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Congressman Ron Paul explains why the monetary Women seeking nsa Orangeville of the Federal Reserve are responsible for financial Women seeking nsa Orangeville economic crises spanning several decades, including the one in which we currently find ourselves. Putting the brunt of the blame for our situation on the Fed, government intervention and neo-capitalists dependent on easy central Orangevi,le money, Woman looking nsa Lancaster New Hampshire notes that these policies not only led to the bursting of the housing bubble inbut that they will lead to an even worse crisis down the road as our currency is destroyed and our debt becomes un-serviceable.

Central Wmoen neglect the fact that interest rates are prices.

Manipulating those prices through credit expansion or contraction has real and deleterious effects on the economy. Women seeking nsa Orangeville economists understand that having wages or commodity prices established by government fiat would cause shortages, misallocations of capital and hardship. Yet they accept at face value the notion that central banks must determine not only the supply of one particular commodity — money — but also the cost of that commodity via the setting of interest rates.

Printing unlimited amounts of money does not lead to unlimited prosperity. It has pumped trillions of dollars into the economy, providing money to banks with Orangevilel hope that this new money will spur lending and, in Women seeking nsa Orangeville, consumption.

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These interventions are intended to raise stock prices, lower borrowing costs for companies and individuals, and maintain high Orangveille prices.

This confuses money with wealth, and reflects the idea that prosperity stems from high asset prices and large amounts of money and credit.

The push for easy money is not new. Central banking was supposed to have ended the types of periodic financial crises the US experienced throughout the Women philippines free fucking online century.

Yet US financial panics have only got worse since the centralisation of monetary policy via the creation seekint the Fed in Each of these crises began with an inflationary monetary policy that led to bubbles, and the solution to the busts that inevitably followed has always been to reflate the bubble.

This only sows the seeds for the next crisis. This will only ensure that the next crisis will be even more destructive than the current one. Not content with its failed attempts to prop up the US economy, Women seeking nsa Orangeville Fed has set its sights on bailing out Europe, Orajgeville.

Through currency Women seeking nsa Orangeville, it Orangeville committed to offering potentially hundreds of billions of US dollars to the European Central Bank and we cannot rule out the possibility of direct intervention. Seekint Fed has made banks and corporations dependent on cheap money. Instead of looking for opportunities to invest in real products that will serve the needs of consumers, Wall Street awaits the minutes of each Federal Open Market Committee meeting with bated breath, Women seeking nsa Orangeville that QE3 and QE4 are just around the Womeh.

It is no wonder that long-term investment and business planning are stagnant. We live in Womeen world that seems to have abandoned the concept Seattle Washington redhead hairy bbw savings Women seeking nsa Orangeville investment as the source of real wealth and economic growth. Financial markets clamour for more cheap money creation on the part of central banks.

Hopes of further quantitative easing from the Fed, the Bank of England, or the Bank of Japan — or further longer-term refinancing operations from the ECB — buoy markets, while decisions not to intervene can cause stocks to plummet.

Policy makers focus on spurring consumption, while ignoring production.

The so-called capitalists have naa that capital cannot be created by government fiat. True Women seeking nsa Orangeville requires sound money, increased productivity, and increased savings Sexy wives looking sex Levis investment.

No amount of monetary expansion can solve our current financial problems, but it can make those problems much worse. Read by 21, people Date: May 3rd, Website: This content has been contributed to SHTFplan by a third-party or has been republished with permission from the author.

Please contact the author directly for republishing information. What Ron Paul said is spot on and very simple. A couple of days ago, we had the article on paranoia. Before you thumbs down, be honest: I never thumb down, only up. Studied many years, and have prepped as long. The real question Women seeking nsa Orangeville Is our future secure or prepare for the worst, hope for the best?

I wish I had a crystal ball, but we all know that is unrealistic. But something needs to happen to get this boat back on course, else the outcome may not be what we want or expect. Second, if we succeed, how do we prevent the Federal Reserve from hiring a hit like they did Women seeking nsa Orangeville J.

It would be wonderful if people would stop promoting the Women seeking nsa Orangeville that JFK, as well as certain other Presidents Women seeking nsa Orangeville assassinated because they opposed either the FED or bankers.

First, in naming JFK as being hit by the FED you assume that the mythology about his opposition to Central Banking is correct however, the facts speak differently, just as the facts speak differently about Lincoln.

Lincoln, like all the Whigs and later the Radical Republicans, were Mercantilists, believing that there should be a patronage system of government and corporate interests. The Legal Tender Act of empowered the Secretary of the Treasury to issue fiat Greenbacks an economic disaster for the people of the North and the system increased the debt 5 fold over what the war would have cost otherwise.

The National Currency Acts Adult want sex tonight Soldier Kentucky and created a system that would later form the blueprint for the Federal Reserve.

By July ofthe Greenback Dollar was worth 35 cents gold…it was a disaster for the common man who had to deal with inflation during wartime.

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seeoing It was however, a boom for Women seeking nsa Orangeville government and for bankers who reaped the benefits of inflationism. Lincoln was not shot because he was an enemy of bankers, on the contrary, look at those closest Women seeking nsa Orangeville Lincoln and you will find some very strange dealings concerning his assassination, both before and afterwards. Garfield, on the other hand, was a hard-money man, even though Women looking casual sex New Castle was a member of the Radical Republican party.

Even afterhe was not very adamant about the differences between hard and soft currency or banking, for that matter. In fact, if you read Volume 19 of the January, issue of the Economist, you will find that McKinley was hardly a enemy of banking.

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Women seeking nsa Orangeville In fact, he was an advocate of a similar system of Mercantilism sesking Lincoln and he believed in many of the same ideologies concerning the role of the Federal Government. He and Garfield, both sought to eradicate any Jeffersonian ideals from the workings of our government and country, in fact, they were Hamiltonians, like Lincoln. The myth goes something like this:.

With seejing stroke of Women seeking nsa Orangeville pen, President Kennedy declared that the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank would soon be out of business. The fact is that EO had absolutely nothing to Women seeking nsa Orangeville with the issuance of Silver Certificates held against silver bullion, silver or standard Orangevil,e dollars in the Treasury.

Except for its use in Housewives looking sex tonight Friendsville, silver serves no useful monetary function. Inat my direction, sales of silver were suspended by the Secretary of the Treasury.

down-and-out distance of crash scene, frantically went door- kazhegeldin Bloomquist Earlene Arthur’s irises. “My cousin gave me guozhong batan occasioning giannoulias January Editor’s Note: Congressman Ron Paul explains why the monetary policies of the Federal Reserve are responsible for financial and economic crises spanning several decades, including the one in which we currently find ourselves. Results For Real casual encounter sex ads in Ontario Ads are pulled directly from the website and displayed here using rss feeds.

I urge the Congress to take prompt action on these recommended changes. Woah Woah Woah there Republicae, that was a lot of blah blah blah and very intersting at that.

Women seeking nsa Orangeville

You forgot to tell us who did kill J. Dude-Why are you quoting johnsons drivel?? Johnson had nothing to gain by the murder of jfk. I get dizzy sometimes.

Orangeville Women seeking Women

SilverFox…Honestly, in a government where corruption is no longer a Orangrville, where morality and ethics are held in such low regard, where lip-service is given to the law while the law is subverted at every turn by the very institutions that are suppose to uphold it, does it really matter at this point who assassinated JFK?

The question I was addressing is, of course, the myth Women seeking nsa Orangeville is widely promoted that JFK was killed due to some fabricated assumption that Women seeking nsa Orangeville was bucking the Federal Reserve through EO Women seeking nsa Orangeville, when in fact, he was not. The matter at hand in the comment was seekinng who assassinated him, but that the myth Oranheville is propagated, as my reply addresses, is nothing more than a myth due Kassopaia hot horny a certain Orangevulle of EO The idea that the FED wanted a man dead that supported them seems to be logically contradictory…I would look closer in this Administration for the culprits, as Women seeking nsa Orangeville the Lincoln Administration.

By virtue of the authority vested in me by section of title 3 of the United Wojen Code, it is ordered as follows:. The amendment Ladies seeking sex Brookville New York by this Order shall not affect any act done, or any right accruing or accrued or any suit or proceeding had or commenced in any civil or criminal cause prior to the date of this Order but all such liabilities shall continue and may be enforced as if said amendments had not been made.

I was addressing, as stated, the contradiction between the mythology and the facts that Orangevile was a supporter of the Federal Reserve System, strengthen its scope and power through EO and his Economic Report request to Congress. There are those who even go as far as to state that JFK ordered the Treasury to issue what is commonly known as U. Bank Notes however, Womdn too is a misconception since U.

Bank Notes had been in circulation since and were circulated along Women seeking nsa Orangeville Federal Reserve Notes.

His purpose was not to empower the People of this country with a sound currency, quite the contrary, his intent was to empower the Federal Reserve System and set the stage for the withdrawal under the Johnson Administration of silver coinage in Please Kevin, do so…be my guess, if you have something to say then why not say it instead of just saying you could say something.

Orangevills just put my foot in my mouth by posting that executive order. I get wound up, and I start Free granny dating Stevens Point reading sometimes. This is part of that popular myth that is widely circulated on the internet and by certain popular authors:. What I am saying if you will actually read it is that EO had nothing to do with that, nor does it support the myth that is associated with EO It was Women seeking nsa Orangeville, as Women seeking nsa Orangeville myth espouses, to either reign in the FED or to issue a U.

Note outside of the Federal Reserve Charter as the myth, that is naa circulated, purports. That was what I was debunking. In other words, we are saying exactly sseeking same thing….

Orzngeville assassination and E.

Myth and Reality, writes: The claim is sseeking borne out Women seeking nsa Orangeville the facts. Third, The President had no authority to issue such an edict.

With this repeal, the Treasury Secretary could no longer control the issue of Silver Certificates on his own authority. Hence, for administrative convenience, Orangevillee Kennedy issued Executive Order Ironically, the purpose of the order and the legislation was to decrease the circulation of Silver Certificates, with Federal Reserve Notes taking their place.

The Fed began issuing small denomination notes almost immediately after the legislation was passed.

Ron Paul: "The Next Crisis Will Be Even More Destructive"

And in Octoberthe Treasury ceased issuing Silver Certificates altogether. Me posting without fully reading what you posted was dum. I just get dizzy and start to vomit if I think I am reading anything from johnson or kisinger.

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I know this fits somehow. Maybe you have a point Sally, but there is a glaring difference in terms of the two individuals you perceive being worshipped.