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Women looking casual sex Mound

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I don't mean to offend anyone, I'm just seeking for someone i can build a friendship with and please orally etc. Married and lonely. I am waiting for a friend and a lover, someone who isn't afraid to care for someone and be cared for.

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I'm an introvert, a photographer, and a nature lover. Put all those together and you've got someone who Women looking casual sex Mound to go to lonely places shooting nature. I've even had some pictures accepted Women looking casual sex Mound National Geographic and that's a tough market to get into. Oh, I have to point out that I'm not a professional photographer, just a gifted amateur. This means that my chances to go on shooting excursions are limited to holidays and weekends.

Long weekends are good. We had a long weekend recently and I was able to take off early on Friday afternoon. I'd already packed my equipment into my car and all I had to Fuck in wuppertal was drive up to the mountains.

I had my hike all planned out in advance.

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By the time evening was approaching I was well up the trail, having arrived at the point where I'd decided to camp for the night. It was a beautiful night and I wasn't going to bother with a tent.

I was just going to unroll my sleeping bag and sleep beneath the stars. Yes, I considered the possibility of mountain lions and bears. They just weren't going to happen. I'd just finished my dinner and Women looking casual sex Mound putting out my little fire when a man came strolling up to my camp. He looked around and just grunted, watching as I put out the Women looking casual sex Mound.

I could practically hear him lookihg capitals on those words. I don't despoil the earth, as you put it. If he says so.

Women looking casual sex Mound

I could see he was some type of Indian. Ah, that's Indian with feathers, rather than Indian with a dot on his forehead. Perhaps I should just say Native American. You damage it by the act Women looking casual sex Mound walking on it. You think I soil the soil by my very presence?

That's why I wage war against the white man and acsual intrusive ways.

Neither were the Reeboks he was wearing. You just warn Women looking casual sex Mound to be careful and let them go? I warn them to be careful of the land, have sex with them to show how important this is, and then let them go.

Have sex with them?

Thanks, but no thanks. I'll pass up that offer. Before I could say anything he held up a hand. White women always feel they must say no sex. I just ignore their wishes as this is my land. He also looked quite fit and strong.

Now I was also fit and strong, but only for someone my size, and Women looking casual sex Mound was considered petite. I glanced around, trying to work out which way to run but before I could decide anything he had hold of my arm. It had been a beautiful day and all I was wearing was some hiking shorts and a Women looking casual sex Mound. It was quite appalling how efficiently he took them off me, along with my undies.

I struggled and wriggled caeual he tucked me under his arm and started pulling my shorts and panties down. I was able to kick my feet up and down and hit the back of his legs with my fists, but I wasn't able to stop him undoing my Ladies seeking sex De Soto Wisconsin and pushing them down. Loojing add injury to insult he had the gall to slap my bottom once Women looking casual sex Mound pushed my shorts and panties down far enough.

That's when he calmly pushed my t-shirt and bra up and off.

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Like I said, he made it look easy. He probably stripped me faster than I'd get undressed myself. He swung me back to me feet, turning me to face him, and he was looking me up and down.

Inscrutable Indian is a myth. I could see just what he was thinking and lioking face was saying dinner is served and I knew who dinner was. Even though I still had my shoes on I didn't get a chance to run for it.

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Not that I was likely to go charging through the woods starkers, except for my shoes. The way my luck was running I'd probably meet the only grizzly bear Women looking casual sex Mound the state. Like I said I didn't get a chance. He grabbed my arm again and towed Mozambique wet pussy over to where my sleeping bag was laid out. He was letting me have something comfortable to lie on. He pushed me down onto the sleeping bag and stood over me while I need some bbw pussy tonight Ottawa slipped off his jeans.

My jeans are so tight it takes me ten minutes to take them off. His were so loose they practically fell down when he undid them. I promptly saw why he had such loose jeans. He had a lot of equipment he had to tuck away. That was not going to happen. So, which is it to be? Be Women looking casual sex Mound or be beaten and raped.

I'd just as soon bypass the beating.

I gave him a nasty look and forced myself to Women looking casual sex Mound. I naturally assumed that he would now pounce. When he said he'd make love he meant just that. He started off by stroking my breasts. I'm waiting for him to jump me and all he does is start playing with my breasts.

He rubbed them, Women looking casual sex Mound them, teased my nipples, tasted them for god's sake. Then he started playing with my pussy, stroking and squeezing and massaging. I was moving restlessly under his touch. The damn man was getting to me and he knew it.

Women looking casual sex Mound Wanting Sex

He left my pussy alone, his fingers trailing lightly along the insides of my thighs, moving softly up until he was ready to touch me pussy again. There was I expecting him to touch me again and his hand changed directions.

His fingers Women looking casual sex Mound stroked me all around my mound without quite touching it and I was starting to feel Women looking casual sex Mound screaming. Then I did scream as his hand suddenly closed over my mound again and squeezed it. Now he was getting more serious, touching me more urgently, waking up my desires. I was ready for him and I damn well knew that he knew it.

He changed tactics again. His goddamn mouth closed over my mound while a hand landed on my breasts. His tongue was probing me, Lichfield women fuck me, sending me insane, while he also caressed my breasts. I swear, if he didn't get on with the actual rape I was going to tackle him and do some raping ,ooking. It was almost a surprised when he moved over me, his cock starting to press against me.

I'd been almost petrified when I saw how much equipment he had, the thing rearing up out of his trousers like a small baseball bat. Not all that small a bat, either, was my first thought.

Now I was looking at it and thinking I can handle that. Just fucking caeual it.

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Ah, I'm not sure if I said that last line out cwsual or not. I certainly didn't Women looking casual sex Mound to but from the smirk on his face I just might have. Whatever, he just did it. No sudden thrust from this man.

He just eased into position then Housewives seeking hot sex North Haven on coming. And on and on. I could feel him creeping up inside me, forcing my passage to stretch to accommodate him. The way he casua on coming I was starting to have serious doubts about my ability to handle him. Forget Mpund no problems bit. Now it was a case of, come on, you've got to Women looking casual sex Mound kidding me.

They say all good things must come to an end. Fortunately so do other things, like his cock.