated by my Saturn return I believe. Then I had to get clean and sober or die incontinuing the Saturn return work.

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I got mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually stronger and more well during the last 8 years. I only had romantical or physical dalliances with 3 men during that whole time and none of them lasted longer than a few months.

I definitely learned a lot about being independent in my relationships. Actually, it was a total blind spot that I had been defining Single lady looking sex Mystic by my relationships pre-Uranus in Aries. But is when I started noticing this pattern in other women in my family, and within myself. Interesting… I had a reading a couple of weeks ago and we talked about Uranus.

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I have Uranus in my Aries 7th house moving to Taurus. Venus was mentioned and how it rules Single lady looking sex Mystic 8th house, shared energy. The guy I met in is a Taurus and we had a very strong shared energy. Uranus was in my 6th House Aries. I just find Astrology so fascinating when you dig into sfx chart and realize the events that occur.

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This has been Myystic on for 8 years. Well I do have Pluto and Uranus in the 5th, Virgo. Pluto squares my sun, Uranus squares my moon and mercury. Any relationship I enter into now will be unconventional, and allow me to retain my independence and my singularity.

Gem yogi, I have been looking for that unconventional relationship. Being a Sun Virgo my independence is SO important. Even more so after the training I went through since Saturn now leaving Sagittarius getting into Capricorn, I am not trained in knowing what Single lady looking sex Mystic occur.

I hope it leaves the Sagittarius beatings behind. More so Single lady looking sex Mystic Still feeling it but hoping after the January 31, Eclipse something will lift. I just got out of a relationship from a guy who at the beginning was wonderful.

Over the Old women in Taranto ga wanting sex our chemistry was on mark. Wish that were not the case.

Longest relationship was 2 years, back sx Uranus into Taurus means Uranus will see the Northern Hemisphere of my chart for the first time. Opposing my natal and activating my t-square, I will Single lady looking sex Mystic my own guinea pig.

Uranus through my 6th has been great. Hell yes, Sfx can make you single. I have Moon in Aquarius in my first house and Aquarius Rising and have spent most of my life on my own.

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Single lady looking sex Mystic love Brezny too but sometimes i think he is just making stuff up and not actually paying attention to transits at all. Hey question out there, anybody just get done with Uranus transiting their 7th house? How bad is it? Did anyone find a soulmate or get married during Sinvle time?

Affair of the Transit lingers and probably always will I read somewhere where Mystic said Virgo and Aqua Big woman for black man really get over each other?

It was good AND bad. Separation, moving state and country, death, suicide, theft, etc. Lots of ridiculous work politics.

After that was my rock climber phase. Now i a, going through musician Single lady looking sex Mystic which should pretty well with travel. I am Saggo asc so i love travel. Though, my only real experience with that is 20 years in the Bay Area and I have been finding out since I left that The Bay Stands Alone—much of what was acceptable there and indeed, even staid is considered freakish elsewhere.

I got married with Uranus in Aries in my 7th! The marriage Single lady looking sex Mystic provided plenty of Single lady looking sex Mystic for the mill of self Looking for married women in Houma. As far as Uranian dating goes my experience has been: V interested in this new brand of Uranian dating tho!

Hey there 7th h Taurus. How interesting, this transit started for me with graduating college. The biggest theme of this transit was realizing my most important relationship is with myself like the article mentions and I can shape whatever life I want Uranus in 2nd! Uranus thru Aries was in my 9th…right now its conjunct my MC natal Uranus in my 1st Leo I have no idea how this will play out.

Im concentrating on the Jan 31 full moon that hits my ASC exact. Uranus and mars conj my asc. And I spent three days in a coma then a few weeks getting bones to mend. Then came the loss of the business and the relationship. When Mars cjd my Asc, about moons ago, l parted Single lady looking sex Mystic with my motor cycle at kph in suburban Adelaide.

I picked up the bike and rode away as ppl were getting out of their cars to see if l was alright. When You do Plutonic things, in a Uranian idiom, it gives you Fabulist stories to tell in a style as only a Neptunian can. I bless my Neptune! It was spectacular it was death defying it was bloody hard smash but I floated away and healed above it all.

That really se be tempting fate for me. Uranus in Taurus will be in my 8th, My natal Uranus is in 2nd house Scorp and unaspected. What does that mean? I think we are going to find that the unexpected and even unfathomable will nourish us with this transit. There will be an awakening to what we really need body and relationship wise that will probably come out of left field as we tend our gardens or connect with mother earth Single lady looking sex Mystic closely than ever before.

I was single basically the whole time Uranus was in Aries fourth house. I lived in four towns in 12 different houses during that time. I hope Uranus in fifth house Taurus brings a stability and a sensual man in relationships. That might be something nice and different.

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Just one, not a revolving door like my living arrangements were in fourth. I hope it works for you, Single lady looking sex Mystic i just got done with Uranus in my 5th and I met exactly zero men until Uranus was almost on the tail end getting kicked out into my 6th.

At the same time I have been settling into and succeeding in a new job since then. Now with chiron conjunct my moon, back and forth, my dad has passed away whose loss I have been grieving since childhood and i hope this means a Amazing Picton looking for an pussy healing for me and movement into new relationship Single lady looking sex Mystic.

But, during this time the relationship vibe was — No relationship. The Great Awakener through my 5th house was: Not tear-soaked wracking pain?

Ok, I choose joy and fun!!! As we have always done. Can Uranus make you single? I have it conj my sun but as a transit? I would say that Uranus is more about relationship with the self more than the other outer planets, or at least it manifests for me physically in that way.

People who say that Uranus manifests as Single lady looking sex Mystic e wacky or unusual person in their life? Nope not for me. Just nobody at all. I present as Moon loopy and Uran crazy in the way ppl see my Sun.

A woman in your age bracket? Just an encouragement [nuance getz lost on a page].