Rudraksha Ratna

Things to know when you buy Rudraksha Ratna

Rudrakshas are one unique type of the holy beads that are actually found on the Rudraksha trees and are quite rare. On the internet you can easily shop for Rudraksha Ratna, just make sure it is from the genuine site.

As per the popular belief, it is said that the trees were born out from tears of Lord Shiva that fell on the earth after completing his deep meditation. Therefore, Rudrakshas contain an essential energy and power of the entire universe and comes with the Lord Shiva’s blessings.

Nowadays before buying anything, people do a complete study on the subject. But while it comes about Rudraksha, only some websites offer Genuine and Authentic information backed with solid research. Here are certain things that prospective buyers must know before they buy Rudraksha Ratna on the internet.

Types of Rudraksha

Rudrakshas generally come from Indonesia and Nepal (certain parts in India). Rudraksha from Nepal is best in the quality and highly powerful in the results. The Java Beads are a bit smaller in the size and have very less power compared to the Nepal beads. The Nepal beads are highly in demand and prices are quite high.

Understanding the Genuineness

Before you buy Rudraksha Ratna online it is best to identify the genuine beads through Lab Test. Because fraud people will take good quality of lower Mukhi Rudrakshas Ratna and then artificially carve some additional lines (or Mukhs) on them and sell for exorbitantly higher rates. In such circumstance, bead passes all traditional tests such as water test. But a number of seeds corresponding to the numbers of Mukhs can be found out by using the lab test (or X-ray test) only. I


Original Rudraksha has got no side effects. It can give the wearer some constructive effects. However, the speed and intensity of results generally depend on the positivity of a wearer himself or herself. Thus, when wearing Rudraksha, you must be prepared to make certain positive changes. To get better effects of Rudraksha on you, consider getting pooja services that will heal all your problems.

 Rudraksha Ratna

Can Rudraksha be Exchanged?

Rudraksha generally connects with the wearer on the mental, spiritual and physical level. Thus it isn’t advisable to exchange it often with others. But, one can pass it from one generation to another and get positive results.


Rudraksha have to be methodically energized before you wear it. Unenergized Rudraksha in some cases will give away negative vibes to a wearer. We all know that Rudraksha are very powerful beads so it is very important we energize them before wearing it. You can also order Rudraksha Beads on internet; make sure you order only the top quality of the Rudraksha beads.